Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

Every year more and more anglers start using in their favorite activity sounders. Mainly they are used in a fishing boat. Today we learn what is useful sounder for fishing from a boat, what to look for when choosing a device, how to use it and more.

What is sonar?

So, depth sounder - a navigation device, which is a sonar, the main purpose of which is to determine the depth of the water and the study of the bottom topography. The apparatus consists of a transmitter and receiver, which by means of special bottom echoes provide process research. The main parameter to determine the depth sounder - the time between sending the signal and its reflection from the bottom.

Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

are different types of software specifications sounders. The main distinguishing feature is the depth at which the sonar can operate. It can range from tens of meters to tens of kilometers. The most effective devices show when the ship is in place, but most of today's models gives a very reasonable result when driving at speeds up to 50 km / h.

The benefits of fishing sonar

Fishing from a boat with sonar has several advantages over a simple fishing. Often, a visual inspection of the reservoir is practically gives no information about the depths and topography, and on the last probing leave hours of precious time. Sounder gives a quick and exhaustive answer to all the questions the fisherman. At the same time for normal data is enough to get a budget model.

The main advantages of fishing with sounder can be identified:

  1. A detailed study of the bottom. Good device registers on the screen all the wells, driftwood and other objects of bottom topography. This is especially useful in an unknown pond.
  2. The discovery of the fish. Besides the relief, the majority of devices may show places where fish and even distinguish between the size of the individual. Moreover, there are models that are able to recognize the species of fish, but the accuracy of such an analysis is not always high.
  3. The ability to save a map of bottom topography with reference to a particular locality.
  4. Save time, which in a simple fishing trip spent in the measurement of the depth, the bottom of the study and identification of promising points for catching.
Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

Selecting the sonar

Anyone who understands the fishing knows that the range of sounders on fishing tackle market is very large. Some of them are similar to each other, but there are those that are substantially different from other models. Therefore, the selection process should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Let us examine the main points that are worth paying attention to when choosing:

  1. Transmitting power. This is one of the key parameters in selecting the sonar. Directly from the power level of the signal and it depends on its quality, and consequently the accuracy of the image which is output to the display. This option is especially important when fishing in troubled waters and at great depths. The power also depends on detailed terrain and the ability to detect small animals fish. As a rule, this characteristic is indicated in the passport to the sonar.
  2. Receiver sensitivity. Another major factor. If the receiver has a low sensitivity, he catches a bad wave. A high-sensitivity receiver may cause interference. Therefore it is recommended to choose the medium-sensitivity sounders.
  3. converter operating frequency. It affects the quality of the display data on the screen. It is also important to find a middle ground. At low frequency image is fuzzy and deliquescent. A high, it will be clear and bright, but for this usually comes at a price instrument capabilities in depth scan.
  4. Display size and contrast of. This option, unlike the previous ones, is a secondary, but still important. It all depends on personal preference and budget angler. However, it is worth noting that the majority of producers with an increase in the screen size decreases the contrast.
  5. Number of beams. This is an important but controversial option. It affects the area of ​​the scanned area. Someone fishing enough 1-2 rays, and someone needs to 4-5. It all depends on the budget. It is worth noting that there will be enough for fishing from a boat one beam for a good review. Typically, anglers prefer models with the number of sonar beams from 2 to 4. Devices with 6 or more beams should be used for fishing on an industrial scale.
Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

Classification of sonar

Traditionally, echo sounders are divided into three groups:

  1. To scan surface. Most budget species that can not boast of any additional features. Often the simplicity of these devices determines their reliability.
  2. For a more detailed scan. These devices can already observe schools of fish and some large animals. This type is the most common and recommended for anglers.
  3. Multipurpose devices. They cover a wide range of fishing challenges and have a lot of non-core functions. For example: three-dimensional interface, the bottom of the visualization, the ability to connect to a PC, the ability to work in the dark, and so on.

Sometimes sounders are further divided according to the place from which they operate: the beach, aboard a boat or ice. All of the varieties are different viewing radius and power level, which cause their ability.

Echo sounders for fishing from a boat: reviews

Sometimes even experienced anglers difficult to navigate in the gear market. In order to facilitate the selection process, consider rating sonar for fishing from a boat, based on feedback from experienced anglers.

1. Humminbird 561x

This sounder is considered the best among budget models. It has in its arsenal, two beams, which is sufficient for a simple fisherman. 5-inch display has a high contrast and Russified menu. When a fish is detected sounder comprises an audible alarm. Also included is a temperature sensor.

2. Lowrance HDS

This model class is considered slightly above average and belongs to the multi-function devices. In comparison with other devices of this category, Lowrance HDS is a true leader. A new operating system, which is implemented in the last instance, only strengthened the leading position of the sonar.

3. Humminbird 570x DI

It is an improved version of the 561x model. Characterized by a broad functionality and enlarged display. Since this line of sonar is growing rapidly, it is expected to release a new model.

Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

4. FB 120x Humminbird

A special kind of tube-shaped devices. The main difference from analogues - the ability to work in two modes: simple and combined. The first method uses a single beam, while the second side is further connected review.

5. Humminbird 798cxiHDSI Combo

The output of this device has become a revolution in the market echo sounders. All business in a fundamentally new technology, which allows you to contemplate the volumetric image of the bottom surface. The device has: strengthened the processor, memory card slots, the ability to synchronize with other echo sounders connected to the NTERLINK network, and the ability to transfer video data.

6. Humminbird 597cxiHDDI Combo

For a long time it was thought that in the class is the best echo sounders for fishing from a boat. Reviews owners have repeatedly confirmed this. To date, they are taken out of production, so are sold mainly in the secondary market. It's not just the locator, and the whole navigation system with a GPS-chartplotter. The device has slots for cards and allows for video recording.

Pricing Policy

Key indicators, which are based on the fishermen, choosing sounders for fishing from a boat - reviews, price and specifications. With the characteristics of the devices and the feedback we have already seen, it is necessary to deal with the Privacy Policy. For those who want to save money or simply not willing to spend the extra money, there is a good depth finders for fishing from a boat, price (St. Petersburg, Moscow or Kiev - whether in stores prices are virtually identical) to that of 30-50 dollars. Representatives of this price segment has a small screen and the beam 1-2. Small size and low price make these models the best option for beginners. If the lower limit of the price all is clear, then the top, with the advent of new technologies, is constantly growing. Well-regarded sounders for fishing from a boat, the prices of which range between $ 200-300. As you can imagine, there are models and more expensive, but they are usually only used by professionals.

Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

Features of operation

Choosing sounder, you need not only to evaluate its performance, but also to know the peculiarities of operation of a device. Not all the sounders can be called universal. Therefore, the choice must at least roughly to know where and in what conditions you will often operate the machine. If you buy a first sonar, you should not choose an expensive and highly complex model. A simple budget model will be enough. With it, you will be able to know what fishing sonar from a boat, and to understand the basic principles of operation of the device. Then, when you buy more sophisticated sonar, you will be much easier to work with him.

Choosing a display, it is worth considering what time of day you will be more likely to catch. You also need to make a correction to your eyesight. For some models, you can not manually adjust the working frequency of the transducer and receiver sensitivity. It is recommended to choose a model in which these functions are. They allow you to make fishing more comfortable.

Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks

Fishing with sonar from a boat: the nuances of

Echo sounders always need a power source. Without it, the autonomous operation of the device will fail. Sonar produce special batteries that are small in size, lightweight and completely sealed design. The more powerful battery, the more he is in size and heavier. In the case where it is possible to connect the device to the ship-board system, an extra battery or power supply is not needed.

Choosing sounder for fishing, you need to think in advance how and at what point the vessel will be attached sensors. on the market now you can find a lot of special accessories that allow you to quickly install sensors on virtually any vessel and as quickly dismantle them. Sounder for fishing with PVC boats in this respect no different from sonar for metal or wooden boats.

Before you start the sonar operation, you need to configure it under the terms of fishing and your personal impressions. Default sounder for fishing from a boat is the factory setting.

Fishing with sonar from a boat: features, secrets and tricks


Today we have reviewed the main points that you should pay attention to anyone who is interested in the question of how to choose a sounder for boat fishing. For a long time it was thought that the fishing sonar - is unsportsmanlike and unprofessional. Today, however, such devices are denser and denser part of the arsenal of fishermen of different levels. Fishing from a boat with sonar allows you to save a lot of time to search for promising locations and spend more time just catching. About unsportsmanlike use sonar also can not speak, as most anglers who buy these devices, went so far as to release the caught fish. How and what to catch - everyone's business, but be aware of the possibilities offered by modern technology, it can not hurt anyone.