How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

Balisong or butterfly knife, - a folding knife in which the blade is hidden in the handle folded. The handle consists of two parts, interconnected by hinges. Balisong its name was due to the fact that people began to invent ways to twist the knife butterfly. If handled adroitly, with a knife his arms resemble the graceful movements of a butterfly's wings. Therefore, possession of machetes turned into an art. If you decide to take possession of them in this article you will find a quick guide on "How to twist tie knife for beginners."

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

The History of the balisong

The true story of the origin of the knife butterfly nobody knows for sure. But there is a perception that the balisong originally from the Philippines, where local fishermen created this design handles for work purposes. Then people wonder about how to twist the knife butterfly. The product they needed only to adapt to the harsh conditions of life. When the Filipino fishermen went to sea, they can easily get into the storm. In order to survive, they had to tackle at the same time keep and cut the rope. A balisong design provides the ability to open the knife with one sweep of the hand, which was just what we needed.

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

The popularity among the population of the USSR they received after World War II. It was then that a huge number of young people would like to learn how to twist the knife butterfly , imitating the heroes of the famous American films. Then, during the dashing 90s it became a weapon in demand among racketeers, bandits and local "punks". Which greatly damped reputation balisong and led to the banning of use of this type of knives, whose blade is greater than 9 cm in length.

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

balisong Design

You need to initially become familiar with the design of knives, to learn how to twist the knife butterfly. For beginners, a very important point will be the ability to distinguish between safe and dangerous knife handle. knife butterfly design includes:


  • Blade.
  • Two handle.
  • latch.
  • A pair of pins.
  • A pair of axes, hinges.

Sticks knife butterfly may be made of various materials such as bronze, brass, bone, etc. But the design balisongs intended for flipping -.. Artistic rotating knife butterfly differs from the design of the article used in daily life.

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

Because of frequent tilting it handles may eventually deform the point of contact with a lock. Also, due to the continuous rotation of the knife can become shaky and uncontrollable, which can lead to injury during flipping. To avoid unpleasant consequences, in the artistic balisong make small indentations on the handle and increase the diameter of the pin. It is also found a knife with a spring-loaded butterfly-latch, which can likewise have rid of the problems with the fixation of the knife.

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

A simple and effective way to open balisong

Before you learn how to twist the knife butterfly, it is necessary to know how to open it. It was noted earlier that the balisong has two handles - safe and dangerous. The grip should be carried out only for a secure grip to avoid cuts. It is located on the back side of the blade. Novice can distinguish it from the presence of a latch. The worst thing that can happen to you if you hold - it hit the back side of the blade or the second handle. Injured by a knife-butterfly with proper capture impossible.

How to twist the knife butterfly: tips and tricks

How do I turn the knife butterfly

After studying all the above information, we can proceed to the recommendations on how to properly twist the knife butterfly. Before you start training, you need to protect yourself from possible injury. To do this, wrap the knife tape, electrical tape or adhesive. Although the blade after the procedure and is not a threat, do not forget about the correct capture of the knife.

Basic exercises knife butterfly for beginners:

  • , the balisong, holding on to secure the knife handle.
  • Then omit the second handle to a vertical position, perpendicular to the floor and begin to make quick rotational movement of the knife-butterflies that mimic the outline of a figure eight.

After you have mastered the basic exercises, you can gradually complicate the trick of various artistic elements.