Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews

Modern man prefers to move on their own comfortable car. However, an increasing number of people are choosing a healthy lifestyle and acquire bicycles. This decision was due to several factors. Some argue for the ecological situation in the country, while others - are willing to keep fit, attracts third cheapness of transport, there is no need to pay for petrol or public transport.

To purchase met the expectations, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of bike. Stels Pilot 750 is perfect in many ways to those who buy a bike for commuting to work, school or a relaxing stroll through the park.

Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews

Special Feature

The main feature of this model is its ability to be folded compactly. For this purpose a frame which consists of two parts. Stels Pilot 750 Cyclists choose small towns where there is no infrastructure and does not provide for bike paths, parking. In many cases, the bike is simply nowhere to leave. Folding in this case facilitates its storage. Bike fits easily under a desk, in public transport with him no problem, and the bike can be put into a wardrobe for storage.

Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews


Stels Pilot 750 has the characteristics of the simplest. The model is quite budget and refers to conventional folding bicycles. The bike belongs to a class of urban options. Its purpose - driving on flat paths and paved paths. Jump over curbs and crossing difficult parts is not recommended to avoid breakdowns. Riding a bike is a pleasant, if a ride in the conditions of city streets. As set damping rigid fork having no spring assembly. Therefore, quenching and detain strong vibrations bicycle can not.

To reduce the cost of the bicycle, its frame is made from steel. Material considerably heavier than aluminum, but at a cost somewhat lower. However, steel has other disadvantages. The main of them is the susceptibility to corrosion. Therefore, bicycle Stels Pilot 750 should be stored in the home or a warm garage. Do not leave it in the winter on the balcony Open.

The steel frame is covered with a protective paint. But it should be handled carefully. If the damage frame quickly covered with rust.

Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews

The weight of the bike

If we consider Stels Pilot 750, the weight may have a decisive importance for the purchase. Despite belonging to the urban class, it weighs 17, 5 kg, which is comparable with the mining models. However, overcoming the routes crossed it difficult. Therefore, despite its compact size when folded, carrying will not be easy.

It is also worth considering that the frame size is 16 inches. This figure is more suitable for teens or adults with a slight increase. But judging by the reviews, if you raise the seat, then Stels Pilot 750 is well-suited to people with a different complexion. Adjustment is quite simple and does not cause censures.

The brake system and the possibility of the wheels

Folding bike Stels Pilot 750 differ from their counterparts in size wheels. this class of models usually are settling dvadtsatidyuymovymi tires, in this case set dvadtsatichetyrehdyuymovye. This solution gives engineers a lot of advantages of the bike:

  • high maneuverability:
  • a good reel, which is important in terms of paved roads;
  • greater stability.

Brake system - double. On the rear wheel and the front mounted rim brakes. But it is enough for the city model. However Stels Pilot 750 - speed bike. Provided behind the cassette with six stars, in front - one is located. To switch the speed is set toggle switch, in contrast to the more expensive options where to put the planetary hub.

Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews


Experienced cyclists do not often take the bike, its main customers are people far removed from the cycling. It notes the presence of one major stars and, accordingly, - all six speeds. But they are quite enough for city driving and easier ascent up the mountain. It is believed that sixth gear is not as powerful. But problems arise when you come with a large load.

It is important that the speed selector reliable and works instantly. For the safety of installed rim brakes, which are sufficiently reliable and reviews to help in emergency situations, which often lie in wait in the city streets. Stels Pilot 750 has several conflicting reviews. This is especially true of the frame. In this case, the set of open type frame that is both a plus and a minus simultaneously. There is no need to lift up the leg badly, to go on a bike or get out of it. Therefore, the model choose to girls and women. But such a structure increases the weight of the bike, so carrying it difficult. However, all the folding bikes make the open frame. This is particularly the design.

The bike looks very compact when folded. Therefore, many have noted that it can be transported in an ordinary elevator. But it does not provide fix the bike, so you should keep the bike by hand. To fold the bike, no special tools are required. For this purpose a built-in handle.

Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews

Disadvantages model

Stels Pilot 750 - a good bike for the urban environment, at an attractive price. It is suitable for adolescents and adults. Due to the design of the frame model is often chosen girl. However, the bike is not without drawbacks that you should know before you make a purchase.

  • Lack of goals in joints. As a result, the nut is bumped and eventually fall out. It is recommended to self-install the missing washers.
  • Plastic pedal. In the reviews often indicate that, after the first hundred kilometers they burst. Therefore, experienced cyclists immediately replaces them with metal.
  • Chinese components. Bicycling is positioned as a domestic. However, Russia produced only the frame and assembly.
  • steel frame. Bicycle resulting in a heavy crackdown and weak.
  • The absence of depreciation. All the bumps and obstacles very strongly felt.
Stels Pilot 750 bike: description, specifications, reviews

The final moments of

In general, Stels Pilot 750 - good budget model for urban trips. Its shape allows the possibility to ride a bike to work or school. The presence of the open frame appreciated girl.

Despite the low price, the bike is equipped with multiple speeds. This makes it possible to easily overcome the ups and makes the ride more comfortable.

Of course, the bike a few heavy, but the fault of the use of a steel frame. Also experienced cyclists are advised to immediately replace unfit pedal to the metal. It should take care of the medicine cabinet. The model does not provide for its existence, but the road can happen different.