Outboard motor "Whirlwind": technical specifications and reviews

To date, motors "Whirlwind" are quite popular. If we examine their characteristics, it should be noted quite quiet operation of the devices. Reversers are set very high quality. Modern versions can boast of reliable launchers. However, the disadvantages of outboard motors also have. To understand this issue, it should be more closely acquainted with the technical specifications and models of consumer reviews.

Outboard motor

Specifications Model "Whirl-30E"

Outboard motor "Whirlwind-30" has the following specifications: power is 30 horsepower and a cylinder in the present model is set with a diameter 67 mm. The total working volume is equal to 422 cubic configuration. cm. The maximum frequency of the crankshaft is able to reach the level of 5 thousand. rpm. The weight is represented by the motor 45 kg. The screw used in this case the propeller type, and its diameter is equal to 240 mm.

In total there are three blades in the design. As a starting device manufacturer provides the recoil starter. A standard set of models includes the outboard motor "Whirlwind", the description and the operation manual for the fuel canister with a hose and a series of battery "6CT".

What people say about the model "Whirl-30E"?

Many buyers outboard motor "Whirlwind-30" (fuel consumption - 9.5 liters per hour) are praised because of the great power. In addition, it should be noted that it is easy to maintain. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then install it onto a boat quite easy. However, the shortcomings in the present model is still available. First of all it is important to mention the problems with manual starter. In some cases, it breaks due to the flying rings. Sometimes leads owners deadwood. In general the outboard motor "Whirlwind" call is quite interesting.

Outboard motor

Modification "Whirl-30P"

All cylinders in the illustrated configuration, manufacturer of the two provided. They are located in a vertical manner. The stroke of the piston is exactly 55 mm. When the diameter of the cylinder is equal to 71 mm. In addition, it should be noted that the working volume of the aforementioned outboard motor is located at the level of 487 cubic meters. cm. The maximum compression is 30 horsepowers, and the shaft speed, this model is able to reach 4600 rpm. Dry weight of the outboard motor "Whirlwind-30" is 47 kg. Candles used in this case a series of "SI12".

Outboard motor


Outboard motor "Whirlwind-30" today is in great demand. Failures in this model occur rarely. If you believe the reviews of consumers, the fuel consumption of the outboard motor is very small. Also of note is a fairly high-quality gearbox. If we talk about the shortcomings, it is important to mention the small diameter of the screw - 230 mm. His step - only 300 mm. As a result of setting the gear ratio is equal to only 14 units.

Model "Vikhr-32" (first performance)

In this case, the two-stroke type engine is used. All in all it can count two pistons of 58 mm diameter. The degree of compression of said pattern is at 8.5. The working volume of the outboard motor is equal to exactly 500 cubic meters. cm. The power supply system represented in the instance can boast double insulation.

Outboard motor

Additional stops for mounting the outboard motor are available. In general, the engine speed is able to reach a maximum of 5100 rpm. All this ultimately gives the owner a good performance. Candles have presented a series of devices are used "SI13". Interrupt figure stands at 0.3. It should further be noted that the ignition timing is capable of reaching a maximum of 30 degrees. The fuel grade gasoline is most commonly used "A-72". Oil manufacturers recommend using "TAP-5V."

Consumer reviews on the model of "Vikhr-32" (first performance)

Said model, many consumers opt for a sturdy frame and load it can withstand heavy. Electric starter in the present model is set pretty high quality, always works the first time. In addition, attention should be paid reducer. If you believe the reviews of consumers, something breaks it's pretty rare. However, the problems in this outboard still there.

First of all owners say very rapid wear of the flywheel. This happens most often due to breakage of the gear. Also, the problem may lie in the tapered head. As a result, we can say that this model is very interesting, but it needs periodic inspection.

Model "Vikhr-32" (second version)

The engine used in the present model of the carburettor type. Water cooling system installed. All pistons in two designs provides a maximum stroke of 65 mm. The working volume is provided by modifying at around 450 cubic meters. cm. Further, it should be noted the maximum frequency of the crankshaft at 4200 RPM. The release device in this case is provided by the manufacturer manual type. Single stage reduction gear is used.

The opinion of the owners of the device "Vikhr-32" (second version)

Running the outboard motor "Whirlwind" is pretty quiet. In this case, the screws used are very strong. Of the features of the navigation users note the presence of the plate. Stern tube in the present model established quite strong. In servicing this boat motor "Whirlwind" is simple, he understands quickly. The exhaust passage is provided a large diameter and rarely clog. If we talk about the shortcomings, it is important to mention the small reversing. Yet this model often wears a shoe in the gearbox. Also, problems may arise from the owner to the flywheel. Tiller set quite durable. Considering all the above, the outboard motor can be called good.

Outboard motor


Outboard motor "Vortex-20" has the following specifications: the engine is mounted in the instance represented by a push-pull type and manufacturer of the two cylinders is provided. They are located in a vertical manner. Maximum power above the outboard motor is 20 horsepower. Dry weight of this model - 45 kg, and the fuel tank capacity is 22 liters. Candles used in this case of "SR 12".

Suitable for this outboard motor gasoline Series "A-72". As used flapping ignition magneto. The gap in the interrupter is equal to 0.3 mm. Parameter ignition timing is at 24 degrees. It should further be noted that the screw diameter is 235 mm and its pitch is equal to 290 mm.

Opinion consumers

Many buyers outboard motor "Whirlwind-20" is greatly appreciated. Note, however, that his power is not too great. Luggage vertical shaft in this case provided a small size. Consequently, the intakes are used small diameter. Shoe in the presented model wears out pretty quickly. Also because of the shortcomings should be noted a very weak arm in deadwood. Carburetor set quality.

In addition, it is important to mention the reliability of the cooling system. Install the presented model is quite simple. Deadwood should be cleaned once a month. In the management of this configuration is also simple. Screws used strong and high volume fuel tank allows you to not worry about the fuel level. The exhaust port is used is very large.

Outboard motor

Device Settings "Whirl-25R"

the engine speed reaches a maximum of 4500 rpm. The engine in the outboard motor "Whirlwind-25" is set carburettor type. Equipped with this modification special air-blowing loop. Coolant water type provided by the manufacturer. The working volume of the outboard motor "Whirlwind-25" is 421 cubic meters. cm.

Dry weight represented by Device equal to 45 kg. The fuel tank in this case is installed capacity of 22 liters. Ignition in the presented model is used flywheel type, and the candles are used series "SR 12". The diameter of the blowing channel is 120 mm. The connecting rod used in this case one. Crank chamber in the present model is located at the bottom. Combustion Division located above the purge channel. Navigation plate in the illustrated outboard motors available. The exhaust passage is provided at the device manufacturer 130 mm in diameter. Luggage vertical shaft is located above the lower unit. The carburettor is set with a special protective cover.

Reviews of the device "Whirl-25R"

Outboard motor "Whirlwind-25" reviews is mostly good. Many customers prefer this model for a solid sole. Load it can withstand large, rarely breaks. Also worth mentioning quality screws. However, because of the shortcomings it is important to note a rather large fuel consumption. Use gasoline Series "A-72" in this case, there is a possibility. Disassembled the engine is very simple, but it is impossible to remove deadwood yourself.

Outboard motor

In addition, many customers complain about the rapid wear of the lower leg. This happens due to the high temperature of the purge chamber. Magneto in this instance is pretty quality. The starter of this boat engine usually operates on the first try. Reverse system is also characterized by a positive side.

"Vortex-25E." Parameters

The engine presented at the instance of set-type carburetor. The diameter of the cylinder is 65 mm. The parameter is the stroke of 55 mm. The compression ratio in this case is 8.5 units. Rotational speed of the model presented is capable of reaching a maximum of 4600 rpm. Normal clearance breakers is 0.2 mm. Screw diameter equal to 223 mm, and its pitch is 290 m.

A transmission system in the instance presented uses intermediate type. Stern tube is set to 120 mm, and in this case the carburettor protected by a special cover. Magneto in said apparatus is for cooling. Navigation in this stove outboard available. Among other things, it should be noted high vertical shaft chamber. Total water intakes in the illustrated construction, the manufacturer has two.