"Punisher" (knife) characteristics, functionality, modifications

"The Punisher" - a knife that has been specifically designed for security forces. The company "NACO" has long earned the reputation of the manufacturer of decent weapons, its new creation, as expected, turned out worthy and interesting. Opener "The Punisher" was developed on request of the FSB and now stands on the arms of this and some other special forces units.

to start our review with appropriate reference to the fact that a person who is not a member serving in the uniformed services, currently can not buy these weapons for personal use or collection (at least legally). However, anyone who is interested in good knives will be interesting introductory material. In addition, the developer also offers a civil version of "The Punisher", looks very reminiscent of military weapons.

The word Manufacturer

The company "NACO" develops and produces not only the cold steel, but also equipment. Some samples are officially armed special forces of Russia. Melee weapons from this manufacturer has already managed to establish itself well during combat missions.

Produced all edged weapons on the basis of the enterprise "Melita-K." For the production company uses high-quality high-carbon steel and stainless steel. Claimed knives hardness Rockwell determined within 56-60 units, which is a lot even for military weapons.

"The Punisher" - knife fighter

The first thing that attracts attention in the exterior of the knife, - a non-trivial curved blade shape and having a concave guard. Adds Charisma finished molded skin a powerful grip. Because of this feature-rich spectacular appearance for many, even the impression that "The Punisher" - a knife rather a souvenir, gift or award, rather than combat.

In fact, many owners have trained the knife fight and past practice with this weapon, pointed out that the knife is very peculiar. For him to get used to.


Sharpening a knife, too, has special features. In the illustration, we see that the end of a two-edged sword that at times increases the penetrating ability (especially given the considerable weight of the weapon).

Most of owning this weapon fighters say that steel holds an edge well. New, descended from the conveyor knife is very sharp, additional training is not needed.


There are 3 fighting "Punisher" variety, very similar to each other, but have some special features. Consider the details.

Classic "Punisher" - without Serration knife, a handle which is made of pressed dark skin. Model "Wag-1" - a weapon of war, which has the same name a civilian counterpart. On this knife has sereytornye teeth at the base of the blade on the lower surface. A model of the "Maestro" it from above.

Fighting Knife "Punisher" in any of its versions is reflective Handle. On models "Wag-1" and "Maestro" it is made of a thermoplastic elastomer which can be toned in black, protective or camouflage color.

Martial knives equipped with leather or kordurovymi sheath, intended to be worn on the belt and on the thigh and compatible with the various elements of combat equipment.


Sickle blade shape not only increases the length of the cutting surface while maintaining the linear dimensions, but also increases the force at the end of the moment of impact. In this case, the scimitar effect when the weighted end of the blade gets stuck in the wound, is not observed.

At the bottom we can see the impressive choyl necessary for prevention of cuts. For example, when removing tightly seated in the wound channel knife can grasp the pommel. Choyl concave shape prevents the grip of a sharp blade. On both sides of the butt, there are valleys that increase the strength of the blade.

To create a fighting knife "Punisher" used steel of 70 x 16 with a hardness of MFS 56 units. The product has a length of 272 mm; wherein the length of the blade is 160 mm. Maximum blade width of 37 mm, and a butt thickness is 6 mm.

application features

Opener "The Punisher," which reviews almost unanimous, like any other weapon, requires constant training. At first, the soldier, accustomed to working with a classic straight knife, should get used to the unusual shape of the blade. Knife is designed more for stabbing, not slashing blows as eloquently testifies to a double-edged sharpening. Version with sereytorom on the bottom surface to the cutting is not adapted at all, this can be done only with the tip of a knife. In short, a knife "The Punisher" is adapted to the specific combat tasks, to name a generalist it is hardly possible.

Civilian version

As we already know, not every admirer of good weapons or collector will be able to buy a knife "The Punisher." The civil version is designed specifically for those who have no right of ownership martial melee weapons: hikers, hunters, geologists and survivalist.

There are a few modifications that have smaller dimensions, weight and smashing force. The official representative "Knox" price tag starts with 5, 5 thousand rubles for civil knife with scabbard.