How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

Over time, all lovers of active, one might even say, in a sense an extreme type of holiday called fishing, and addicting hobby to a serious level, begin to think about how to improve catch efficiency. There are many technical tools that let you do this. From clever gear to the powerful motorboats, allows you to choose any place of fishing.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

Among the newly emerging market know-how for fishing lovers can celebrate such a technical means, as the sounder. There are many different opinions on this product: from the enthusiastic and positive to negative. Never forget that each becomes a thing at your own risk. And if the decision to purchase has been firmly decided, as much as possible try to understand how to choose a sounder for fishing. This will be discussed in the article.

What is sonar?

Before you go to the store, you need to understand what the sonar is there any sense in buying it. So, depth sounder - a device whose main purpose is to scan the bottom of the reservoir in order to identify its topography and fish finder. Externally, the sounder may look like a plastic box with a screen. Echo sounders come in different sizes, from handheld devices to large stationary wave with a sufficiently powerful module.

The principle of sonar

Many fishermen who have purchased this miracle of technology, sometimes not even wonder how it works, and yet understand the principle of operation will help many times to increase the efficiency of the device. Sounder operates on the principle of echolocation - hence the name of the device. Wave module sends high-frequency sound waves that are reflected from the water bottom and the objects thereon, returning to the device, which in turn outputs the image from the display data.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

This allows you to assess the raised floor and draw a conclusion about the presence of some species of fish in this place. It should be said that good quality sounders are not only able to recognize objects in the water, but also to detect shoals of fish that can be many-fold increase in fishing efficiency.

Types sonar

Among the huge variety of devices available on the market, there are several key groups, which should be shared by all sounders:

  1. Sounder for fishing from the shore.
  2. Sounder for fishing with the water, that is, from a boat.
  3. Sounder for winter fishing.

The first type of sonar used for fishing from the shore. The principle of operation of such a device is as follows: the fisherman throws a special float with the transmission module mounted on the scaffold, in the place of the reservoir, where you want to explore the bottom. There is a huge choice of this type of sonar, ranging in price from 3 thousand to the price, which seems acceptable to the buyer. It must be said that these devices can become an indispensable tool in selecting a successful fishing place in an unknown pond. Due to its compactness, they do not take up much space, they can easily be attached to the rod and convenient to use.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

A second type of sonar is a portable monitor, which is secured to the boat and with sound waves sent from the remote sensors scans the bottom. Transmitters are mounted either on the transom, or on the sides of the ship, occasionally inside the cockpit, if it allows the power rays. Such sounders can be convenient if the dynamic fishing, the purpose of which is the maximum catch.

Echo sounders for winter fishing are similar in appearance to the first group of echo sounders. However, the sensor is not already equipped with radio transmission as in the first case, and transmits data to display on the cord which is simultaneously transmitting unit and the bracket. Sounders this type are assembled from parts, which can operate at low temperatures.

Selecting the sonar

What better sounder for fishing? It depends on what type of fishing you are interested in the most. If it is an active movement on the waterfront, then the best option is a wireless sounder for fishing, as it will not interfere when changing fishing grounds, while at the same time an indispensable tool in the definition of the bottom topography and searching fish schools.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

When fishing from a boat, choose a boat sonar with powerful transmitter and a good contrast display, so that will be able to most efficiently and comfortably identify the best places for fishing.

Fishing in winter conditions suggests the presence in the arsenal fisherman tool such as a sounder for winter fishing. It is quite durable and frost-resistant to withstand the loads that occur during active leisure on a reservoir during the cold season.

Differences sonar

The main characteristics, which should be compared sounders are:

  1. transmitter, or rather its power;
  2. diagonal display;
  3. display contrast;
  4. transducer type and frequency;
  5. the type of receiver, the sensitivity.

It is from a transmitter quality depends to a large extent how the work will be sounder for fishing. Its main argument is power, which determines how far will "feel out" the bottom of the reservoir unit.

Diagonal display and the contrast determine the usability of the sonar. The display is bigger, the better it is possible to distinguish the bottom relief. Nevertheless, we should not forget that the sounder with a large display is not compact.

Another important parameter is considered to be the receiver sensitivity. The higher it is, the weaker waves it will capture and display on the instrument screen. But we should not forget the fact that a high sensitivity can cause a large amount of noise. That is why you should prefer Fish Finder with adjustable sensitivity.


Choosing a good sounder for fishing, should be attentive to the price of the device. Often it will be an indicator of quality of the product, but at the same time it is necessary to clearly understand what the problem faced by echosounder. In no case do not need to pay extra for something that is not true. "Freaks" only complicate the system and instrument care. Prices for sounders middle class range from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

The image on the screen

The whole point of this device is to allow the fisherman idea of ​​what's under the water. Ordinary sounders give an image on display in a continuous curve which indicates the bottom line. On the low-end models, it can be replaced. More expensive sounders constitute a three-dimensional model. Also, absolutely all devices require detection function of fish, but it should be noted that low-cost devices it works very inaccurate due to the low sensitivity of the receiver.

The use of

Use sonar to be only when it is really needed. This is for two reasons: time and cost. First, if you know the bottom topography and the presence of fish, the use of the device to anything. And secondly, there is always a risk of damage to the unit, and it costs dearly. So, in your hands sounder for fishing. How to use this device? First you need to turn it on and check the performance by lowering the sensor into the water. If all goes well, then you need to install the transmitter. If this sounder for fishing from the shore, then secure the "duck" on the line and throw in the right place, and if the boat - mounted on a suitable location. Then, wait until the instrument orient and will display the required information.

Care sonar and its operation

Quite often, the fishermen exhibit some fatal mistakes, exploiting sonar for fishing. The first and most glaring mistake is that there is a tacit assumption of full containment device. This is absolutely not the case. Waterproof only signal transmitter and the housing protects the "guts" of the sonar only from small droplets. For this reason, in any case it is not recommended to clean the appliance immediately after use in a carrying case. First, it is necessary to wipe off the remaining moisture.

Another important condition for the functioning of the sonar is its content clean. This device is highly sensitive, therefore the penetration of dirt into the working portion can lead to their failure. After each fishing should remove dirt from the body surface and sounder wipe cloth.

Comments about fishfinders

How to choose a sounder for fishing? Respond to this question independently on the basis of their needs. However, you need to have an idea of ​​what features it has a sounder for fishing. Reviews fishing enthusiasts will be able to resolve the uncertainty. Among avid fishermen a good part of those who do not recognize the effectiveness of the sonar, but it is more subjective than objective opinion.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

If this product in demand, so it is really beneficial. Sounder can be a good tool in the hands of a competent angler. So, if you want to become a true professional in his enthusiasm, the question of how to choose a sounder for fishing should occur in the first place.

The most popular models

Such devices are now there are so many. Therefore, coming into the store, it is easy to get lost. But do not panic, Sales help deal with how to choose a sounder for fishing. Among the leaders in this market segment can be noted brands such as Humminbird, Lawrence and Garmin. Often because of their reliability is to model these brands fall buyer's choice. If we compare the ratio of "price / quality" of this unit, it will have an advantage over other counterparts of this niche of fishing equipment.

The original sounder for fishing

Recently, more and more frequently in the waters where the fishermen spend their time, you can see the original small aquatic boats. These are special vessels for delivery of complementary foods. Often use the boat for fishing. Sounder mounted on it.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

As a rule, this is the first type of device - for fishing from the shore, but now is not the transmitter is attached to the scaffold, and is installed on the model. If you plan to use it this way, then, reflecting on how to select the sounder for fishing, you need to think about it is compact - small boats are not capable of carrying too heavy gauge.


Technical equipment of fishing - one of the key success factors. Proper selection of tools for fishing can provide the highest catch and getting the most vivid emotions from their favorite thing. Sounder is considered one of the most successful inventions that have found use in fishing. Thanks to him, the search speed is convenient, and most importantly, the right place for fishing will take a little time. In general, effective almost any sounder for fishing. Reviews are eloquent proof of that. The device is easy to operate, thanks to which gained popularity among many fans interact with wildlife.

How to choose a sounder for fishing from the shore. Reviews of fishermen and experts

Of course, to use this device and be satisfied with his work, you must be quite an experienced fisherman. Contrary to popular belief, echo - this is not "fishy radar." This is just a nice tool that allows the angler to find the most suitable place for fishing, prompt relief of the pond bottom. Using sonar will enable the most effective to spend time with a fishing rod in his hands and get bright emotions from this man's holiday.