Inflatable boat "Swallow 365": description and reviews

In the market of generic inflatable boats a lot of attractive offers from manufacturers of different classes. This article discusses the domestic model of the middle class "Orca 365" from line "Poseidon." It is positioned as a stroller, but the owners point out that it can be used not only for tourism but also for fishing or as an auxiliary boat. It should be noted that the boat "Swallow" This version is intended for use only in coastal waters, lakes, rivers and small bays. In this case the wave height must not exceed 70 cm.

Inflatable boat

Device models

The boat is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric with structural inclusion of a solid plastic and metal alloys. The movement is given on the engine, which is commercially available and is mounted on the transom. Under the battery pack has a special box with connections for wiring organization. The basic equipment includes a multi-purpose mounting block holder for spinning, console for control at a distance, an anchor and a transom chassis. In addition, the basic equipment for PVC boat "Swallow" provide for a set of tuning. In the case of tissue damage manufacturer offers a special repair kit comprising directly patching material and adhesive.

Main features

The model has a standard for its class parameters, which ensures its universality.

Inflatable boat

The balance determines the size of the optimal performance of the boat "Swallow". its characteristics are as follows:

  • maximum engine power capacity - 25 liters. from.
  • The total length - 365 cm
  • .

  • The total width - 177 cm
  • .

  • of the cockpit Length - 260 cm
  • .

  • The width of the cockpit - 81 cm
  • .

  • cylinder diameter - 48 cm
  • .

  • The height of the transom - 39, 5 cm
  • .

  • The weight of the boat - 64 kg.
  • Capacity - 480 kg.
  • passenger capacity - 5 people.
  • Number of pressurized compartments - 4.

The model can not be called the senior in the lineup, but it often purchase it as a transitional link between junior and large format versions. Actually, this and due to the popularity of this performance. One of the closest on the dimensional parameters representatives of this family is the same boat "Orca 335", in which the length is 335 cm, and weight - 53 kg. Differences in the characteristics affect the possibility of using a specific engine power and speed.

Inflatable boat

Additional features

The manufacturer recommends having a full signal equipment, rescue, firefighting and towing devices. In particular, the best is the presence on board of the electric lamp extinguishers with scoops, weighing 3 kg armature and vests. It is mandatory to be present, and a first aid kit to repair kit. With respect to towing means, that for a boat "Swallow" recommended mooring rope whose length is not less than 25 m. Electrical software may be represented by an additional battery pack with protective fuses and stabilizers. It is important to bear in mind that the full equipping of the availability of such equipment would adversely affect the dynamic qualities of the craft. You must be a balance and to maintain a sufficient level of safety.

Inflatable boat

Possible improvements boats

The advantages of this modification should include opportunities tuning kit which, as already noted, comes as standard. How can I improve the watercraft? There are several areas - by enhancing the protective qualities to the functional content. For example, the user may further strengthen the construction of the transom and the cylinders by means of a set of special tools. Some users often install handle with lifting eyes and other fittings. The most significant change is the installation of awnings. Technical design of the boat "Swallow" allows, in particular, to fix the hinged roof, transport and transformernye tents. For motor sometimes provide linings, made of metal or water-resistant plywood. The bottom has originally elastic structure, but also it can impart rigidity by solid chocks of the tuning-sets.

Preparing to use

Canvas boat turns so that the floor sections were rough side up. It is necessary that during the operation the user feet did not slide on the surface. In this case, the valves need to be plugged, or the trash can penetrate them. Further sections are assembled bottom ceiling, transom rail bearings are inserted and aligned with the flooring. Most of the work will be associated with pumping kilson. In the process of filling of cylinders is necessary to make sure that the boat "Swallow" reshaping evenly. You should also monitor the formation of wrinkles - the surface must be flat folded. Pumping avoid risk allow overpressure valve - it is activated at a level of 31 kPa. Thereafter, the assembly of functional elements of the boat. Paddles are fixed at the gate. To secure the rods are inserted into the hole and twist the nuts fully complete. Before operation should also check the availability of equipment, assistive devices, repair kit and so on. D.

Inflatable boat


The main condition for correct operation of boats - its regular maintenance. After each session of operation is necessary to clean the surface of the boat, check the operation of the valves and tissue sealing. after checking the surface should be thoroughly dry and fold. After the end of the season you may need minor repairs. Possible punctures and cuts eliminated with repair kit. It is important to take into account that you are using only the adhesive composition, suitable for PVC materials. The same applies to the fabric - apply only the relevant inflatable boat "Swallow" patches. Before repairs necessary to clean and degrease the target surface with soap or an alcohol solution. The adhesive composition is applied on the patch and the damaged area. After treatment, the piece of fabric is applied and allowed to dry. The manufacturer warns against the use of special equipment in order to accelerate the process of drying the fabric. In addition to the risk of blade deformation of the structure, there are also likely to change its performance.

Inflatable boat

The positive feedback about the model

The family of "Poseidon" was generally successful. This model shows in practice the optimal combination of performance properties. Members point to a good speed, and flexible dynamics ensured even without additional tweaks to the standard screws and motors. Notes and take turns without slipping, which often complain about the owners of boats in this class. Separately stresses and ease of assembly. With appropriate skills process can take as little as 30-60 minutes. Many owners appreciate the performance of the boat "Swallow". The consumer reviews also point to robust sizing seams that virtually do not cause problems during use. The base PVC material used in boat differs wear resistance and tensile strength. Manageability is also added to the list of advantages model. It notes the balanced sensitivity, through which the skipper may make subtle manipulation of control, which is especially important when operating the boat in difficult weather conditions.

The negative feedback

Disappointed with this acquisition the owners a little bit. The criticism relates only to certain structural details that can have a negative impact on ergonomics. But these nuances are often of an individual nature or associated with defects in specific instances. However, there is a common drawback, which is reflected in the high cost of the boat "Swallow". The price of an average of 50-55 thousand. Rub., Which initially pushes the offer many potential buyers. By the way, the market is a lot of models with similar specifications, but financially more accessible. Another thing is that only direct competitors units have the same level of quality and reliability.

Inflatable boat


Operation of inflatable boats are substantially dependent on additional equipment and motor. Therefore, at the stage of selecting the model you should consider what kind of equipment useful in the process of boaters. This is especially important if you plan to use the boat "Poseidon Killer Whale" for hunting or fishing. Opportunities equipment design assistive devices and adaptations are also a strong point of this version. But adding a new watercraft equipment, do not forget the critical load. In addition, all items must be dispersed on the surface so as to reach the centers of gravity balance. This is also important from the point of view of safety and to maintain optimum dynamic properties of the structure. It is worth remembering and on restrictions on the use of the boat. The manufacturer does not recommend the walk in a storm and in the deep zones.