Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,

To date, the public transport to travel not only uncomfortable and tiring, but also quite dangerous. That there is a great probability to catch some terrible virus. Irrelevant for today has also become a driving private cars, because it is quite expensive and unprofitable, and traffic jams.

Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,

Therefore, the huge popularity began to use modern bikes. Two-wheeled friend is able to easily deliver you to any point in your city for some minutes, which is certainly very convenient. Agree, spend your time on endless traffic jams no one desires. In this article we will look now popular bikes Audi.


The history of this popular brand now has more than 100 years. The founder of this brand is August Horch, a talented German engineer. In 1909 there was the Audi brand. Every year, began produced various company cars. At the current moment the firm is once again on the rise and is engaged in the production of cars and bicycles. The latter has already found fans among the countless number of these avid cyclists.


Bicycle equipped carboxylic lightest frame. Its weight is 3, 53 pound maximum.


A charge includes: the carriage, the sleeve, the system (in front of a star with rods). In addition, there are provided front and rear switches, the switches on the steering wheel (the bracket), brakes.

Alloy wheels

Audi bikes are equipped with good alloy wheels. They prevent the ingress of dirt on the wheels.

Now consider the lineup.

Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,



Bicycles from "Audi" is ideally suited for off-road driving. You are likely aware that the main highlight of the brand is just the same high speed. These models are equipped with good shock absorption, allowing not to feel unpleasant vibrations, find themselves in holes and other irregularities typical of off-road.


Road bikes Audi - it is one of the most sought after and popular models. They obey the well paved city roads as well as off-road. However, too long a journey on the road can cause damage, which is very expensive.

Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,


This universal model Audi bikes, which are ideal for a long drive through the city. More speed and a comfortable seat allows access from the comfort of anywhere in the city for some minutes, and it can not but rejoice.


"Audi" is a very popular manufacturer. His last work was the popular sport bike e-bike, who managed to win the hearts of many lovers of high speeds.

It is great to participate in various sports competitions. A promising start and high speed of this machine is considered to be the key to winning any match.

Consider some popular models.

Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,

Duo City

Bicycle Duo City is a model for the city. It is incredibly easy to move the man over short distances. At the same time it can be done with a very high comfort. The model has: strong and wide 32-mm wheels, LED headlights, eight-gear and wings. Price: 384 205 p.

Duo Road

Model Duo Road - it is also a city bike. It buyers will find: no wings, narrower tires minimum excess overhang, urban set of stars twenty gears. Price: 438 924 p.

Duo Sport

This sport bike for fitness enthusiasts who are ready to overcome the long-distance range. He is the all-weather model for the suburb, ideal for people who are looking for both safety and comfort. Components: minimum wings that are resistant to puncture the average width of the tire 28 millimeters and weighed Shimano Alfine, having 11 gears train. Price Bike Audi: 432,450 p.

Audi R8

A feature of the foldable bicycle is the presence Audi rear suspension and collapsible frame. Bicycle can be folded in half in a matter of seconds and put into the trunk of a car or in some other place for storage or transportation. It should be understood that it is in any case, a lot more than the standard city bikes with small wheels.

In the conventional sedan trunk can be set than a simple bike obviously can not boast. In this case, the rear suspension is intended for addition during driving of softness but not to perform tricks and jumps. Somersaults and foldable frame - these things are not quite compatible. Due to the shock absorber under the seat, reached extra cushioning.

Sport model E-bike Audi Worthersee

This model is made entirely of carbon fiber. Bike has a built-in computer. Bike provided 26-inch sport discs produced from carbon fibers, whose weight - 600 grams total, and the ultra-light frame carboxylic Weighing 1, 6 kilograms. It weighs 21 kilograms excluding the battery.

bicycle motor is characterized by a capacity of 3 horsepower, and it is quite powerful. This bike can be recharged using the power of 2, 5 hours at the same voltage - 230 volts. This bike can easily reach a speed of 80 km / h.

In addition, the sports car is equipped with the best nine-transmission, a computer with a user-friendly touch screen, disk brakes, hydraulic and electric seat adjustment. It's generally a fairly powerful machine worthy of your attention.

Where to buy?

It will be correct to buy a bike over the internet. Here you have a wide choice of models of this brand, and described a lot more useful information about the products to which you want to see before you make the order.

Audi Bikes: overview, characteristics, advantages,

Surely you know that it is accepted to do a big mark-up on goods that manufacturers and buyers all unprofitable stores in high-end sports. It is best if possible is such a great buy with the help of the Internet, only courier delivery, to test the bike in place and ensure that it is working and able.

When buying, be careful, because it is not a cheap buy, but the quality obtained in return, as well as a unique feeling when walking on this bike is worth it.