Sailboats: types, classification

Sailing boats intended for sports or tourism. There are many types and kinds of boats with sails - depending on taste and wealth owners. Sailing boat - a refined, aristocratic means of transportation on water, created for entertainment. Often it is the personification of dreams come true and the way of expression.

Classification by purpose

First of all, sailing boats should be distinguished according to their destination. Such yacht built for two reasons: for travel and racing. In the first case, the design should provide comfort and safety, so the body is made weighted, equipped with a spacious deck, comfortable seats, and in some cases even the cabin.

Racing sailing boats designed to quickly slip on the water, so the weight of this boat is relatively smaller than that of walking. The housing has a more streamlined form, the control system is equipped with additional elements that allow fine adjustments to the sails could catch the wind in any range.

Sailboats: types, classification

classification distance from the shore

Another important characteristic - the ability of a sail boat away from the shore. There are ships intended for navigation only along the coast, as well as those that can take long autonomous routes with a large distance from the port. On this basis the boats are divided into:

  • pleasure;
  • coastal;
  • seaworthy.

Sailboat designed for short trips, have a lightweight design, they lack compartments for storing food and water reserves. The navigation system is very simple, even primitive, as the crew during a walk guided by the coastline and excellent knowledge of the area.

Coastal boats equipped with small amenities you have a small cache, which allows you to spend on the water 1-2 days.

Seaworthy boats have a strong body, able to accommodate a substantial margin of food and fuel. They are fitted with cabins for the crew and passengers, to provide people with a good rest.

on the status of classification

Sailing boats can be chartered, that is intended for commercial use, and private - when the ship is used exclusively for private purposes. Both options can be designed for passengers of different wealth from ordinary people to the VIP-persons.

Sailboats: types, classification

Depending on the material of construction of the boat, quality finishes and interior decoration, ships are divided into budget and luxury. Common representative of the budget category - inflatable sailboat. It does not require a large storage space and is easily transported.

Walk on a sailing boat - this aristocratic type of holiday, but it is quite affordable and ordinary people with average incomes.