Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

Many believe that the home trainer - this thing is expensive and inconvenient, it is simply useless and only takes up much space in the apartment. However, if you are going to seriously take care of your body, it is better to once spend money on the purchase of a simulator than a month to pay for expensive subscriptions to health clubs. In addition, on a visit to the gym it will need to allocate a certain time. The simulator will also be at your fingertips. Classes are on it, even on the job watching your favorite TV programs can be carried out.

Selection of Housing

The best option for sport projectile apartments can be called a stepper. User comments confirm the fact that this space simulator takes much less than the treadmill. In favor of a stepper can talk and his ability to use while exercising many muscles.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

The name of the sports equipment comes from the English "step" (step). This would explain the very essence of the simulator, because the lessons on it mimic walking on stairs. When performing exercises just need a man to carry the body weight from one leg to the other. This will cause the pedal simulator "walk." The main advantage over a conventional stepper climbing stairs is that exercise may be terminated at any time.

The need to purchase

Using the simulator-stepper, it is possible to achieve the following:

- make a strong and shapely calves;

- to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, calves, arms, back and buttocks;

- get rid of excess weight;

- strengthen the system of the heart and blood vessels;

- improve the body.

Older people are also helpful to use a stepper. Consumer reviews say about the ability of the simulator to return a person of advanced age motor activity. Useful lessons on it after surgeries and illnesses. Classes stepper possess a number of advantages. First of all, positively characterizes the simulator no possibility of injury to joints. In addition, the simplicity and compactness of the sports equipment make it possible to easily use it at home.

However, from studies on the stepper must abandon the people who have joint problems, as well as varicose veins or obese.

If you decide to purchase the sports equipment, you will need to purchase in order to determine which of the versions of the simulator will be possible to meet all your requirements.


Cardio allowing to simulate walking on stairs, is resistant housing with two pedals, which is equipped with a device for load adjustment. It has also developed a model with foldable design. There stepper with expanders, levers or rails.

Some types of these simulators are fitted with a mini-computer, a pulse meter, a fan, a stand for bottles and books, as well as Cardiosensor.

A lot of additional features provides the stepper. User reviews say about the convenience of the various built-in programs, as well as the important connectivity options sports equipment to the normal PC that allows you to save the results and parameters of training. But it is necessary to bear in mind that added comfort significantly affect the final cost of the device.

Varieties of steppers for movement type pedals

Home Gyms simulating climbing stairs, may be:

- classical;

- balancing;

- rotary.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

In the classic stepper motion similar to walking on stairs. With the help of this type of trainer cardio training is becoming one of the most effective. From the usual walk such sessions are less impact load, which is produced by the knee joints. Purpose balancing stepper same as the classic. However at such movements performed with the simulator centroid displacement of the exercising person from one side to another. Such training is charged in addition to press the calf muscles. They contribute to the development of a sense of balance and motor coordination.

The rotary stepper addition to the press and the leg is able to load more and back muscles. Movement on this simulator provide cornering body and resemble walking on skis. The pedals move diagonally consumption at it a little to the side. Often, these simulators are used by skiers for training.

Variations on the principle of action of

Manufacturers offer two options simulators that simulate walking on stairs. The construction of the first one has a tight relationship pedal stroke. In this case, the load on both feet at the same time changes. The second option stepper provided with an independent swing pedals. In such simulators load on each leg varies differentially. When choosing a model, it is recommended to pay special attention to the second stepper simulator. User reviews point out that while having significantly reduced stress on the joints of knees.

No load control system

Manufacturers to produce a variety of models of steppers. Some have made the installation of the system, which allows to adjust the load. The ability to modify the force for driving the pedals is not, as a rule, in the mini-steppers. This simulator is ideal for home use. Mini-stepper due to its miniature does not require much space. In addition, if necessary it can be easily folded into a small box. In this simulator design no handhold. There are only a pedal. Due to the simplicity of the mini-stepper device is not equipped with a system that allows to adjust the load. Among the additional features it provides only counter pedometer. Some models are equipped with an expander, which allows to develop in parallel arms.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

The main advantage of such a stepper lies in its compactness. The simulator can be easily removed under the bed or sofa. At a cost of also attract buyers of mini-stepper. Its price is relatively low. She is in the range from 2800 to 5000 rubles.

Devices with load control system

Purchase can be more functional and sports equipment. It will present an opportunity to load control. Buyers often prefer this stepper. User reviews suggest the convenience available to it additional opportunities fixing time employment and pitch rate, determining the length of the distance traveled and number of calories burned.

At a controlled load system stepper is equipped with remote control and handrails. This significantly increases the size of the device. With regard to the rail, they will no doubt make it possible not to lose your balance during exercise. However, it is not necessary steppers without handles discounted. Cases of injury during training on them is not yet fixed.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

more expensive steppers equipped with electronics. It can be a computer. In the expensive steppers it is possible to install several training programs, in accordance with which changes automatically load. In some models, manufacturers and provides one more additional feature. It lies in the possibility of self-installation of the individual program. Price steppers with adjustable load ranges from five to fifty thousand rubles.

Additional features

Stepper for home selected according to their own preferences and the thickness of the purse. However, a major role in the selection device should play that it contains both basic and advanced features.

What should be the best-stepper exercise machine? User reviews recommend buying a device with a built-expanders. This will maximize the load legs, back and arms. It is also advisable to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of sports equipment. This function will set the shell, even when the available floor irregularities.

Additional selection criteria

Before purchasing the simulator will need to determine the desired size and functionality. User reviews recommend buying simple mini-stepper in the event that his main task will be the overall strengthening of the body. Providing for the use of different techniques, you will need to purchase a device equipped with software control for enhanced muscle development. In that case, if the stepper will enjoy a variety of people, it is best to choose a model that allows you to adjust your stride length.


Buy treadmill stepper can be in a specialty store. They offer sports equipment and various vendors on the Internet.

The cost of sports equipment data depends on the model and can range from forty to two hundred thousand dollars. In addition to the simulator it is recommended to purchase weights. They will make training much more effective.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

In sports stores offer customers sports equipment from many different manufacturers. One of the most popular is the company "Torneo". Her trainers combine excellent design, high quality and affordable price. Devices manufactured using the latest technologies. This makes them durable and reliable. Stepper "Torneo" allows you to effectively train the glutes and leg muscles. Sports equipment quite realistically simulates walking on stairs, reliable to use and functional. Due CardioLink technology developed by specialists of the company, to engage in such a stepper comfortable and easy. In addition, this equipment is characterized by its compactness. Stepper can easily be placed in the cabinet.

Perhaps you are interested in the most cost-effective model. Then buy the following mechanical simulator. It's a simple design that lacks a mini-computer. More expensive steppers - electronic. They are designed with a mini-computer controlling workout. This device allows you to take into account the time, calories and steps, as well as load. With the stepper exercise, no doubt, will be the most fruitful.

Currently very popular among consumers enjoys cardio Kettler Montana. The main advantage of this stepper is its compactness. He easily folded. The assembled Kettler Montana is a complete cardio. Small computer this stepper, which is powered by conventional batteries, displays the six basic parameters. Particularly attracted consumers a heart rate function. When excessive load stepper itself warn its owner that it is time to rest. This model is designed with independent swing pedal, which is an advantage of the device. The maximum user weight is one hundred and ten kilograms. Cost stepper Kettler Montana is a little more than five hundred dollars.

Among the mini-shells is the most popular model HS-5023 HouseFit brand. This simulator is well suited for home workouts. Particularly happy buyers of its price, which is in the range of 1,800 to 3,500 rubles. Among low-cost classic steppers relevant this model as Stingray ST-7707.


Wishing someone health, we never think about the fact that hardly our wishes come true, if people do not own anything will do for this. Illness in modern society often arise due to immobility. Get rid of many problems will stepper, after walking up the stairs, which he imitates, at all times was considered beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, muscles and joints of the feet.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

Engage in this simulator is easy. You just need to put your feet on the pedal and start to walk, transferring weight from the limb to limb. To obtain the maximum enjoyment and benefit of simple tips should be followed:

- do not strain your hands lying on the railing;

- deeply and breathe evenly;

- adhere to the actual step size.

Before starting a workout is recommended to do the warm-up and a good warm up. Preparing the muscles will not stretch them and not hurt. Training can begin within an hour after ingestion, and not less than 2 hours before bedtime. End of classes should be smooth and take place during the transition from fast pace to slow. In this case, the body gradually come into its usual state.

The duration of the first training should not exceed 10-15 minutes for one day. Gradually, the duration of employment adjusted to 40 minutes. So you can practice three times a week.

The load is gradually added only after a considerably strengthened and become muscle endurance. If the stepper is equipped with the pulse measurement and counting of calories burned, you can properly plan their studies.

Stepper: reviews. Stepper for home: price, photos

Human muscles are able to quickly get used to the monotonous load. That is why they are recommended often "surprise", introducing diversity into the sequence and intensity of the exercises. Even the training will be more interesting, if you come to implement them creatively (decrease and increase the tempo, range of motion and duration). In this case, the stepper for the muscles of the buttocks and is a very effective device. He will remove unnecessary weight, adjust the figure, as well as improve health.