Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

Today, of Damascus steel knives are in direct competition with innovative ceramic blades. Often both technologies are opposed to each other. This is not surprising, since both the production method allow you to create extremely sharp durable products with a long service life.

How to recognize a knife from Damascus steel?

Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

Determine material such as Damascus steel, is easy. Just look at the presence of a characteristic somewhat blurry pattern on the metal surface. Usually made of Damascus steel knives are distinguished by the presence of the original patterned handles, decorated in oriental style. This may explain the interest in these products, not only by professional chefs and lovers of hunting, but also numerous collectors of unique things.


of Damascus steel knife can have both a metal, wood or plastic or a plastic handle. Suitable for use in the domestic environment are models with rubber grip that will not slip even from wet hands.

Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

perform most modern Damascus knives on the basis of physiological parameters and ease of use of the future owner. Sophisticated form, the presence of a sharp blade and the highest strength make them extremely comfortable for everyday use.


Knives of Damascus can be divided into several categories based on their purpose. Currently distinguish specialized, universal, kitchen, folding, hunting, and other models. Depending on the purpose of Damascus steel knife can have varying degrees of hardness. If we take the average, then the material is considered to be one of the most durable as the under Impact on the blade, and with bending.


Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

In practice, modern knife from Damascus steel is able to serve its owner for decades. The metal virtually does not need sharpening. Naturally, the knife remains usable as long as possible, it is necessary to operate it exactly as prescribed. On the whole, the most expensive, a really high quality damask knives almost never lose their original properties and do not lose the attractiveness of appearance, regardless of the duration of use.

Features of interaction with the surfaces of

Virtually all modern kitchen utensils made of Damascus steel knives are coated with a special anti-corrosion layer, which protects against rust formation and development on the surface of metal corrosion processes. However, Damascus steel able to oxidize through contact with certain foods and substances. Solve the problem allows careful care of the product and its timely treatment. In this case, it is not recommended to cut Damascus knives on the kitchen board, as this leads to a rather rapid loss of sharpness.


Whether it's hunting knives made of Damascus steel and kitchen products, it is recommended to keep them clean in a dry place, preferably in a special sheath or holster. If the knife has to be stored under conditions of high humidity, it is better to periodically cover the blade oil. Effective for this purpose may be petrolatum.

Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

Some hunters keep from Damascus knives in a holster, drenched in the usual vegetable or special gun oil. In long-term storage without the need for regular use of the product is best removed from the sheath.

What to do if the blade was covered with rust?

Often folding knives of Damascus steel during storage in humid conditions, for example in long campaigns borne corrosive coating. Fix this problem the most gentle way allows the use of a hard gum. If this method does not bring the expected results, gently enough to polish the blade fine-grained sandpaper.

What not to do from Damascus steel knives?

Of Damascus steel knife: basic characteristics

Using the kitchen, hunting or folding knives of Damascus steel, it is not recommended:

  • to cut hard materials, such as wood, metal, or the bones of large animals;
  • to apply the tip to open the cans;
  • to use a knife to replace the hammer, screwdrivers, other installation tools;
  • to apply blade-throwing;
  • to bend the blade at high angles.

Features knives of Damascus steel

Blades made of stainless Damascus steel, offer the following advantages:

  1. is extremely sharp blade. The sharpness of some models exceed Damascus knives sharpness highest quality manual razors.
  2. No need for frequent sharpening. Preserve the basic properties for decades contributes to hardening of the firm.
  3. An attractive appearance. Each individual knife made respected master, characterized by a unique, unique pattern.

If you talk about from Damascus steel knives disadvantages, the main disadvantage to the average consumer can be their high cost as compared with ordinary steel products. However, giving preference to Damascus knives, the user is guaranteed to receive at your own disposal a truly effective, professional tool.