Lowrance Fish finder, review models reviews. Lowrance sonar sensor

You want to buy sounders for fishing? Lowrance offers equipment for every taste and budget. With the help of sonar can easily choose a convenient place for fishing and to feel confident in any body of water.

A bit of history

The company is known for producing Lowrance Electronics sonar, the year of its foundation - 1957. An avid fisherman from Missouri Carl Lawrence became its founder. His two sons, known divers interested in the behavior of fish at a depth of waters. They soon came to the conclusion that we need a device with which you can watch the movement of the fish from the water surface.

Lowrance Fish finder, review models reviews. Lowrance sonar sensor

The dream has become a reality. They invented the transistor sounder, which can be used when fishing and boating lessons. Lowrance Fish finder in a compact, lightweight, easy to use and affordable.


More than half a century, the company Lowrance is a leader in production of equipment for ships. The main production facilities located in Mexico. A wide range of such devices. Lowrance echo sounders are considered as one of the most popular devices to search for fish. There are models of single beam echo sounders, easy to use and have a low price. Variants produced and powerful digital light devices with a high price. All products of the brand "Lawrence" is available in Russian.


Models of the most sought after series of sonar "Lawrence":

  • represents a line of professional HDS sonar with unique navigation and sonar characteristics, lots of options and different opportunities. Lowrance sonar sensor in this series can be assembled independently. As standard it is not included. The advantage of these models is considered to be easy to use.
  • Models Elite Series are compact and equipped with a color display. Simple menus and a simple interface make it possible to easily control the sonar. Models are equipped with a special function TrakBack, as well as the option of the lower scan.
  • In models Elite CHIRP becomes quite clear the bottom of the image due to the special CHIRP technology. To find the place where the fish lives, help the device CHIRP Sonar, which has excellent resolution and high sensitivity.
Lowrance Fish finder, review models reviews. Lowrance sonar sensor
  • Model HDI series features a compact design and a variety of options.
  • Hook - is a new line of high-quality sonar with different functions. All models are equipped with intuitive interface, and a bright display.
  • SERIES Mark presented a qualitative model of economy class for novice anglers. Devices have a black and white screen, all important options, wide viewing angle and give a clear picture.

Instructions on sounder Lowrance

For detailed instruction apparatus attached, which describes the sequence of actions during the installation of the sensor and display. It also painted the work with the device, basic operations, the settings menu.

for the sonar sensor

The main instrument for echolocation information is a transducer. Lowrance echo sounders are equipped with specially designed sensors for a particular model series "Lawrence." When choosing such a device it is important that it be compatible with the sonar.

The sensors allow to find the fish in ponds of salt and fresh water at a depth of, and in shallow water. These are displayed on the screen in real time, showing the depth of the reservoir. Many anglers often wonder how to fix the sensor on the boat. In the accompanying instructions provided by sonar stationary mounting device, which is not all fishermen are satisfied, as some of them have a few boats, while others are inflatable boats. In this case, will help installation of an arm-holder, which will provide a collapsible mount the sensor.

Lowrance Fish finder, review models reviews. Lowrance sonar sensor

To install the sensor is considered to be an ideal place boat transom. When driving are formed air bubbles which disrupt the sensor and lead to interference - smudged on the screen, the wrong sensor readings. Avoid this help mount (holder) for the sensor, allows you to adjust its position in relation to the water surface.

The holder can be bought in a specialty store, via the Internet or make your own using a tube made of plastic and aluminum. Securing the sonar sensor on the holder, it must be bolted to the transom of the boat with the help of clamps. For a firm grip with the boat transom bracket clamp has a rubber substrate. Sonar sensor is installed parallel to the water surface, and is completely immersed in it. Any deviation from this provision distorts the readings.

Comments about sonar "Lawrence"

The instrument Mark-5x Pro anglers note the following advantages:

  • easy to operate;
  • a clear image on the screen allows you to see all the details of the bottom;
  • to determine the species of fish;
  • presence sensor for measuring the water temperature;
  • a large display screen.
Lowrance Fish finder, review models reviews. Lowrance sonar sensor

The only drawback is that there is no complete power pack.

Advantages of the device Elite-3x DSI:

  • small size;
  • multifunctionality;
  • sharpness.

The characteristics of the model Elite-3x HD 83/200 000-11448-001:

  • saturated color panel;
  • clarity in sunny weather;
  • sound signal when a fish.

Disadvantages: inconvenient is located in the menu starts.

Echo sounders Lowrance - is a multifunctional high quality devices that can afford almost any angler.