Knife "Hansa": an overview

At an incredible variety of goods on world markets world-renowned brands, the knife "Hansa" recognized and trusted by consumers interest. Excellent quality and relatively low price of the company's products hold the leaders in sales of knives for different purposes.


Chinese manufacturer of knives Ganzo company was founded several master cutler in 1994. It became home to the city of Yangjiang in Guangdong Province.

Using modern materials, high-quality manual assembly, advanced technology helped to create interesting patterns. First Knife "Hansa" was sold exclusively on the domestic market. Long-term contract for the supply of knives led the company to the world market for the US military. Currently, the sale is carried out in more than thirty countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia.


Then the company expanded its product range and entered the market Multitools, pocket sharpener and small grinding machines. Chinese experts are taking all the best developments of brands and complement their new practical elements and details. Products in any case is not a clean copy of the analog. The engineers of the company have received more than one hundred patents for the development and implementation of functional ideas.


The company has denied in everyday myth of the "Chinese consumer goods." Sharpeners, flowlines knives "Hansa" Multitools and other model has an extraordinary quality. Strictest control exercised at all stages of production. For the manufacture of goods using first-class raw materials.

Full-profile company produces a variety of products by size, weight, design, and purpose. Important is the fact that the folding knives Multitools and "Hansa" ceteris paribus are 5-6 times cheaper than similar products of such brands as Bob Lum, Benchmade, Warren Osborne and others.


The company produces only knives and sharpeners Multitools - it allows you to focus on improving the product, the development and introduction of new models. High professionalism of employees allows to keep the company among the world leaders in this industry.


Knife "Hansa" is used in different contexts. For the convenience of customers the company supplies the model with additional devices:

  • covers are made from durable modern materials of different colors;
  • Some models are equipped with a lanyard ring;
  • additional device serves to lock the knife carbine;
  • in G611 model built into the handle whistle to signal;
  • clip for attachment to a belt, adjustable to either side of the handle;
  • gift wrap pleases its solidity, in such a magnificent product will Prezent for any occasion.


Knife Ganzo-multitul produced more than twenty years. All models are built on a clear scheme - the basis of multifunctional pliers in the handle - support tools. In the folded position, can be accessed any blade options. Solid side plates form integral handles power frame. Plastic corrugated plates are performed in different styles and shades.


The set of all models include blades with serreytornoy and flat grinding, bit holder with a set of bits (9-12 units, depending on the model). Pliers 2CR made of alloy by cold forging. Feature-rich, design solutions and tools allows you to share all Multitools in the series. An overview of knives "Hansa":

  1. The Hundredth (G108, G105, G104S, G101H). Entry-level product does not differ rich complete set, but completely justifies its purpose in solving minor problems. Perfect for tourists, fishermen, lovers of cycling.
  2. two hundred (G202B, G202, G201H). Consumers noted the best price-performance ratio. Designers have worked in detail over the appearance, the buyer to choose from: shiny or matte, and strict and delicate.
  3. three hundred (G302B, G301B, G301H, G30). Luxury products are elegant gift box. The main differences are the models of this series:
  • additional fixing specific blocker tool in the operating position;
  • on the pliers have a special cutter with overlays;
  • multitool knives can be removed with one hand.

The size of the tool is divided into:

  • pocket 75 mm, weight 80 g;
  • full-sized to 100 mm, weight 230 grams;
  • power model G108 - 115 mm, 280 grams (Great for fishermen have a device for cleaning the catch recess on the tip of a special fabric will easily remove the hook from the fish)

The popular model

Folding Knife "Hansa G704" - one of the most popular. Brief description of the product:

  • Castle Axis Lock;
  • blade: length 86 mm, thickness 3 butt 8 mm steel - 440C;
  • the handle of the G10 fiberglass, rough, textured;
  • Length 115 mm model, in working condition - 200mm;
  • equipped with a clip;
  • weight of 147 grams;
  • have cover.

Consumers noted the excellent quality products, convenient operation, an adequate price (around $ 25).


Ganzo Knife is useful in everyday life, and in the tourism campaign. Pocket and tourist options are most popular among consumers. The models differ in the type locking mechanisms and means of sharpening: serreytornoy, normal, combination. Travel options can boast a reliable anti-corrosion coating. Handheld products are characterized by a hardness of the blades. Handles products are made from ABS plastic. It is light, solid, perfectly amenable to processing and painting. The number of shades reaches twenty. You can pick up a knife with a handle made of composite fiberglass the G10, durable, antislip with a rough texture, securely in the hand.

The company offers four variants of the blade cover:

  • Black;
  • shining;
  • "Chrome";
  • mat.

The black version does not glare from the sun or moonlight. A very useful quality for special forces soldiers, hunters and fishermen. Only high-quality steel is used for the blade.


Multitools different assembly accuracy and quality of the material (in this case, stainless steel), any model will be long and reliably. Plastic covers in different colors will keep your instrument in inclement weather and bright color to quickly find an accidental fall.

Included with the gorgeous knife sharpener usually buy and to maintain the product in operating condition.