Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews

Cycling have become part of many people's lives. Some even changed the car on a two-wheeled transport, others prefer to hold off is active. Regardless of the reasons for buying the bike selection should be literate and informed. If you need a bike that is able to withstand heavy loads, it will not break when driving on the road and at the same time is not exorbitant price, you should pay attention to the model Stels Navigator 810. Its characteristics are suitable for novice riders and professional racers arrange provided initial training.

Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews

The company "Stealth"

Brand "Stealth" is owned by the Russian company, which specializes in the production of sports equipment. "Stealth" Bicycles are different low cost and the availability of a wide range of consumers.

However, in spite of the production facilities, located in Moscow, many components are purchased in China. Used suspension is not of the highest quality so that experienced riders production of "stealth" does not satisfy. But novice cyclists, lovers of drive in their free time through the winding trails and adolescents Stels Navigator 810 is fine. He is reliable, safe, has a memorable design and at the same time affordable.

bike Type

The model in question is positioned as a mountain. All these bikes are divided into two types:

  1. Dvuhpodvesnye. They are distinguished by the presence of depreciation on both wheels. In this case the bike is able to jump over different obstacles and rider hardly feels the vibration.
  2. Hardtail. In this case, the depreciation is only installed on the front wheel. The rear part is obtained by the presence of reinforced elastomeric plug.

Bike Stels Navigator 810 refers to a hardtail. He has a strong back, which helps to withstand the loads in difficult terrain.

Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews

The base bike

The core of any bicycle is the frame. The type of material and shape depends on the reliability of transport and user-friendliness. "Stealth" Bicycles produce both a steel and aluminum frame. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, aluminum is quite light, but has a good margin of safety. However, he is not subject to corrosion. Of the minuses can be noted a lack of density and a higher price.

Steel is not deformed, it has a large margin of safety. But the material is heavy, which makes the final product a weighty. In addition, the steel due to improper operation can be coated with rust spots.

Stels Navigator 810 is equipped with a frame made of aluminum alloy. Bicycle beyond light and durable. The geometry is designed as a classical triangle. This approach is considered the most reliable. The design can withstand large loads through the optimal redistribution of weight.

Model manufactured with different size frames. You can choose a bike from 16 to 21 inches. Anyone will be able to choose the bike with regard to its growth.

Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews


Mountain Bike Stels Navigator 810 is equipped with a spring-elastomeric plug, which is mounted on the front wheel. In fact, its purpose - to absorb and damp the shock of jumping over bumps and curbs. However, the attachments are not used very high quality, so the plug is operating at only a small obstacle. However, this feature applies to all budget bike brands.

For greater security, a bicycle is equipped with a rim brake system. Aluminum rim, withstand high loads. In extreme situations, we are able to gain the rider and the bike stopped abruptly even in the wet.

Wheel size corresponds to the classical mountain transport and is 26 inches. This size increases patency on a dirt road, and allows the bicycle to be stable on mountain slopes.

Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews

Additional features

Stels Navigator 810 Disc - safe and stylish bike. Despite the amateur class, it has a 21 speed. Ryder easier to overcome steep slopes and ride the roads with difficult terrain.

To ride was more comfortable, the wheels are equipped with tires with a rough pattern. To protect against dirt provided the wings are made of high quality plastic. Bike suitable for riding on the road, passing the highlands and active all the family. It weighs only 14, 9 kg, which makes it possible to freely go with the bike in the elevator.

Stels Navigator 810: features and reviews


Despite the budget price, Stels Navigator 810 has a pretty good reviews. Of course, professional racers bike does not meet its technical parameters. However, beginners and amateurs are quite happy with the qualitative characteristics.

The feedback is often referred to a sturdy frame. Saddle comfortable and easily adjustable for height. A velocity helps to overcome steep climbs. Depreciation is not of the highest quality, but when jumping from curb significantly dampens shocks.

The bike is bright and stylish. It allocates aggressive design. Many parents prefer to buy Stels Navigator 810 to your children-teenagers. The bike is perfect to hone skills in the management of two-wheeled transport and able to withstand the stresses to which the like to expose the bicycle boys.


Many people are not ready to lay out big money for the bike. Therefore, if you need a high-quality and safe bike, it is recommended to look at the model of the "Stealth". Bicycles are varied, good technical features and looks decent. Many shopping centers are purchasing domestic products, so the difficulties in the acquisition does not occur.