"Mongoose" Bicycles: review of models, reviews

Today the bike, being environmentally-driven vehicle, is becoming popular in our country. If in Europe it go, people of all ages, we have to buy it still only young. Although in recent years on bikes and boarded by representatives of middle-aged category. Some people care about their own health, while others save money spent on car maintenance, third like an active lifestyle. That's why many people are interested in this article, which refers to the advantages and disadvantages of products manufactured by one of the most prominent companies in the industry - brand Mongoose. After all, today the bikes "Mongoose" enjoys strong demand in the first place for experienced riders.

Overview: of the history

Mongoose founded in 1974 Californian Skip Hess, who until the beginning of its business activity was an ordinary engineer. Somehow, watching the children living nearby and perform various spectacular tricks on bikes, he thought that for such a means of transport wheels are not quite adapted. As a result, it has become more and more often to catch myself thinking that it would be nice to come up with an alternative. Skip started to create special wheels. They had to meet the requirements of cyclists during their stunts in the streets.

That's what came to light the famous wheel Motomag. Soon it was recognized not only in California but across the United States. Skip Hess - the first who invented and designed a lightweight magnesium wheels, which are now so widely used in the rating biking. Skip gradually seeking to promote their invention to the company, where he works as an engineer. Subsequently, there begins the production of cast wheels for bicycles. Skip and his colleagues are very popular. And they came up with the idea of ​​producing high-grade bicycles. "Mongoose" (Mongoose), namely, it was decided to name the first series, was published in 1980. He immediately gained recognition.

The first model was the bike "Mongoose Expert". After a few years the company expanded and Skip's beyond the scope originally conceived specialization. She begins to produce popular and very comfortable mountain biking. "Mongoose" - are the products that amaze and surprise everyone who is interested in this eco-friendly means of transportation. And although the brand is American, now the main production is established in the Republic of China.


Bicycles "Mongoose" have both advantages and negative aspects of which consumers should be aware of before purchasing. The undoubted advantage of this brand are the reliability of the design of the frame is strong enough. Only high-quality components and attachments are used in production. Frame, which are famous for bike "Mongoose", it is difficult to deform. It is also easy to scratch the paint. Popularity Mongoose company's products is primarily due to its extensive experience, especially in the creation of models designed for extreme driving. In addition, bicycles "Mongoose" are of high quality and relatively democratic price.

The disadvantages of

It must be said that the Mongoose products very little weaknesses, though they are. First users report too heavy weight of the frame on some models, as well as too high the cost.


The average cost for which the bicycles are sold "Mongoose", ranges from two hundred to five hundred dollars. Pricing policy varies depending on the model, its field of application, components and design features. There is also a road bike, for example, SELOUS SPORT, which can be bought for sixty thousand rubles, and cheap - TITLE EXP worth eighteen thousand. In any case, now Mongoose quality mechanical transport can become a reality even with minimum investment.

Model overview

In its demand in the market today, the widest demand is a bicycle "Mongoose Montana." He was put into production in 2015. In this model the non-standard wheel diameter - 27, 5 inches, reliable and high-quality aluminum frame attachments. Another bike, enjoying great consumer demand, became Mongoose Tyax Sport. He became a real discovery for those interested in mountain bikes type. Those who are not interested in speed records on the asphalt, suitable model Mongoose Salvo Comp 29. It is by modern standards, very beautiful and practical. The manufacturer of this bike is designed not only for racing but for light travel.

Expensive model Mongoose Pro for bikers professional level during operation fully justifies its high price. This bike dvadtsatisemiskorostnuyu contains an advanced powertrain that meets the needs of experienced velolyubiteley. In the production of its frame used high strength aluminum alloy.

For a more complete representation of the line models Mongoose Pro discuss in more detail the most popular models.

Bicycle "Mongoose Tyax Sport"

This is a real amateur model mountain type, designed and released into production in 2016. Immediately gained popularity, she has not lost her among cycling enthusiasts. Model equipped with high frame which is made of aluminum alloy. Her suspension fork, as they say producers, effectively softens the blow of the front wheel at the time of collision with bumps in the road surface. The course of this component - ten centimeters. This is sufficient for traveling long distances. Bicycle type "Mongoose Tyax Sport" - an amateur. It has disc brakes, dual aluminum rims, comfortable rubber handles and steering wheel. Number of speeds in this model - eighteen.

MONTANA LE: general information

This bike has won the leading position in the ranking of popularity. This is evidenced by the sales figures in 2017. It was designed and put into production in 2015. A model custom wheel diameter: 27, 5 inches. Its aluminum frame differs from analogues peculiar durability and reliability, it is durable and resistant to deformation. Separately, it is worth noting sufficient ease of construction.

The height of the steering wheel and the seat are adjustable. Veloobody aluminum double, brakes - disc. Number of rates in this model - Twenty-one. Due to the transmission presented in this mode, the wheel can be operated in urban environments and on rough terrain. Due to the disc brakes of the model to ensure timely, reliable braking.

Bicycle MONGOOSE Pro

The quality of this model is fully justifies its high cost. Transmission of the bicycle speed is represented by 27, that is able to satisfy the needs of any category of consumers, regardless of in what area they exploit the two-wheeled transport. The frame is made from specialized aluminum alloy, all welding points made efficiently and securely. Unlike most bikes lineup "Mongoose" this bike is made in the USA. He has nine stars in the cassette, hydraulic disc brakes, double anodized rims. The latter provide the opportunity to use on road irregularities without fear of violation of the integrity of the wheels. Efficacy damping provided by the pneumatic components. Optimality braking performance is achieved by the disk components.

Bicycles "Mongoose": reviews

Most models of the company, relying on the comments left by users who have sufficiently strong design. Bicycles brand "Mongoose" highly resistant to deformations and scratches, and it is - not just words, but facts. Reviews of many consumers say that the model of Mongoose on its cost will suit many.

Among the advantages, there are also smoothness and ability to travel long distances, as well as excellent speed options. The only thing users recommend to look for when choosing a product of the company - a bicycle handle. Judging by the reviews, on some models, they can slide or have a foul odor. Bicycle seat "Mongoose" do not cause any complaints: they are fairly comfortable. There is dissatisfaction and greater weight of the frame on some models.

Nevertheless, we can draw the following conclusion: bicycles company MONGOOSE deserve attention from both amateurs and professionals.