Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

Not every fisherman can skillfully use Kwok, as it requires him to high dexterity and skills. After using a device made a sound that well attract fish. Of course, you can buy this device in a specialty store, but many fishermen prefer to make their own hands croaker.

What kvochenie?

Before you go directly to the manufacture of the product, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with how to use it. If someone from the friends-fishermen already have croaker, it is necessary to try to apply it in practice. Only then can you start to work on its creation. The fact is that not everyone can be the first time effectively and use this device correctly. Kwok emits characteristic sounds when leaving the water, which subsequently attracts fish. Many argue that kvochenie resembles the croaking of frogs. There's even a version that this sound like a champ catfish production during trapping.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

What kind of fish can be caught with the device?

Kwok made of wood with their hands allows you to catch a pretty big fish. Basically, it sounds attract catfish. Small fish can also sail to the shore after hear a sound. Catfish rises from the river bottom and sails to the bait. But if the sounds will be incorrect, the fish do not bite the bait. Initially it will just wait for the alert, and then float away. On the inappropriate sounds soma refuse to go. If kvochenie will be wrong, production may be scared and go to the bottom. Therefore it is necessary not only to make the decoy with his own hands, but also learn how to use it properly.

Design features

Before doing Kwok for catfish with your hands, you should be familiar with what the options are its design. At the same time there is a huge number of them. As a result, it is possible to change the timbre of the sound device. Some fishermen have in their arsenal several Kwok, the use of which depends on the location and depth of the water. Budding fishermen recommended universal devices which have efficiency sufficient in any case.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

What is Quoc?

Each decoy must consist of three parts, which also need to be considered, croaker performing with his own hands. These are the details:

  1. handle.
  2. blade.
  3. The shock part. As it has another name for different regions of Russia. So, it is said, and the snout, and the slapstick and the like.

All these parts have their functional orientation, so they have to meet certain requirements. Thus, the handle should be as comfortable for the fisherman. Therefore, it should be done from a material that will not slip on a wet hand while fishing. You can top it with a sponge cover, so the handle will perfectly absorb moisture. In order not to lose the construction, it is possible to attach a special strap. Throwing it on your wrist, you will be sure that the unit will always be near you.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

It is thanks to the blade occurs heel immersion in water, and then - surfacing from it. The result is a bubble which breaks, making a characteristic sound while. It is very important in the process of how to do croaker for catfish with your hands, take into account the thickness of his blade. It should be very thin. Only in this case, the fisherman does not have to exert extra effort. After all, in fact kvochenie - a process it takes a huge amount of energy, so because of the long arm on the impact it may start to hurt. In addition, the thinner the blade, the quieter it will enter the water. This, in turn, does not scare the fish. Too thick a knife can dive with a splash. Kwok also made for catching catfish with your hands should be very strong, since it is impossible that there is its deformation as a result of the slightest shock.

Shock portion may be oval or circular. Sometimes fishermen experimenting and create a triangular or square device. But often such experiments do not bring a huge success. The degree of concavity of the heel is also dependent on the wishes of the fisherman, so it can be flat or have a small depth.

The choice of the form

Before making Kwok own hands, it is necessary to determine the order, what form it will have. Currently there is a huge amount of them, but will focus on the most common and easiest option:

  • "Atanovskaya" form. Made such a design is very simple. For its creation, it is necessary to use a small amount of material. In addition, spoil such a construction is very difficult. We can say even more: you need to try hard to do it.
  • "Kiev". In order to create such a croaker their own hands, you need to spend a large amount of material. This is due to the fact that the knife should have a pretty bent out of shape, which gradually turns into a handle. In this case, it is important not to make a mistake during installation Piglet.
  • "Hungarian". Its feature is that the knife is made in the form of a sickle, with the convex side is directed forward.

But the simplest is still atanovskaya form. Therefore, if you are making Kwok their own hands for the first time, it is better to begin with her.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

How to prepare your materials?

For manufacturing Kwok is better to take than the usual aluminum and duralumin. It is best to use duralumin with thickness of 2-2, 5mm. It is easy to bend, deform, returns to its original position. Of course, possible to use other materials (titanium, steel). Of course, such Kwok receive cancellation, but to create it needed a tidy sum.

To make the heels, better use of aluminum 3-5mm thick. If you are interested in how to make a croaker for catfish with your hands, then you need to keep in mind that it is thinner than the easier to saw a groove on it, is necessary for securing the knife. And also need material to handle. The ideal embodiment will oak.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

How to make a drawing?

For those interested in how to make their own hands croaker, drawings are also critical. After all, if the pre-draw the structure, then it will create a lot easier. Thus, we consider how to perform their own hands Kwok, whose drawings can even draw a person who does not particularly versed in the subject. We will start with them:

  • You must first determine the shape of future devices.
  • The width of the handle - 30 mm. The knife is usually curved. Handle Length before bending is 120 mm.
  • knife itself is not more than 220 mm.
  • The angle between the handle and the knife - 35-40 degrees.
  • The width of the first blade is 25 mm, and tapers to Piglet reaches 20 mm.
  • Piglet same also has a width of 25 mm. Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

What is the process?

The first step is to make a knife. First the preform 30 cm long, 25 mm wide. Then you need to align the sides of a file. In cross section the knife should resemble willow leaf. After that the product be treated with sandpaper.

Once the knife is created, it is necessary to do and handle. For this it is necessary to make a preform having a length of 15 cm, a width of 3 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. To it should be attached by means of a knife and the protractor set the desired angle, which should be 40 degrees. We should also mention the place of cut for planting knife. It can be done with copper wire. The knife should enter into it as much as possible tight, not hanging. But also need to make sure that it does not handle riving. Furthermore, it should perform two holes for inserting the rivets that will better hold the knife.

If you're wondering how to make a croaker for catfish with your hands, you should focus on five kopecks. This requires a blank of rectangular shape, which has a size of 45 to 25 mm. You should also do a through slot which size should correspond to spike on the knife. Then you need to make sure that the base penny had a sharp edge.

Kwok own hands: the drawings. How to make a croaker for catfish with your hands?

How to build a croaker?

Curious about how to make their own hands Kwok, one must be prepared for the fact that all have to do alone. To collect it, you first need to connect the blade and the handle. To reliably attach them to each other must first be put into the receiving socket thin layer of epoxy. Only then you can insert a knife and rivets. Then skip to the mount and a nickle. The knife should wrap the cloth to avoid injury, as for mounting penny pinch have him in a vise. Tenon riveted need. You can use a drift.

So, if you're wondering how to make croaker with their hands, but this is no big deal. You just need to make the right drawing on which will be the entire process of design production.