Spinning "Volzhanka": model, tests, reviews

Spinning "Volzhanka", which are represented not only in the Russian market, but also abroad, can be purchased for a very reasonable price. In this case, you get the highest quality, reliability and durability of products.

Rods made of high quality carbon fiber. Serial production began in 1989 in the technological center of the MRP. Manufacturers have feedback from anglers and take into account all their wishes to further improve the quality of the models and not to inflate the price.

How to choose the spinning

spinning device is quite complicated - it is difficult to stick with rings, as it seems at first glance. On the fishing market a wide range of spinning rods, including spinning rods, "Volzhanka".

If the fish using a jig, it is necessary to clarify the fishing conditions. When fishing from the shore must have rod 2, 70-3, 30 m, was cast to a maximum length. If the water in the pond standing, the test range should be 30-35, at the current weight should be more than 50-60 When fishing, the


a throw distance depends on the position of the first ring by spinning. Rings close to the handle - short casts. For long-distance casting ring must be moved away from the handle. For boat fishing rod should be short. When choosing a spinning it is necessary to pay attention to the following properties:

  • flexibility of the rod;
  • Spinning weight - heavy spinning rod with multiple casts causes fatigue, hand starts to hurt;
  • returning time of the rod to its original position - the amplitude of the vibrations must be small.

Spinning "Volzhanka Stiletto"

This versatile rod can be used for fishing on rivers and ponds, which are overgrown with grass, shrubs, as well as on the open lakes.

Spinning is fixed in the upper and lower parts. Its length is 1, 3 meters. It has a handle spaced from quality synthetic material. Rings are spinning at a sufficiently high leg.

The rod is mainly used for catching trout and fish, which features a powerful and lightning fast attack: perch, grayling, chub. This spinning work well with different types of mild baits and using neogruzhennoy outer band.


The use of carbon fiber in the manufacture of spinning it possible to quickly and easily throwing his vyvazhivat. Monolithic graphite vertex turned integrally in the first section. This greatly increased the reliability and throwing properties.

proizoditeli rings made lightweight. As a result, improved movement during casting and dynamics decreased residual vibrations. Reel, original and reliable, installed directly on the form.

Bait delivers right on target model "Stiletto." Spinning "Volzhanka" reviews fishermen received only positive. Professionals say that spinning can be done quick throw.

Spinning "Volzhanka Jig"

This spinning having a cork handle, for catching jig. It looks fragile, although the test is 5 kg and a length of 2, 4 m.

This model is comparable with the model "Volzhanka Extra", but spinning "Jig" has two advantages: a unique crossing rings and a lower price. The rings have one aspect - they have a triangular form with silicon carbide inserts. With this line was quickly rectified, which greatly increases the casting distance, and the load is placed evenly with the reagent blank when playing big fish.

The series consists of four sub-species, which differ in the test baits. Each subtype has four models having different lengths.


jig spinning easy to pick up under any fishing conditions. You can use not only the jig baits, but the spinners.

Blank light and informative, can hold quite a large fish. The tip of the rod is very sensitive and perfectly responds to butting fish and bait touching the bottom.

Prices of spinning depends on the model. "Jig" models use a series of budget for catching fish on the jig bait on all waters from shore or boat. Spinning "Volzhanka" received very positive reviews. Fishermen say high quality rods and affordable price.

"Ultralight" - a kind of spinning "Volzhanka"

Ultralaytovye spinners used for fishing, when using very light bait of 1 g to 4 g quiz form such spinning begins from 0 and ends with 12 g of upper rod part ultralaytovyh significantly thinner than the conventional one.

Number of anglers is increasing every year, and the fish become more cautious and smaller. It becomes more difficult to catch. Ultralaytovye spinning just let you catch wary fish on a small bait. When fishing from a boat or the shore, overgrown with bushes, spinning is sufficient to have a length of 1, 5-2, 4 m. Spinning length of 2, 7 m it is possible to abandon the bait significantly further, so it is used for fishing with a clean bank. In the manufacture of spinning "Volzhanka Ultralight" use the most advanced technological solutions. It has a cork handle, a whip made of reinforced plastic.

Catch wary fish easy. It mostly inhabits areas of the rivers with fast currents and abundant vegetation along the banks. For a suitable fishing spinning "Volzhanka Ultralight" with a minimum test.

Reviews of fishermen on a spinning "Volzhanka Ultralight" neutral, they are neither positive nor negative judgments. The only thing the fishermen are one - is that the price of the rod corresponds to its quality.

Care Spinning


After fishing spinners "Volzhanka" need to be cleaned. Rings free from sand and dirt toothbrush with soap. Particular care should be washed with handle and fixing the coil to the spinning. Usually in the abutting portion of the rod gets a lot of sand, as a result it wears out. Joint flushed or rinsed with running water. Clean-dried spinning stored in the bag in a dry place.

The test rod

Test spinning - is a minimum and a maximum weight of lures that can be used when fishing for a particular rod.

The lower limit of the test is the minimum weight of the bait used for successful fishing spinning. It allowed to use bait lighter than indicated in the lower limit of the test. If the bait weight is less than the lower limit - casting distance becomes much smaller.


When fishing jig at the lower end of the test determine the threshold of sensitivity of the rod. In this case, this number represents a minimum bait weight at which a fisherman feels the hand that touched the bottom bait. He did not have to keep track of how slack the fishing line. The upper limit of the test - the maximum weight of the spinning lures used. Exceed the maximum rod test than specified, should not be. This can cause damage to the form when casting.

Tips fishermen

Experienced anglers are advised not fully trust the test, which is listed on the form of rods. Test boundaries usually differ from the real value by about 4 g in a big way. So, if you need a test spinning 5-10 g, you should buy a fishing rod with a test of 9-14

At that affects test rod

If the test rod is greater than the weight of the bait, the bait casting light heavy rod to make uncomfortable. When light spinning and bait, rod exceeding the test, he can just break.


From spinning test depends on its strength. Catch a big fish on light bait rod is necessary, which is quite a big test from 40 g to 80 g

In conclusion it can be said that spinning "Volzanka" have high strength, good quality, and excellent performance.