Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

Running today is accessible and useful to the health burden. It is not necessary to do it in the street. You can buy a mechanical treadmill, reviews of which acknowledge the receipt of excellent results. On the mechanism of the construction work described below.

How it works

How does manual treadmill? The principle of the device is connected to the rotation shaft 2 between the rubber strip under a loopback human legs. The mechanism is similar to the operation of the conveyor belt. Thanks to a stable platform and the rail device is safe. At the same time dealing with is the right body position at different speeds. According to reviews, the manual treadmill is the most simple and cheap compared to magnetic or electrical. It is ideal for beginners.

Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

If you are interested in how the manual treadmill, you should familiarize yourself with the following features:

  1. The running belt rotates due to the movements of human legs, so it can accelerate and decelerate. This arrangement is convenient.
  2. Load Regulation of the gain in mechanical angle tracks performs tape or the brake shaft. In the first situation will run more difficult than the above angle. In the second case, the brake shaft is constrained sliding canvas.
  3. Accessories autonomous, so it works even without electricity.
  4. Because of the small size, light weight, affordable cost of the tracks will be an excellent acquisition for sports fans.

As the feedback devices are popular with people of all ages. With these simulators, you can regularly conduct classes, which is very good for health. And to help choose the appropriate device overview mechanical treadmills.

The disadvantages of

According to reviews, the mechanical treadmill also has disadvantages:

  1. Minimum functions or lack thereof.
  2. The load is adjusted approximately.
  3. The web moves in jerks.
  4. No depreciation due to the close contact between the legs and the belt that loads the joints, so the device is not suitable for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

The difference between the magnetic simulator

The disadvantage of mechanical simulators are considered jerks during leaf movement, which can be removed, if used instead of a regulator magnet. What does this mean? In the standard scheme of mechanical movement of the belt, when a man pushes her legs and moves back, it suspends the force of friction.

Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

In a magnetic tape motion simulator does not get off because of the brake by means of the attraction of the magnet to itself is its slowdown. Therefore, the device has a smooth and quiet operation, and the result will be a more comfortable run. In addition, there will be a mechanical brake wear and linen. As can be seen from the feedback device should be used only when clear how they work.

The difference with the electric simulator

There are a few differences:

  1. The presence of an electric motor. Actions on the simulator "tied" to his power, not on the strength of a runner as in mechanics. They are given by parameters such as force during load, speed, angle of inclination.
  2. The presence of the microcomputer. With him are given the run conditions, and sensors monitor the condition of the body.
Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

Therefore, electrical simulators possess the following qualities:

  1. Have a smooth ride, uniform load.
  2. The ease and accuracy of the parameters and the ability to adjust the health monitoring.
  3. The presence of programs.
  4. The presence of fabric with high depreciation parameters.

Power trainers are reliable and easy to use. But they also have disadvantages - a lot of weight, parameters, power consumption and high price. According to reviews it is clear that many people prefer to opt for home treadmills mechanical type.

The choice of the mechanical path

According to reviews, the manual treadmill - a wonderful selection of people who do not want to reach the heights of sports, but simply want their muscles were in good shape. Classes with trainer support the work of the heart, let you take a break from sedentary work and eliminate physical inactivity. For these users will approach a simple and extremely affordable option. Dear apparatus can purchase and those who have not decided what to buy - or bike path.

Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

But to determine which option is best for you, if you choose to pay attention to some details:

  1. Folding mechanical treadmills save space and easy to transport.
  2. The width of the device must be at least 43 cm to provide comfort while exercising. For children and give full suit version of 37 cm or less.
  3. It is important that the height and width of the handrail was comfortable.
  4. a person's weight should not be higher than indicated in the characteristics of a simulator. And it is desirable for it to be 10-15 kg below this figure.

In the sports shops offer a wide range of simulators. About the best mechanical treadmills discussed below.

Torneo Sprint T-110

This product company Torneo - a major producer in Italy. Features and advantages of the device are as follows:

  1. The presence of the magnetic loading system.
  2. Folding mechanism.
  3. From the function allocates manual adjustment angle, fitness program evaluation, determinant of heart.
  4. The web has parameters 33h113 refer to the amortization.
  5. The maximum weight of the person - 100 kg.

Among the shortcomings emit small size pulse sensor and a loud clatter when running. The cost ranges from 5 thousand. Rubles. According to reviews, this simulator is ideal for regular workouts at home. It's simple and easy to manage.

Torneo Cross T-107

Another simulator from the company Torneo. Its features include:

  1. The original design.
  2. Magnetic kind of loading.
  3. Folding mechanism.
  4. Functions: manual setting the angle of inclination, the presence of a fitness evaluation program Cardiosensor.
  5. The web has parameters 34h114 see a depreciation function.
  6. Human weight should not exceed 100 kg.
Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

The disadvantages include sezzhanie canvas left or right. The cost is 11 thousand. Rubles. But, as noted by users, the equipment is suitable for home use because of its convenience.

Atemi AT 605

Apparatus released Atemi mark. The special features include:

  1. Type of load - magnetic.
  2. folding mechanism, the presence of the rollers.
  3. LCD display, pulse sensor.
  4. Mechanical installation angle, the function of fitness assessment.
  5. canvas size 33h117 see.
  6. Human Exposure weight up to 100 kg.

Of the shortcomings can be identified lack of depreciation functions. The cost of accessories - from 10 thousand rubles.. As can be seen from the reviews, this mechanical treadmill for the house is suitable for self-study activities. It is best to buy for beginners in this business.

HouseFit HT-9110HP

The simulator is an American firm demand for home use. Of particular stands out:

  1. Folding mechanism.
  2. The presence of rollers and Floor level compensation.
  3. Console with LCD display, which can set the speed, distance.
  4. tilt angle adjustment - manual.
  5. The canvas size 33h99 cm.
  6. maximum weight of 100 kg.
Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

The device contains no amortization functions. The price starts from 12 thousand. Rubles. About the simulator also has a positive feedback. Users select it for regular workouts at home.

Brumer TF801

The device is manufactured by the German company Brumer in China. Treadmill has a folding mechanism. It has rollers, LCD display, with which you can set different parameters. Cloth equal 35h103 cm. A sportsman weight should be up to 100 kg. But in the simulator there is no heart rate sensor and the installation angle. The cost is from 9500 rubles.


The mechanism has worked for a long time, for it requires care. This also applies to the mechanical treadmill. Guide service will allow to get acquainted with the necessary procedures. We need a weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and wet wipes. Regular exerciser should be inspected to eliminate defects and perform maintenance.

Mechanical treadmill: reviews, review, operating principles, instructions

It usually takes:

  1. alignment (when sezzhanii fabric side). In the tape should not be contact with fixed parts of the mechanism, this may lead to rapid wear parts.
  2. Replacement of elements (implemented when necessary).
  3. Grease tape. The procedure increases the term of its operation, reduces noise.

What to use as a lubricant, the manufacturer indicates in the instructions. If there is no such information, it is necessary to select a special silicone lubricant, preferably in a spray can.

So, manual treadmill is an excellent choice for beginners. With this device sports can be practiced at home.