Ghost bikes: review of models

German bicycle brand Ghost has a twenty-year history and manufactures technologically advanced, high-end bikes. In addition to excellent design and use of the most modern technologies, bikes are made in the best traditions of the country of manufacture, that is high quality.

Lineup Ghost company products includes trekking, road bikes, mountain bikes, as well as children's and adult urban model.

We present you a small overview of the most popular bike "Host".

Excellent model mountain bike

Ghost Kato 4 bike with reliable disc brakes, suspension fork and Shimano drivetrain from the company. Bike assembled on a strong and lightweight aluminum frame. Suspension fork is equipped with an air spring and the effective off-road, it reduces the load on the arms and increased controllability. Durable wide rubber wheels allows you to safely drive on the dirt road and not be afraid in a sharp turn to "lose" the bike. And thanks to the dosing braking force hydraulic disc brakes provide complete control over mountain bike Ghost on steep slopes. With a wide range of programs you can easily adjust your riding to any terrain and can load with a comfortable ride. Wheel diameter 27, 5 inches and shorter feathers made this model very agile and nimble.

Ghost bikes: review of models


  • disc brakes allow to ride in any weather;
  • on the rise or on a flat road, you can lock the plug right on the steering wheel in order to reduce the buildup of a bicycle;
  • the best of the known type suspension (air plug);
  • easy, reliable and efficient aluminum frame;
  • optimal ratio of comfort, durability and rolling wheels;
  • the best to date hydraulic brakes.

Children's bicycle Ghost Powerkiddy 12

Great gift little rider is equipped with a robust frame, effective foot brake and an attractive design. A wide selection of different bright colors will appeal to any child. Frame of solid aluminum. The wheels reduce vibration and protect small children from injury when driving on hillocks and pits due to wide rubber. With additional training wheels almost kid yourself mastered a two-wheeled bicycle. Turning pedals backward to brake, that instinctively understandable. To exclude the clothes falling into the chain mechanism is fully closed. Tales of this series reliable and comfortable, and the model with fixed fork provides a comfortable smooth rolling as rubber wide. All models Ghost Powerkid safe and easy. optimized frame design with a lifetime warranty.

Ghost bikes: review of models

Ghost Lanao 4 Lady

Beautiful female model with Shimano transmission and disc brakes. A good choice for lovers of active leisure. The geometry of the frame is welded from light and robust aluminum tubes. On poor road work perfectly suspension fork, reducing the load arms and improving manageability. Strong and stable wheels with aggressive tire designed for a comfortable ride on the road. And on the steep slope hydraulic brakes give full control of the bike. Transmission with a wide range of programs designed for extreme and effective work. Female Ghost bicycle frames with improved design for your safety in difficult situations. A 27, 5-inch wheels give confidence on the road and a good reel.

Ghost bikes: review of models

Key features:

  • the ability to customize the air fork stiffness by any rider weight and riding conditions;
  • powerful hydraulic brakes;
  • durable and durable sleeve on prompodshipnikah;
  • the gold standard for Nakatu and wheel strength.

Niner Ghost AMR 6

This mountain bike with dual suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano drivetrain popular. A good choice for fans of downhill and cross-country adventure. Lightweight and robust aluminum frame provided the comfortable sports geometry. Rear shock and fork very well show themselves on the roads, and will overcome challenging areas effectively and quickly. Wide tires on larger wheels will keep the bike safe on wet and loose sections of road, making it easy to cope with small obstacles. Full control over Niner on steep slopes is provided by a hydraulic braking system. Transmission works equally well in the extreme, and in calm conditions. She is not afraid of random shocks, water and dirt.

Ghost bikes: review of models

Bicycle Ghost AMR Series are undoubtedly the favorites with many years of experience in the line of professional mountain models.


  • polnopodvesnaya model;
  • seatpost pneumatic pin;
  • full range of settings for all driving conditions and weight;
  • cassette slots;
  • disc hydraulics with precise modulation of the braking force and braking power.

Begovel Ghost Powerkiddy 12

This model of the famous German brand has a wide wheels, a comfortable seat and comfortable steering wheel. Perfect for a child who wants to learn riding a bicycle. Lack of training wheels and pedals can quickly learn how to maintain balance and not be afraid to ride a bike on the full. Easy control due begovelom lightweight frame. Height-adjustable seat and wide protective bumpers on the comfortable steering wheel will save the child from injury. Irregularities are absorbed when riding wheels with wide tires and make the trip more enjoyable.

Ghost bikes: review of models

Touristic bicycle Ghost Tacana 5

Durable and lightweight model with a high-quality transmission from Shimano and suspension fork. Low weight due to the use bicycle frame at the manufacture of aluminum. Minor irregularities effectively damped air suspension fork. Wheel diameter of 29 inches wide and durable rubber rims easily vynesut high load and will provide excellent adhesion to any surface. Modulation of the braking force to the hydraulic brakes allow precise control of the bicycle. A wide range of transmission gears suitable for all roads and works well in extreme conditions. Model Ghost Tacana comfortably will rush you out of the home office, and at the weekend with a breeze and a pleasure to ride along the forest paths.

Ghost bikes: review of models

Need a reliable and easy bike?

Line Ghost SE - is a versatile mountain bikes for the entry level. German assembly, well-chosen details and attention to all components - that's the positive side of this series.

With a road bike Ghost you have a great ride in the city and not spasuete on cross-country. Manoeuvrable and comfortable, playful and easy on the rough road, a bicycle Ghost SE 1200 is equipped with rim brakes and entry-level equipment for ease of use in the city. Frame with basic fixtures for attachments allows easily install it on the jar, the pump and the trunk, which will be needed in the march cyclist weekend.