Knife Boker - quality, proven over the years

Boker knife can become an ornament to any collection. Nearly a half-century-known German company pleases customers with their products. Any man with a happy feel in his hand the cold metal. Lineup is so great that everyone, even the most picky buyer will be able to choose a knife to his taste and affluence.


One of the oldest and well-known German companies Boker was established back in 1869. Quality cutting tools quickly become famous company. Each knife Boker decorated with the company logo - a graphic representation of a chestnut. According to legend, it is a tree from the seventeenth century growing in front of a factory building belonging Boker family.

Knife Boker - quality, proven over the years

quality steel used for manufacturing. On the handles were valuable black and rosewood, oak, Thuja. Often used jade or antler. Apart from natural raw materials, are now using high quality plastic.

The main production facilities in China and moved to Taiwan. The plants are equipped with the latest technology. Strict quality control, do not expose the markets of defective products.


The product range is diverse. In addition to the knives for hunters, fighters of special services, the cutlery, the company has mastered the production of tools for sharpening. Boker knife handmade reflects the style of the company. It combines modern technology and tradition of European masters. For these use a special high-quality stainless steel Damascus (320-layer). After finishing valuable trees, natural horn, mother of pearl, they are chasing a piece of art.

Original folding knives

Boker folding knives gained a popularity of quality, reliability, functionality and convenience. One of the most original models - Boker Plus Subcom, popular name - "hamster". Appearance is so original that it is impossible to confuse with any other model.

Virtually weightless blade does not take up much space. He feels good in the pocket male suit jacket or purse. Absolutely not evident, but at the right moment at hand.

Knife Boker - quality, proven over the years

Though at the knife, and small size, it does not look fragile. Brief description of the knife Boker Plus Nano Black:

  • blade - 4, 8 cm;
  • the total length in the open position - 12, 1 cm;
  • blade thickness - 0, 28 cm;
  • Castle - Frame Lock;
  • steel - 440C;
  • material to handle - Zytel;
  • weight - 80 grams.

A common feature of all the knives in this series are the following characteristics:

  • handle - small, is held by three fingers;
  • types of locks - Slip-Joint or frame-lock;
  • steel for the blade - AUS-8 or 440C;
  • Blade Type - Drop-point, has a concave slope of the original form;
  • on the butt of the blade notching applied, the bottom recess for the fingers;
  • opening is smooth and soft;
  • clip is made of titanium, tight and strong, it can be moved, but only on the part of the blade;
  • have temlyachnoe hole;
  • blade and handle are strong and wide.

For one of the best compact folding models include Boker knives. The price is not a toy - $ 35 and above, depending on the type of steel and the handle material.

Folding knives

Folding knives companies are not only "kids". The company's specialists developed and implemented into production a few options for a variety of purposes:

  • household;
  • hunting;
  • tactical;
  • for diving;
  • fighting;
  • Multitools;
  • charms;
  • propellant.

Boker knife differs Any memorable, vivid thoughtful design. Excellent cutting ability, comfortable ergonomic handle, reliable locks, flawless execution - these are the reasons that compel consumers to stop the choice on the product Boker company.

Knife Boker - quality, proven over the years

The optimal price-quality ratio makes the company's products to maintain our markets, despite the huge competition.