Knife "Rambo": history, description

Usually in the movies (not fantastic) characters are used well-known models of weapons and firearms. But the knife "Rambo" has come to life with real screens. The popularity of the cult tape gave rise to the production of a particular weapon, giving at the same time and name. Although the peak of popularity in the consumer market has already passed, some companies still offer several versions of the legendary knife.


It all began in 1982 with the release on the screens of the first film about the difficult life of John Rambo, a veteran of the Vietnam War. He starring Sylvester Stallone. To complete the image of the courageous needed a catchy part. It was such a stroke and became a knife, which served as the prototype for the legendary Ka-Bar USMC.


Stallone, himself a collector of knives, turned to the well-known American master of the knife Jimmy Lyle. He created the opener "Rambo" to the first and second parts of the film. In the third and fourth episodes I worked another famous knife maker - Gil Hibben. All three played a role in the popularization of the blade.


Survival knife, "Rambo" is a blade fitted with teeth 14 on the Obukhov. This number - the idea of ​​Jimmy Lyle, it's a lucky number for him. Function - during a collision to stop the enemy's blade and (or) to break it. All models have some common characteristics:

  • Edge. It is made of high quality stainless steel 420 J2 according to the "Bowie". Braves decent load on bend, holds an edge well. It is made using a special technology. The shape of the tip of the blade during thrusts allows you to also cut.
  • handle. The hollow handle is made of special metallic profiled material. The winding is made of special cord will not let slip his hand and will, if necessary, additional equipment. Garda will not be enough for the blade to break. The ends on both sides are made in the form of screw-drivers, ordinary and curly. The cavity of the handle is a repository for matches, hooks, thread, compass and other useful things. The different versions are different sets.
  • Sheath. Made of good-quality leather, provided with a special fastening for fixing on the belt. Allow to keep the blade from dirt or damage. Form sheath does not interfere with the instantaneous retrieval of them a knife.

Despite its size and a decent weight, blade has excellent ottsentrovku. It can be used as a throwing weapon.

Rambo I

First Embodiment - knife "Rambo" (Rambo I First Blood). This limited edition, number of copies - only 5000 pieces. Characteristics:

  • total length - 362 mm;
  • blade length - 229 mm, thickness - 6 mm;
  • length of the handle - 127 mm;
  • design - incoherent;
  • weight - 0, 88 kg;
  • Sharpening - sided.

A distinctive feature - handle only the green, wrapped parachute cord. This sealed capsule with a set of survival (fishhooks, matches, the line with the sinker, needles, patch blade) located inside the handle and a special cap-screwed pommel. It is mounted compass.

Blade has been specially treated anti-reflective composition of the blade form is almost a straight line with a gradual decrease in the butt line. Robust steel double-sided guard, the ends can be used as a screwdriver. The scabbard is made of leather, with a loop for attaching to your belt, there is a pocket (for whetstone). Additional leather straps weapons can be locked at the hip.

Rambo II

This knife "Rambo", customer reviews say it is this detail, is equipped with a peg on the handle with a hole for lanyard. Blade compared to Rambo I has increased by 25, 4 mm, bevel butt became steeper. Increasing the size of the weapon gave an awesome view. Otherwise, he is almost completely repeats the original model. Characteristics First Blood Sly II:

  • total length - 382 mm;
  • blade length - 258 mm, thickness - 6 mm;
  • weight - 0, 98 kg;
  • design - incoherent;
  • Sharpening - sided.

As in the first model, there is a hollow sealed chamber, built-in handle. The portable emergency (NAE) includes matches with Cherkashov, skeletal knife, fishing gear, band-aid. Screw cap equipped with a compass and a hammer for breaking down the glass. Sheer handle wound synthetic filament capable of withstanding a load of 60 kg.

Sheath virtually unchanged, there are devices for securing the belt and locking on the hip, and the pocket. The package includes a diamond whetstone.


Combat knife "Rambo" movie rescued the hero in all the series. With each new episode appear and new blade model. There are four versions of the original knife. The first three are equipped with a hollow handle with a sealed capsule for storing a set of survival. Blade is shaped like a "Bowie". In embodiment Rambo III in the blade is dale (a hole in the blade) is likely to reduce the weight of the knife.


Rambo IV has a completely different shape and resembles a machete. He's pretty brutal appearance. According to the scenario of the fourth film, John Rambo himself it produces. Its practical application in the woods or fishing is doubtful, but it can adorn any collection of knives.

To take or not to take

The former Soviet Union, and today there are fans who are ready to buy a knife, "Rambo". Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities have to offer buyers a model in this series. One of the conditions of purchase - private buyer presence. Under Russian law, such products can not send the shipment.

Knife "Rambo" is quite suitable for a hike or fishing. Its functional properties are quite high. They can be cut, cut down, to chip, to clean the fish, break thick branch. NAZ will dispense with cumbersome rods and small tools to solve the problem of accommodation.


These samples 80-ies of the last century - a rarity, they produced very limited (on a global scale) batches. Collectors are willing to pay for good money - up to $ 50,000. Today, the market sell compliments all models of the famous knife. They can be decorated with your own collection, or use for its intended purpose as a survival knife.