How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

Comfortable large machete survival knives come in handy on a long journey in overcoming impressive distances over difficult terrain, and become indispensable helpers in the household. In fact, it is not necessary to purchase a comparatively expensive tool. With a strong desire, there is fantasy, of certain practical skills necessary tools and materials can be made machete (knife) with his own hands.


Before you get started, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • blank in form of a piece of hardened steel (can be old and slightly rusted);
  • waxed thread;
  • chalk;
  • a piece of durable leather.
  • waxes for leather finishing;
  • billet of wood;
  • epoxy resin;
  • metal rivets;


To make a machete at home, will require a set of tools:

  • grindstone or disc for grinding;
  • Bulgarian;
  • sandpaper;
  • Gypsy needle or awl;
  • a hammer;
  • a vise;
  • Roulette;
  • the water tank;
  • goggles.


How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

In order to find a suitable design, it is sufficient to look at the tourist shop a few ready-made machetes, knives picture. Initially, the better to portray on paper the most suitable couple of sketches, then to select a single option, the parameters of which correspond to the product manufacturing capabilities with the use of the available materials. As an example, you can pay attention to the kukri machete blades, the blade of which has an impressive width of the plane and significantly narrowed only in the region of the handle.

Creating a rough form of

How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

The contours of the future blade must be transferred to a steel workpiece, and then proceed directly to cutting. To sheet metal did not jump, it is necessary to fix its clips. To do this, it is best to use a strong vise. Perform cutting is recommended, using the goggles.

Edit the workpiece

After manufacturing the workpiece must perform rough preliminary straightening blade. Use for this handy grinder. The availability of this tool will allow smooth the edges and to give final shape to the workpiece, which corresponds to the outline. Prepare at this stage should not handle a machete, because such works are carried out separately.

handle Making

How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

Now, when viewed by a machete (photo knives most suitable design), prepared dummy and made its editing, it's time to start making a comfortable, secure handle. To handle fit the old solid wood trim. Fit handle a desired width and length, it is necessary to divide it into two parts, which subsequently will cover blank on both sides.

Using a solid metal drill of suitable diameter, a hole was drilled through the tree, the electrode plate for the handle and a steel billet. Initially, you should make sure that the diameter of the drill corresponds to the parameters of metal rivets and dowels for wood that will be used when connecting the blade with a wooden handle.

At the final stage of the electrode plate arm and the workpiece are processed with epoxy. Next comes the final assembly of the handle: the holes are inserted metal rivets and dowels, then the whole structure firmly clamped in a vise, and left overnight. An alternative embodiment of the manufacture of the handle may be the replacement of the wood strong rope small diameter. To handle made in the form of a coil of rope unwinds not enough pre-soaked material in an epoxy resin. Perform winding can be in any possible way of weaving.

the handle Processing

After holding the wooden handle to a state of complete drying and adhesion to elements of the future of the machete, you can do it figured processing. It is recommended to tightly squeeze the handle in his hand to feel the edges that cause discomfort.

can simply round all the sharp corners in the absence of extra time. However, the most convenient to use a machete will (knife), which handle contains special cuts to the fingers. Make cuts will allow the clamping of workpieces in a vise, followed by treatment handle rasp on wood. After receiving the final expected clearance is desirable to clean the surface of the handle sandpaper to achieve different textures ideal smoothness.


How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

Machete - Knife with a characteristic faceted blade surface. To achieve this, it is necessary to process the workpiece until the slopes. To carry out these works enough of a grinder and grinding wheel.

Meet the challenge of the future allows the clamping of the blade in the grip of a machete. In this case the back surface to remain accessible to processing grinder. To machete knife acquired attractive faceted texture, fairly divided blade and the back surface of a clear equal contour. For this tilted at a slight angle bolgarka several times carried along the web workpiece so that the metal shot at a distance of 1, 5-2 cm from the blade.

Sharpening the blades

How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

Knives, hatchets, machetes are distinguished by a strong sharp blade. However, the nature of the sharpening tool is completely dependent on the master needs. Getting the most smooth, precise cutting face necessarily take more time, because not so easy to make a sharp machete. The knife is made of steel and work with this material is not easy.

Facilitate the task of allowing renting improvised handling tool professional blacksmith. However, sometimes it is easier and faster to cope with the case personally than to resort to outside help.

If a good result will be considered as sharpening, which is not inferior to sharpen kitchen knives, in which case the blade can be treated on the same grinding machine. Make more pliable tip allows its heating propane torch. Thus it is desirable to avoid overheating periodically submerged in cold water preform machete.

Knife, or rather, its blades, handled the most accessible tools for sharpening, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

It is better to make a moderately sharp blade and apply a tool for solving domestic problems. Having made fighting machete knife, it is not recommended to wear it with either a carry in the car, since the tool can be regarded as law enforcement agencies ill-edged weapons.


How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

At the completion of the works need to be concerned about making convenient cover, the presence of which contribute to the safe use of the product. Cut the bag, which is placed a machete - a knife big enough and sharp, it can be a piece of thick leather.

When marking material under the cover you need to try to replicate as closely as possible the shape of the blade, do not forget to leave a few centimeters on the allowances that are required to create the seams. Having made machete knife "Taiga", which implies the presence of several functional notches on the back side of the blade, consider these features when the pattern cover. The resulting pattern is tried to form blades. If everything is OK, then you can begin to create openings in the skin at the edges of the pattern. It is convenient to use a strong awl. It is necessary to try to leave equal intervals between the holes. Interconnect separate parts of the cover can, stitched edges, or a leather cord waxed floss.

For convenience, the cover is recommended to sew him a small strap. Fasten this element will allow metal rivets. The presence of the strap allows the machete held securely in the bag. If necessary, the product can be removed quickly from the holster, unbuttoned rivet.

Quality Assurance

How to make a machete (knife) with his own hands?

Having made the machete with his own hands, it is necessary to test it in practice. If the blade has a sufficient thickness, its sharpness can be tested on small wood cutting. If necessary, should re-sharpen the blade, adjust the shape of the handle.

Resorting to the above method, and exactly in the sequence of actions, you can own hands to make almost any knives, axes, machetes. The main thing - to show imagination and do not be afraid to learn, using the method of trial and error.