"Volzhanka" Boat: description, features and reviews of the owners

"Volzhanka" - a boat that is optimally suited for fishing. Its body is made of aluminum, the nose of the vessel made in the form samootliva, equipped with an optional compartment for mounting seats.

Between the front seats is a locker for storing gear and tools. It also performs the function of a step in the transition to the bow. Along the sides of the shelves are placed to allow transport of the rod up to two and a half meters. It is possible to install additional seats in the cockpit. Consider the modification, characteristics and features of the boat.

On the manufacturer

Domestic manufacturer of boats "Volzhanka" - company "Absolut-Marin". A company with two thousand and four is engaged in manufacturing of covers and parts for snowmobiles and personal watercraft. To produce aluminum boat designers began in 2009. Over the past period developed more than a dozen models, each of which has its own characteristics.

The boat "Volzhanka 46"

This vessel is equipped with a power unit capacity of seventy-five horse power. The length of the boat 4, 58, and the width - 1, 84 meters height transom - 38, 5 centimeters. Housing swimming means is made entirely of aluminum, designed for heavy loads. Racks and other metal parts are covered with an anti-corrosion coating. The cockpit meets all the standards required for boats of this class.

As the gunwale has a special profile that allows you to mount it latches under the T-head bolt that extends the capabilities of the installation of additional equipment (echo sounder, chart plotter, holders for spinning, downrigger). The steering system has a structure with hydraulic stops. Simultaneously, the board can accommodate five people. Similar characteristics have a boat "Volzhanka Fish" 47-th and 49-th series. Slight modifications differ in size and power of the motor used. Boats are great for fishing.

Model 51

This variation includes three types of copies. Length modifications dual console 5 is 2 meters, the height of transom - forty centimeters. The vessel is equipped with a spacious locker in the four hundred and thirty liters seats and removable type. The housing is equipped with stiffening ribs carcass fabrication material is aluminum. Bilge pump-action pump is located in the aft cabin is decorated with vinyl.

Powerful motor for seventy "horses" allows to transport five people and four hundred and thirty kilograms of cargo. "Volzhanka" - a boat that is made with a durable all-metal aluminum frame. The standard four seats provided cockpit has enhanced sound absorbing properties. Provides increased rigidity ribs and installation fendering. Model shows excellent driving performance both downstream and against him.

The 54th version of

"Volzhanka" under that serial number has welded housing. The power unit has a capacity of ninety horse forces. Nasal locker holds a 320 liter volume of cargo. In equipping the sound signal, it is possible to install a hard or a different awning. The new frame of the windscreen allows the sounders large. Self-draining front of the cockpit protects against splashes. Strong and stiff body ensures excellent lateral stability and dynamic banks. The price of this modification starts from three hundred thousand.

Variant under the symbol 57

This boat features a durable webbing, stainless steering system, the possibility of equipping a powerful outboard motor (88 hp). Dampers are traditionally placed in the rear part.

"Volzanka" (Boat 57 "Fish") has the following main characteristics:

  • length / width / height - 5, 7/2, 0/0, 75 meters;
  • weight - four hundred thirty-five kilogram;
  • passenger capacity - six people;
  • deadrise bottom - sixteen degrees;
  • on the transom height - 52 cm;
  • the maximum power rating of the power unit - one hundred forty-horse power;
  • thickness of the plating on the bottom - four millimeters;
  • the amount of lockers (feed / anchor) - 224/106 liters.

The vessel is equipped with everything needed for a quality and unforgettable fishing. There are long shelves and comfortable benches, decorated with vinyl. The cockpit arrangement of sound-absorbing material is used, the housing - aluminum welded, has increased rigidity protective rib.

Equipment swimming means

"Volzhanka" - the boat, the standard equipment which includes the following accessories:

  • aluminum chetyrehmillimetrovy thickness body;
  • frame of similar material;
  • fender;
  • the front and rear rails made of aluminum alloy;
  • and a central anchor locker;
  • five-spoke steering wheel;
  • removable seats;
  • Control reducer.

In addition, the ship is equipped with the running and parking lights, extra space for shops on the nose and self-draining deck.

Additional equipment includes a steering wire, soft trim, a lighter, a battery box. Additional features include a reservoir for fuel and seventy-seven liters of capacity, drainage pump, a platform for sounder, mass switch enlarged hoops.

modifications, cabin

The company "Absolut-Marin" also offers boat "Volzhanka" superior to the cabins. They can navigate the waters to the icy conditions. Consider the characteristics and features of version "Cabin 65":

  • length / width / height amidships - 6500/2500/1250 millimeters;
  • deadrise angle - nineteen degrees at the transom 63 height 5 cm;
  • limit the power of the power plant - two hundred horsepower;
  • weight - 1, 28 tons;
  • index-duty - 0, 85 tons;
  • the fuel tank capacity - a hundred and eighty liters;
  • passenger capacity - six people;
  • motor type - outboard.

The boat is equipped with a straight windscreen, convertible saloon, ventilation hatch in the roof. Upholstery - category Basic.

Boats "Volzhanka": reviews

Feedback from owners of the ship in question mostly positive. People say that the boat is ideal for fishing complex in the tranquil ponds and rivers with a decent force of the current. "Volzhanka" is available in several trim levels, including easy to choose the right model with the desired lifting capacity, equipment, maximum engine power. It is worth noting that the boat can carry between 300 and 450 kilograms of cargo, equipped with motors, power from sixty to one hundred and forty horsepower. Also, users have reported excellent packaging vessel, availability of spacious lockers, shelves and a variety of special sections. Additional amenities soft comfortable seating and informative steering wheel control with gear. Swimming facilities shows excellent quality when moving against the current, as well as equipped with Fender stops.

Boat "Volzhanka", the price of which also varies depending on the model and configuration that best suited for fishing and for recreation. Buy a boat can be starting with two hundred and twenty thousand rubles for the version of the "46 Classic", ending the sum of half a million or more for the version with cabin and enhanced comfort Long cabin.


Patriotic Boat "Volzhanka 46 Fish" as well as other modifications of this brand are ideal for walking, relaxing, and most importantly - fishing. All versions are special compartments for the transport of fishing rods and other equipment.

Wide range of applications, stable resistance, high driving performance and excellent facilities along with an affordable price - it specifies the criteria that affect the popularity and demand of the swimming facilities of the brand "Volzhanka".