"Katran" - fighting knife (description)

"Katran" - a knife, were widely known. Generally edged weapons has always been in fashion, if it can be called so. Especially folding knife fighting, which differ not only good workmanship, but also compact dimensions, enabling them to be in a normal pocket.


There are many types of underwater knives. They in some way can be attributed to "Katran". Knife was developed in this direction. The terms of reference imposed on the arms, required the implementation of a variety of functions. Ie "Katran" - a knife, which was to become not only melee weapons, and versatile tool for the military.

Yet the structure to some extent has been modified design bureau. Initially "Qatran" (knife) had to have a blade whose length was 180 mm. Subsequently, this criterion has been violated by developers of arms. Another was and the purpose of the dagger, changed the purpose of its use.

Almost everyone in this case surprised. After all, it turns out that in fact we have had a weapon, for which there were literally spelled out in the documents of its characteristics and purpose. And then there were some kind of metamorphosis, and the knife is completely altered. And you can not say for sure where it leads. Perhaps weapons, sharpened by the performance of certain functions, will become universal. Perhaps, on the contrary, it loses its flexibility and is suitable only for a limited range of tasks execution.

Start of production of

But we are a bit away from the topic, but now let's look at "Katran". The knife was put into series production in the TOZ. Officers working in the local FSB department, took the initiative, followed by "Katran" and got on conveyors. folding knifes always been kind of a twist of special units. A huge contribution to the history of "Qatran" made Colonel of the FSB Sergei Velmezev. If he had not, who knows, maybe there was no mass production of this model knives.


Release difficulties

At the beginning of combat knife "Katran" limited edition. At the time of release was gradually changing its structure and appearance. So, the first metamorphosis touched the handle.

The handle to the knife ends become part of a conical shape. The use of it is that it has allowed to strike at the enemy and hurt him. It was necessary in the event that it was necessary to neutralize the opponent, but left alive.

Improving the design of

Later serial production "Qatran" continued. However, such handle of the knife disappeared from modifications. Its not just removed completely, and replaced by a new element - a flat cap. It is installed by chance, because it helps to pull the whole design together. Well, thoughtful course, because only when a critical situation occurs, you can climb inside a sealed handle. Unfortunately, the modification could not be widely used.

The best combat knife "Katran" was modified once more. Now on his butt he appeared undulating saw. It did so as to enable sawing diving hoses. That is why the modification became a kind of hybrid, which was a just system of two saws. One of them is intended for cutting rubber, and the second - for cutting metal.

The successful version of

In fairness it should be noted that the steel blade is really functional. With their help on the tests even managed to saw valves, bone. Thus, it was possible to prove that the modification of the combat knife is important. Saws could help out in these situations. Since the knife was intended for fighting in close combat, the saw can be used as a weapon. At the same time the enemy got a fairly wide wound that was applied even through clothing. Saw efficiency was repeatedly confirmed in this respect by doctors who volunteered their time to the study results. That is considered the wounds of modification "Qatran" saws.

Evaluation experts

By the way, the doctors wanted to ban these weapons after studying similar results. In their view, it was inhuman. This, of course, not the first time in human history, when professional doctor hold such a position. For example, even with a wavy shape, it has been banned in ancient swords Vatican.


On one side of the blade has a fraction. But on the opposite applied linear engraving. It is worth noting that is very developed in the guard arms. knife handle has an anthropomorphic form. It is, in fact, is designed for a tight grasp, even if your hands are wet. This is especially useful if you work with a knife going in diving gloves.

Pencil made of steel. Handle with the outer part is made of a very hard and hard wood species. This high-grade wood. To handle "Qatran" is used, for example, seasoned nuts. Previously, for the manufacture of the handle is also used waste from ruzhev lodges. If we look at the history of the knife, go back to the very beginning of it, and there you can find models, handles are made of plastic.

In general, we can say that "Qatran" release was aimed at meeting the objectives of the standard. It would have remained until today. He went on to be produced in an ordinary knife, which was carried out in parallel in several copies. Hinder the manufacture of these weapons often become absolutely formal reasons. But everything abruptly changed the Chechen war. Of all the bureaucratic attitudes then forgotten. A license to produce "Qatran" managed to get without any problems, and its production was to focus on the supply of weapons to the ranks of elite troops and special forces.

Logically, the first to adopt this combat knife got special forces MOE. A little later, the dagger became available for members of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB. Rather intensive special forces used it in combat and special operations. The dagger itself quickly and well established. "Qatran" had high strength. But over time, with the production, something happened, and current models have become slightly poorer performance in this regard. The main problem faced by the combat knife, began its instability to corrosion. Quite calmly tolerated dagger our local conditions. But here as soon as he got into the tropics and jungle, rust, perhaps in front of a knife covered. Manufacturers do not hurry to somehow work on this problem because of lack of proper care on the part of the holders of daggers.

Stopped serial production "Qatran" a little too quickly. You can tell just by lightning as it had begun. Producers have decided that once a license has expired, it is easier to stop production. Combat knives, the price of which ranges from two or three to a few tens of thousands, you can always purchase weapons and hunting stores.