Ski Fischer: model reviews

Fischer skis on the world market are the leaders. They are popular in Russia and other CIS countries. Appliances are of high quality, using the latest materials, as well as considerable cost. They are exploited leading athletes and amateurs who are actively involved in skiing.


The company "Fischer" was founded back in 1924 a little-known at the time as a carpenter Joseph Fischer. The first production hall was erected in the city of Ried (Austria). Initially, the company produced a variety of carpentry. Cross country and downhill skiing Fischer began to produce only in 1934. Now the company occupies a leading position for the production of the relevant products in the world.

Ski Fischer: model reviews

In the domestic market professional samples of the brand is also a priority. In addition, the company produces ski poles, boots, special clothing and sports accessories. The main production line consists of training, amateur racing and mountain skiing.


Symbols are placed on the toe and ski on their lateral surface. In the first case it is two digits. One of them indicates the kind of the moving surface. Cold type symbol is marked A5 and the warm - 28. A second marker indicating structural features. Ski Fischer 610 (610Q) focused on the soft type of prepared slopes. Option with an index of 115 (1Q) is designed for hard and ledenistyh sites. The side surfaces are also applied to a series of numbers. The first of them refers to the growth group in centimeters, the second - the year of production. The following number indicates the hardness (may be 6, 5 or 4 - Stiff / medium / hard). The next five digits correspond to the batch number, and the last index - a measure of stiffness.


The spectrum of thermal loads that have Fischer skis, subdivided into two categories, namely:

  • Type Cold (Cold) intended for use at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Warm class (Plus) is designed for operation at a higher temperature.
Ski Fischer: model reviews

In fact, the second type is considered more versatile. Adaptations have a soft base that allows to achieve optimum sliding on track soft at a high humidity indicator. In severe weather can be configured by means of rubbing wax or special knurled. Cold counterparts on soft snow will slide less, and in the cold below five degrees, this figure is almost the same.

Alpine skiing Fischer

Speedmax model is a high-level model of a professional. On such a modification are the most famous skiers. In this series there are ridged and classical variations. In the first case, the devices are equipped with a characteristic notch in the toe-skiing, which reduces the weight of the model.

They are equipped with a special carbon fiber core and are processed according to the technology of cold rolling of the stickers. For this, first base is made in the forming oven at a temperature of over 100 degrees, and then at room temperature joins the working surface. This improves the sliding, regardless of weather conditions. The weight of such a pair is 1, 02 kgs at a length of 1, 86 meters.

Ski Fischer: model reviews

In the considered category also includes:

  • Alpine skiing Fischer Carbonlite. From the previous series, they differ in a lightweight core system Air Core Carbonlite and production technology. The product is completely manufactured in an oven. With a length of 186 centimeters couples its weight is 0, 97 kg.
  • RCS Modification is a previous version without the hole in the toe. Using the design elements and laminated glass ensures that products 1 weighs 08 kg with a standard length (186 cm).

Copies for training

This category is classified as a series of training sessions for professional and amateur skiers with more experience. Options are available such as skating and skiing Fischer Classic. The production uses a simple and cheap materials. Scheme identical elite manufacturing variations. This combination ensures high running options at a lower price.

For example, modification of the "Fischer" (SCS) has a universal structure, designed for different climatic conditions. Reinforced edges provide high directional stability, and additional inserts on the heel and toes increases the durability and rigidity of the product. Further uses a core consisting of a material with switching elements volcanic basalt. Mass pair at lengths 1, 87 is 1 meter, 27 kilograms.

Ski Fischer: model reviews

Another modification for the "Fisher" workouts (CRS) is equipped with a universal design of the sliding part is different from the previous version of the presence of other materials, as well as dimensions. It weighs 1 kilogram 35, length - 187 cm.

Amateur and tourist options

In this class skiing "Fisher" are divided into the ridge, classical, children's and combined options. They are designed to operate beginners, young skiers and other people who like normal skating on such article. high-quality, yet simple components and materials used in manufacturing. In this approach are conserved relevant speed characteristics in combination with an acceptable price. Among the tourist options allocated following modifications:

  • SC - pair has a mass of 1, 38 kilograms and a length of 1, 87 meters.
  • Fischer Sprint LS Skis have a weight of 1 to 45 kg and a length of 187 centimeters.

The responses of consumers

The owners noted in these versions many advantages and minor disadvantages. On the plus users include reliability, durability, excellent maneuverability and glide. In addition, the owners are satisfied with the external design, the possibility of acquiring a similar additional accessories and a wide range, depending on the destination.

Ski Fischer: model reviews

Among the disadvantages of amateurs and professionals say the high price, especially in the professional models. However, they agree that the quality remains at a high level thanks to the use of productive technologies and high-quality components to produce. Cross Fischer skis, reviews of which mostly positive, on the right is the leader in its class, both at the amateur and professional level.


Ski company "Fisher" have gained high popularity thanks in part to top-end instances. They are designed for different levels of athletes and connoisseurs of the sport. It is worth noting that Fischer skis children identified by name Junior.

Ski Fischer: model reviews

They differ in size, but great for workouts and move on different snow routes for young skiers. Despite a decent cost, the products concerned are in demand worldwide. In addition, skiing "Fisher" look very nice combination of price and quality among its closest competitors.