Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

Ecological forms of transport are becoming more popular. Convenient and comfortable means of transportation is considered a bicycle Stern. Reviews of this transport are proof of excellent quality. It is chosen for cities and towns. More information about the brand and the choice of the goods described in the article.


Mark Stern is developing in the Russian market in the sale of fine quality bicycles. The manufacturer uses a complete set of Chinese production and completion techniques and preparation for implementation takes place in Russia. This assembly method reduces the cost of transport, without loss of quality. Bicycles "Stern" are sold in stores "Sportmaster".

Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

For whom these bikes?

At least in the range have a very expensive piece of equipment, they are not suitable for professional sports. This is due to the fact that bikes are not designed for extreme rides. This transport will be the best choice for companies that provide sports equipment for rent.

If you follow the rules of careful driving and care, the vehicles will be used for years. If necessary, long and hard to ride, it is desirable to select the product of another brand, another thing not last for a long period.

Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

Reasonable price associated with cheap method of manufacture, transport and assembly. In addition, low-cost components are used. Though excluded them too long the work of transport, still repair in case of breakage is low. For example, the carriage for a mountain bike will cost no more than 500 rubles, and for the professional bicycle replacement will cost more than a thousand rubles.

Stern bikes are the best choice outdoor enthusiasts. Demand for the firm associated with a sound marketing company, an affordable cost.


As can be seen from the consumer reviews, bicycles Stern practical and durable. Their main feature is considered to be universal, but the technique is not intended for professional cycling. Products of this brand have the following advantages:

  1. Original geometry. Improved maneuverability on different routes, driving features.
  2. The use of aluminum alloys, steel safe.
  3. Carbon parts easier to frame, enhance the desired elements.
  4. Hydraulic plug principle facilitates driving in extreme conditions.
  5. The complete simulation, installation disc or hydraulic brakes.

According to the reviews, Stern bicycles are ideal for beginners, those who wish to develop in this area in the future. All transportation options are made from inexpensive materials. Repair of equipment will not cost, because the cost of components available.

The range of

Stern The company offers its customers a variety of products. these bikes are presented in the assortment of the company:

  1. Mountain - Dynamic, Motion, Mira, Vega, Electra, Energy and Force.
  2. For the urban environment - City and Cruise.
  3. Children's bicycles Stern - LeeLoo, Attack, Fantasy and Rocket.
Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

Every mode of transport has its own purpose. Mountain biking Stern Dynamic copes with its functions, most importantly, carefully handle it as well as the timely implementation of maintenance and repair. As the reviews, the bikes are comfortable and practical.

Female bike

Demand model is considered to be a female bike Stern Mira. He robust aluminum frame, spring-elastomeric plug, which is essential for smooth running and quality depreciation. Rim brakes ensure fast and safe braking, and using the speed selector will adjust the bike at any pace ride.

Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

Transport wheel has a convenient and comfortable gear shifting system. Through this management problems should not be. The only drawback is considered to be impossible to change the height of the steering wheel. The disadvantages include single rims and an incomplete complete set: for fashionable bicycle is required to purchase additional parts.


According to reviews, Stern bikes have a number of differences in comparison with other companies products:

  1. Hydroforming - creating configuration using ductile metal (used for unusual design frames).
  2. to apply qualitative baksialnye seat stay tube space.
  3. Frame thickness varies in areas of great stress.
  4. Applies variable cross-section profile of the bicycle frame.
  5. The unusual design and colors.

Bicycles "Stern" in demand from buyers due to the practicality, reliability and convenience. For each person there is a suitable mode of transport depending on the destination. According to reviews it is clear that the products of this brand are popular among buyers. They prefer to choose people of different ages.

Where to buy?

Bicycles for adults and children can be purchased in the following ways:

  1. A sports shops. It is the most convenient method. Sales talk about the product, show the possibility of transport.
  2. With the help of an online store. This method allows you to choose the right model, without leaving home. Through the Site Actions convenient payment and delivery. But with this method there are nuances. Often couriers not quite conscientious attitude to work, so it is necessary to check the quality of the reception of the goods.
Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

As can be seen from the reviews, many people prefer to buy goods in specialized sports stores. This allows you to purchase a high quality item, eliminating defects. Also in the store you can try the convenience and practicality of things.

The choice of bike

When choosing a bike for adults and children, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of purchase, taking into account age, gender and the amount that can be spent. For extreme driving requires a mountain bike Stern, who must have the following characteristics:

  • The hydraulic shock absorber on the front fork.
  • Rear suspension.
  • The number of speed gears - 21-27.
  • the wheel width - from 2 to 2 and 5 inches.
  • Frame of a reliable and lightweight material.

There are trucks for transportation on roads with a high quality finish. This sport bike. In this model, the number of transmission must be within 15-30. For such trips do not need shock absorbers. It is important the presence of narrow-tire tread pattern with unexpressed.

required transport with the following characteristics for urban travel:

  • One speed transmission.
  • The presence of wings above the wheels.
  • protection against the penetration of clothes in the chain.
  • The presence of the trunk, reflective signals, headlights, brakes.
  • Frame Selection - male or female.

For example, Stern female bike is based on the physiological characteristics of the body. Therefore, the fair sex would be comfortable to ride on them.

For children and adolescents

Teenage and children's bicycle Stern must meet the following specifications:

  1. For preschoolers safer to choose three-wheeled model.
  2. In the transport sector, it is desirable to fix the handle to control the bike parents.
  3. Teens suitable and adult model, but should take into account the height of the frame on the basis of growth.
  4. The wheels should be 12-24 inches.
Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

For children and adolescents is particularly important safety. Therefore it is necessary to acquire not only the transport, but also a special helmet.


Among such products are:

  1. Atom - a Russian company that manufactures bicycles for different styles of sport and recreation. The manufacturer is working with Taiwan and China.
  2. Forward. At the beginning of development, the company has supplied foreign transport assembly. Later they began to produce the goods in Perm. Most of the goods are intended for beginners. Bicycles can be used for walking in the park.
  3. Nordway - Russian manufacturer. The company manufactures products for different purposes, but they have a high enough price.
  4. Stark. Products created through co-creation of Russian and German manufacturers. The range has a baby, hardtail, pleasure vehicles. The priority direction is the production bike for extreme riding.
  5. Stels - Russian firm. In the assortment you can find the children, walking modes of transport, hardtail.

Every mode of transport has its own characteristics. Feedback from customers shows that among many other brands prefer the "Stern". Products of the company strong and original. What is the price of bicycles Stern? The cost can vary depending on the model. Prices start at 7,900 rubles and up to 17900. The cost can vary between stores.

Features of repair and maintenance of

Vehicles of this company reliable. If you buy equipment from officials, we can be assured of excellent quality goods. The frame products the company provides a guarantee of 10 years and 2 years for additional equipment. The seller said 5-year service life of the bike.

If found substandard work elements, it is possible to replace the product. During repairs, installed the original components and spare parts. Are not subject to warranty parts quickly wear during operation:

  • grips;
  • tires;
  • brake pads;
  • bearings.
Bicycles Stern: reviews, review, specifications

Over time, the bicycle parts wear out, so it may require repair. It is possible to service a product that does not appear drawbacks. Timely access to the master will prevent damage to vehicles.

When you do not perform warranty repairs?

Warranty repair is not performed in violation of operating conditions. This is observed in the following cases:

  • improper assembly;
  • long period of operation of units and parts;
  • mechanical damage due to accidents;
  • use in the wrong mode;
  • untimely maintenance;
  • The use of unsuitable accessories;
  • stunts and extreme driving.

The owner should be careful about the technique, the time to perform the replacement of worn parts. Important individual adjustment mechanisms. Transport is a reliable friend for a long time. Thanks to high-quality assembly, a rich assortment, each customer can find the right equipment for yourself.