Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a leader in the market for 40 years. Many people are fascinated quality appliances made in Japan. In what area of ​​specialized branded manufacturer Suzuki? Outboard motors, automobiles, motorcycles, various internal combustion engines produces a company that is an example of perfect quality in the production of outboard motors.


The company is headquartered in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu, production facilities are located in 23 countries. Michio Suzuki founded the corporation in 1909. The first thirty years of its activity the company produced equipment for the textile industry. production of small cars was founded in 1937. Because of World War II had to suspend the project. The cotton crisis of 1951 forced to abandon the production of looms. In 1952 he was introduced to the market a moped Power Free two-stroke engine. It is this original idea is so interested in the government, which subsidized the Patent Office for further development costs.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

In 1965, it was put into production outboard motors Suzuki D5, 5. In this two-stroke engine has used development in the field of motor vehicles. Rapidly developing in the field of mechanical engineering, the corporation develops technology outboards Suzuki. Outboard motors are becoming more sophisticated.

The innovative technology

Suzuki Marine Division specializes in the production of outboard engines. Produced models are exceptionally reliable use. Engine efficiency and low noise are important indicators of advanced technology applications. The company's engineers used innovative solutions in the field of engine construction. Suzuki products received numerous prestigious international awards.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

In 1973, it applied for the first time the idea of ​​manufacturing of stainless steel pumps. In 1980 it introduced the original oil injection system. 1997 - released to the market four-stroke Suzuki. Outboard motors where used fuel injection system with electronic control, received an international award. In 1998, the DF40 and DF50 engines awarded for two-shaft gas distribution system. Now Suzuki company mainly deals with the position among the manufacturers of four-stroke engines with fuel injection.


Suzuki Motor Co is focused on the quality of its products - is strictly controlled assembly, materials and components. All the engines are produced directly on the Japanese factories. The plant, located in Thailand, collects only some models by using parts made in Japan for Suzuki outboards.

Model number and the characteristics of

Suzuki have a wide range of outboards. Company developers are constantly analyzing market needs. Performance fluctuate in a broad range - output power of 2, 5 to 300 liters. from. The lineup Suzuki (outboard motors) consists of robust and inexpensive classic models duple-cycle. Outboard motors of this manufacturer are used for different types of water equipment.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

The classification of the lineup consists of two groups:

  1. Work-stroke engines based on fuel inlet - Exhaust. These motors are shown in five different versions with a capacity of 2, 2 to 40 liters. from. Two-stroke used in our country in high demand because of the ruggedness, reliability and efficient operation. They are more compact and convenient for transportation, are lightweight, the operation faster gaining momentum, less demanding on the fuel quality. Excellent performance combined with ease-of-management.
  2. In four-stroke engines still have intermediate cycles: compression and power stroke. They have better speed performance, more economical. This band lineup different capacity motors (2, 5-30 l. C.).

Features four-stroke engines

Four outboard engines have additional features such electronic start system, remote control, change the engine tilt using the hydraulic ram, reverse rotation of the screw. There are also useful for the user features inherent in certain models - maximum speed limiter, warning of low oil pressure, coating PAHP, which improves the density of the abutment surfaces of the aluminum alloy, cooling the desalination system. Monitoring and Diagnostics sounder equipped with a light on the multifunction tachometer and an audible signal. In the above models DF115W torsion shaft is offset to the transom, which provided a compact construction.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

In modern four-stroke engines with capacity of more than 30 liters. from. It applies phased electronic fuel injection and twin-shaft gas distribution system. This provides a reduction in fuel consumption, low toxicity exhaust noise reduction. Excellent workmanship ensures the user a cost-effective and reliable operation of the engine.

Suzuki 5

Suzuki outboard motor 5 l. from. - one of the lightest four-stroke engines. its operation time without refueling, with built-in fuel tank, about an hour. This nimble model is designed for use at low water on inflatable boats and small vessels. The system controls the ignition continuously maintaining stability even at idle. Safe operation is guaranteed by automatic stop speed. In the entire series has an automatic choke for trouble-free operation. These compact motors have the potential powerful four-stroke engines, such as electronic ignition, a neutral turn, charging the battery. The engine is considered nabolee economical in its class.

The use of modern technology will provide the engine 3-star Environmental Certificate UC Board.

Expert Reviews

Through the use of earned a solid reputation Suzuki outboard motors in production-proven technology. User reviews noted the longevity and reliability of the engine. Powerful generators capable of generating enough power at low revs. Engineers of the company ahead of its competitors in the development of compact and light four-stroke models. Experts suggest that characteristic Suzuki outboard motor not only provides optimum engine performance standards also observed in the level of exhaust gases security.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews


Suzuki is responsible relates to the production of outboard motors. Particular attention is paid to the processes of development and testing of engines. For proper operation of Suzuki Motor will serve long. Timely prevention may require replacement of certain parts for outboard engines Suzuki. Suzuki Authorized dealers provide owners of outboard motors good technical support and warranty service.

Suzuki (outboard motors): models, specifications, reviews

Outboards known brand for many years to justify the trust of experienced users. Numerous positive reviews of the owners Suzuki technique support optimal ratio "price-quality" products.