Rating boats PVC Quality

Sit avid fisherman with a fishing rod in the middle of the creek, as well as to go on a night fishing boat hunter - a pleasure. In addition to the usual accessories such events here can not do without a boat. Cumbersome and demanding of yourself metal constructions will not be considered and will tell you about a more universal version of PVC. Especially because they are much cheaper, and less troublesome to maintain.

Rating boats PVC Quality

is also limited by the two most common types of boats - motor and propeller. From the name, which is the main driving force behind these. Further, we restrict the design length - up to 3 meters, and for the second case motor power - up to 15 horsepower. Otherwise we just uvyaznem in all that diversity, which is represented in our market. And above limits can be called universal for Russia, and only a few exceptions, you will need something really powerful (large rivers, lakes with a strong current, and so on. N.).

We also will not be considered a cheap Chinese consumer goods - in our top quality PVC boats on such a model will not get. Of course, some of the brothers come across a decent low-cost options, but it is as lucky: in the same batch may be rejected and thoroughly, and high-quality models. Moreover, this ratio is usually not for the better for the latter side.

So, we present you the list of the best PVC boats, which includes the highest-quality models from different manufacturers, as well as distinguished rave reviews from owners. As mentioned above, we will only consider the rowing boats and motor type with a more or less democratic price tag for the average user.

Rating PVC inflatable boats:

  1. "Cayman" N-330 (a motor).
  2. "Aqua" 3200CK (a motor).
  3. "Pilot" M-330 (a motor).
  4. "Hunter" 280 F (rowing).
  5. STREAM "Dolphin-M" (rowing).

Let us consider each of the options in more detail.

to STREAM STREAM "Dolphin-M"

Designers gathered in this model, all the best that has been accumulated over many years of production history. "Dolphin-M" is included in the rating of PVC boats for fishing is also due to the increased density of housing - 950 g / m 2 and rapid contours, giving it a more smooth running. Or consider utterly simple and safe operation.

Rating boats PVC Quality

In general, the model has a fairly interesting and attractive shapes: a raised front, rounded feed and ergonomic interior decoration. Sufficiently large cylinder diameter (0, 36 m) allowing easy to handle half-meter wave.

Design features

Model is included in the rating of rowing boats and PVC due to the weight of good reviews from users. Practicality, reliability and versatility, "Dolphin" allow you to use it on any small and medium-sized pond. The only thing to complain that the owners - it is the severity of the design and a small capacity. The passport stated two positions, but for a pair of active fishermen, besides with things - the tightness is ensured.

Advantages of the model:

  • moisture resistant rigid bottom of quality plywood (Slanov-book);
  • dense and thick PVC material;
  • high and safe side;
  • screw up your nose.


  • too heavy for one person;
  • for two fishermen with things too little space.

Estimated cost - about 15 thousand rubles.

"Hunter 280 P"

This budget model propeller type. "Hunter 280 P" is included in the PVC boats rated highly reliable due to the use of PVC fabrics from the German manufacturer HEYTEX. In addition, the fabric has a two-sided polymer coating that adds a couple of points to the performance.

Rating boats PVC Quality

His appearance resembles a boat cylinder O-shaped, and the manufacturer, in this context, adds to the advantages of excellent seaworthiness, excellent handling, affordable capacity, and relatively light weight construction.

Model is included in the PVC boats rating also because it allows easily withstand the almost meter wave (0, 7-0, 9 m), which significantly expands the scope of its application. In addition, the bottom of the boat was placed explanatory bottom ceiling (rigid sectional plywood), which easily fit two people (loading capacity 220 kg).

Features boats

Also it may be noted competently engineered inflatable compartments (2 pcs.), Which is separated airtight membrane. This moment adds some trouble with the preparation for the descent, but ensures retention of the boat afloat in the event of failure of one of the compartments.

Rating boats PVC Quality

The owners leave the boat in the mostly positive reviews. Many people have taken to heart its seaworthiness, design reliability, capacity and relatively low weight of the whole structure.

Pros model:

  • good maneuverability and control;
  • smooth running;
  • excellent quality of assembly without any complaints;
  • simple installation and dismantling structures;
  • relatively low weight;
  • low price.


  • pump, bundled, weak (need to immediately buy / find a new and more powerful);
  • floor tonkovat (for more comfort need another Slano (400 rub.)).

The estimated price - about 13 000 rubles.

"The pilot of the M-330"

Model M-300 of the Russian company "Ark" is perfect for professional fishermen and hunters. "Pilot" is included in the ranking of the best PVC boats (with motor) is also due to its practicality and versatility. Members can install a small capacity motor, and professionals directly installed on the machine 15 liters. sec., which is very convenient.

Rating boats PVC Quality

One of the main features of the ship - is excellent protection keel and cylinders from abrasion. PVC material is reliably covered beam width of 0, 6 cm. The owners in their reviews warmly embraced this particular moment, as half the other competing models in a matter of months abrade keel and bottles at each docking to the land or on the bottom of the pond. So they had to operate the boat with the utmost care, but here the problem is solved correctly installed protection.

The distinguishing features of the model

Also, the model is included in the rating of PVC inflatable boats (with motor) due to the build quality. Any gaps, flaky material or beveled seams you will not see here: everything is done on the conscience, and for the people. This approach allows a competent structural model called one of the best in its class.

The advantages of the "pilot":

  • reinforced PVC material with a density of 900 g / m 2;
  • cylinders significantly strengthened stringers in places of accommodation;
  • plastic holder on the transom;
  • supplied harness has a loop for the engine;
  • to assemble seats (shift-apart);
  • volnootboynik with fender;
  • relatively low weight for its class;
  • a large variety of colors;
  • 2-year factory warranty.


  • Capacity.

Estimated cost - about 27 thousand rubles.

"Aqua 3200CK"

3200CK The model is made by a Russian company "AKVAMASTER" and enjoys an enviable popularity among fishermen and hunters. "Aqua" is included in the rating of PVC boats (with motor), thanks to its lightness and small size. This allows the model freely planing with even the most modest engine on board. This point is also much easier to carry and transport of boats.

Rating boats PVC Quality

Model has an inflatable keel and explanatory bottom ceiling, consisting of individual elements which are assembled together with aluminum beams-guides. "Aqua" 3200CK included in PVC boats rating also due to its reliability: the transom is fixed in a special zone on the bottom rigid Slanov of waterproof plywood and aluminum profiles on the perimeter of the ship.

Opinions owners

Owners rather warmly about this boat. "Selfish" fishermen, loving sole swims, she is completely satisfied: the ease of model reliability design and comfortable interior decoration can fully focus on favorite activities, and not be distracted by other nonsense.

Pros boats:

  • very low weight for boats of this class;
  • transom securely fixed in a special belt;
  • keel predohranon damage PVC-beam;
  • boats dense material density of 900 g / m 2;
  • to assemble seat.


  • very small payload.

The estimated price - about 23 000 rubles.

"Cayman" N-330

The models of this brand have always been considered a benchmark in the domestic small-sized shipbuilding. Series N-330 is designed in full compliance with the rules and regulations laid down for boats of this class. "Cayman" is included in the rating of PVC boats thanks to its ideal speed and seagoing characteristics.

Rating boats PVC Quality

The model has a standard performance for its class with a board of 420 mm. The reliability of the boat due to the fender around the perimeter, high quality PVC materials and the absence of any gaps, beveled adhesions and so on. D.


Owners leave only positive feedback on the model. Series N-330, and indeed the brand "Cayman" enjoys wide popularity among professional fishermen and hunters. The model incorporated all the best and competent designers have polished all the flaws and minor defects to perfection. The result was a robust, versatile and ideal boat for his hobbies.

The advantages of the model:

  • excellent driving performance (maneuverability, well kept wave);
  • design reliability (fender around the perimeter of the boat);
  • sensible mount for seats on the system likpaz-liktros;
  • an impressive appearance.


  • material density slightly below competing analogues - 850 g / m 2;
  • massive and heavy construction, even when it is dismantled.

Estimated cost - about 36 thousand rubles.

To summarize

Before you decide to buy such an expensive accessory, like a boat, you need to carefully weigh all. The first step is to clearly define for yourself - why you need it. Absolutely one thing - to carry out individual leisure quiet evening for a fishing rod in the lake near where the waves come in except on your float. Other - a ride in the company of several like-minded people for tens of kilometers away from home for restless Reservoir in search of adventure.

The most important parameters for the inflatable vessel - is the density of PVC material? from which, in fact, made bottles, the maximum possible number of passengers on board, the actual load capacity of the boat and the opportunity to sample certain engine types.

As for value, for inflatable boats well suited old proven principle - the more expensive the better. The price is mainly driven by the quality of the material used, the reliability and the elaboration design and delivery. With modest cost models have and behave modestly: once again not moor in dangerous places and constantly check the depth of the pond, so as not to nasharkat bottom. More expensive boats are much calmer in this regard, you can safely go for risky adventures (of course, without fanaticism) and do not tremble over every reeds.