Knife "KARAMBIT": a photo, price, drawings and diagrams. How to make a knife "KARAMBIT" with his own hands?

History knives goes back to the days when people only mastered the material processing. The first copy was made of stone, although it is very difficult to call a normal knife, the more he looked like a scraper. metal casting has been mastered on, and weapons began to take shape, more approximate to the modern. The knife is a nearly universal tool that can be used for peaceful purposes, such as cooking, creating clothes and other goods, and military - to resolve various conflicts.


There are lots of knives. Some are made for everyday use, while others are in service. One of the most versatile products is the knife "KARAMBIT". It can be used to civilians, although some models are in service with various armies. It looks like a knife "KARAMBIT"? How much is? Answers to such questions are hard to find, as manufacturers use different metals for the product.

What is "KARAMBIT"?

"KARAMBIT" has a somewhat curved blade, and sharpening on the one hand, as a rule, with the inner. The average length of the blade varies from 5 to 9 centimeters. It is very rare to find such a-half sharpening products. The main feature of "kerambita" is a small ring. It highlights the knife on the background of all other products. The ring is placed on the back of the handle. It is designed to prevent slipping hands on the blade, as well as for a more comfortable and secure grip.

which is enough to hold the blade "KARAMBIT" direct or reverse grip, wherein the ring is threaded through the little finger or the index finger, as in the reverse grip. Currently, the production of this type of products delivered in a big way, and every time there are more and more new models. Because of this it can now be seen not only knives, who placed a ring near the heel of the blade, but even products with two rings, which is located on both sides of the handle.


For the greater convenience of carrying a knife was created "KARAMBIT" folding - this option does not require the purchase of a sheath and is more convenient for everyday use. It should be noted that the folding "kerambity" - this is not what is meant by the classical name of cutting products. Master's imagination has no limits.

History "kerambita"

The birthplace of the legendary blade is considered to be the island belonging to the Malay Archipelago. Some historians and researchers to more accurately determine the geographic location of origin of the item - it is an island of Sumatra.

It Minangkabau people who inhabit the western part of the island, used such curved knives in their wars with the rest of the islanders. The oldest image of "kerambita" was dated fourteenth century.

versions of the

There are several different theories about the origin "kerambitov". It is worth noting that none of them can be taken as 100% truth.

The first version says that "KARAMBIT" - is a kind of derivative instrument that has been used in agriculture, the people of Malaysia. Simply put, then, in this version, based on the agricultural product is a sickle, which was used for cleaning the rice fields. In favor of this version can hold a certain parallel between the modern combat sickle knife and called "Kama", which was popular in modern-day Japan.


The second hypothesis is the rumor that the knife "KARAMBIT" used during the formation of the Malaysian archipelago to conduct cockfights. In order to give greater dynamism and drive to the legs of fighting birds tied small knives, which had a curved shape, which is reminiscent of spur. Based on this, there are two variants of the translation of the word "KARAMBIT" "spur" and "feather of a rooster tail." There is a third version, which says that it was originally created military weapons and his ancestor was a knife, brass knuckles, equipped with special nails. Such an arrangement has been extended to the territory of modern India.

A variation of

There are several varieties of Malay "kerambitov" In today's market of cutlery, which are considered to be classic. This so-called "fathers" of modern knives, from which and further development of products has gone.


This knife can be considered a classic "kerambitom", which has the form of weapons Minangkabau people. This product is characterized by the characteristic ring which is made of wood and is used to hold the arms finger. Another sign, which had a knife "KARAMBIT" was strongly curved blade. Based on the appearance and analysis of the blade shape, the researchers came to the conclusion that just the ancestor of "Minanga" and a sickle, which was used in agriculture.

Knife "KARAMBIT" armed with

Thanks to all of its nearly unique properties, it is used by many police officers. This blade acts as a kind of addition to main firearms. Recently in the US very often attacked the police, so many officers preferred the folding "kerambitu" and began to carry it with you.


Folding knives options available and marshals who escorted the aircraft under the guise of ordinary passengers. This is to prevent capture means aircraft by terrorists. Although some have carry firearms, but the specifics of air transport is such that you can not use it during the flight, only in exceptional cases.

The technique

Knife "KARAMBIT" is personal weapons. By its size and diameter of the ring, he must comply as closely as possible the anatomical parameters of the owner. "KARAMBIT" can be used as a primary and secondary weapon. It is often used in the steam room layout. With a knife, a fighter must actively work free hand to perform various grabs, blocks and strikes. Therefore, you should carefully review the design of the weapon, to take account of this in action.


Since the knife "KARAMBIT" is used only at a fairly close range, it is very important to the way a person moves during combat. To date, there are two main grip - forward and reverse, as well as their varieties. Where can I buy a knife "KARAMBIT"? How much is this product? Everything depends on the performance of the metal species and technology, from which the weapons.

Reverse grip

Reverse grip "kerambita" is a classic way to hold a knife. In this case, the handle is covered by all the fingers, the index is threaded into the ring, and a blade located at the base knuckle fighter. At this time, the thumb can be pressed as when applying punching, it can also lie on the surface of the ring. Holding the knife "KARAMBIT"? Photo given in the article will help you figure it out.

Direct grip

This type of grip is very different from the return in that the blade comes from the thumb, the little finger is passed through the ring. With such methods familiar to people who use a computer game Counter-Strike knife "KARAMBIT". CS GO - a new version of the command shooter that captures from the first minute. Here, the player is free to use as a bullet, and edged weapons, including "KARAMBIT". Although in real life like the product it looks awesome. This is the knife "KARAMBIT" whose photo is shown below, is used by gamers in the virtual world.


In general, the direct grip used to hold small-sized knives and kerambitopodobnyh products, which are often used for personal self-defense.

Making home

Many people after the acquisition of "kerambita" decide to try to make it yourself. As practice shows, this is not always as easy as it might seem at first glance, but many can. In order to create a knife "KARAMBIT" with their hands, you must possess at least a basic knowledge in the field of metal processing, as well as have the appropriate tools and materials. There are several embodiments of the "kerambita".

The first method - is used as the preform web from pendular saw. Typically, such instruments used R6M5 construction grade steel. The method consists in the fact that from the workpiece by means of grinders or sanding disc you want to cut a blade of some form. For accuracy use a knife scheme "KARAMBIT". When using this method it is not necessary to apply the heat treatment, but it is worth remembering that the main thing - it's not overtempered the product during the manufacturing process. To achieve the desired result necessarily need an accurate drawing of the knife "KARAMBIT", only then will get almost a perfect copy.


A more sophisticated way - is to create a knife from the spring. Typically, in this case a steel 5160. In order to obtain the desired product Spring drilled along the contour of the future of the knife, and then attached to the original form by means of screwdriving tool. For blades that are made in this manner requires further thermal processing. It is necessary to harden and release the blade. If necessary, this can be done at home gas stove. The most optimal option of manufacturing the favorite knife - buy a ready set, which is designed to create the tool. This usually includes a great sword, a small billet of wood for future handle and a piece of leather or other material to create a sheath. Such kits mainly supplies the Norwegian company Helle.

The forged preform is composed of three layers of stainless steel. This material is perfect for creating knives. In the case of a set of work a lot less. This is a great way to bring your imagination to the metal. Knife "KARAMBIT" with their hands out to make the highest quality, but it will have a unique design. Much depends on your imagination. To simplify the task, you can find ready-made drawing knife "KARAMBIT" and for him to make his own version.


The price of a knife "KARAMBIT" may vary due to several factors: the manufacturer, manufacturing technology and direct the material from which the blade has been executed.


On average, the minimum price is between 35 and 40 dollars - a small folding knives. For 450-500 dollars you can buy high-tech specialty products. Sometimes the price of the blade depends on the company, namely the brand, how it is promoted. In this case, do not be surprised if the two virtually identical knife, but from different manufacturers, will have a different value.


In this article we examined in detail, what the knife "KARAMBIT". Now write out its main advantages and mention some drawbacks.

Pros "kerambita":

  • Due to the specific design of the owner appears an advantage in a fight with a rival.
  • Despite the appearance grip handle, there is a most efficient transfer of energy throughout the body, which can be embedded in a blow.
  • Magnificent control, as well as a high degree of sensitivity when compared with an ordinary knife.
  • the opponent is very difficult to disarm the fighters.

Cons products:

  • Because of the strong curvature of the blades can cause problems with removing the blade from its sheath.
  • Very limited field of application for strikes, it does not matter - stabbing or cutting.
  • In most cases, only the reverse grip, since such a situation it is more convenient.

Knife "KARAMBIT" (CS: GO - one of the shooters, where you can see it) is a very popular product, as its implementing even computer games. It is worth remembering that this is a very dangerous weapon, which has a long history. This fact should be remembered by every owner and someone who only plans to buy a knife "KARAMBIT". The price of such products is not always high, but when you select should pay attention to the quality of the blade, from which its value depends.