Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

If the exterior is characterized by certain features, you need to know how to adjust them. Thus, in the correct approach to the selection of hairstyles need ladies who have a round face.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

How to determine your face shape

It does not take much time. Calculate what form you have the person in two ways. The first and perhaps the easiest option - to stand before a mirror, and then cut around the contour of the reflection. The resulting contours are analyzed for similarity to one or another figure. Chubby ladies will notice in the draw the outline of something that looks like a circle. Of course, the line should be clear, but some similarities will occur.

The second method of determining the shape of the face - a measurement of its proportions with the help of an ordinary ruler. The central point of the nose can be considered. About him being measured at first vertically - from the forehead to the chin, and then horizontally - from the left to the right cheek. The same or close to each other results indicate that you have a round face shape.

To strive chubby ladies?

The main feature of a similar appearance - rather broad forehead and cheekbones. They create the impression of volume in facial features. Therefore, when choosing hairstyles for women with a twist in appearance is necessary to focus on vertical elongated lines. This will help to visually narrow face and contours make it more clear.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

Main restrictions for women with round face

Sometimes skillfully made haircut can spoil the appearance. The reason lies not only in properly chosen hairstyle, and in inability to wear it. To hedge against such errors, it is best to remember a few rules.

  • A round face does not accept the lush curls and small curls. The already wide cheekbones appear on the background of such hairstyles even more voluminous. If you have curly nature of the hair, it is best to use styling tools to tame them. And remember: perm for chubby ladies are strictly prohibited.
  • hair combed back and is not necessary. This technique makes the emphasis on face shape rather than its individual terms. Therefore laid back hair only help emphasize the rounded contour.
  • Needless shorter haircut will create the effect of additional volume. The result will be roughly the same as in the case of curls combed back.

Multiple choice of hairstyle secrets

Make a round face more expressive as possible, without the help of a plastic surgeon. You do not even need to be able to do professional makeup. Suffice it to know some of the nuances of the selection of hairstyles for chubby ladies and appropriate to use them.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is layered haircut. Unevenly trimmed locks detract from the full symmetry of the circular face. In this multi-layer enables to maintain softness and smooth contours, creating a natural and unobtrusive way.

Despite the fact that the full-faced beauties contraindicated curls, has not been canceled light perm. On the contrary, the strand is a bit screwed to the curl to form one neat waves. This hairstyle not only looks elegant, but also emphasizes the benefit face round. Photos of many stars of the world of show business prove that light waves look simply amazing.

The main reception, which should be guided by the owners of rounded shape person - this asymmetry. It is designed to divert attention away from excessive uniformity and the devil proportionality. Embody this technique in life can be the most commonplace methods. For example, it is enough to arrange a conventional parting not in the central part of the head, and the side. This is somewhat dilute the overall composition, making it not the same volume.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

Possible short cuts

Stylists fundamentally disagree with the opinion that the full-faced women contraindicated hairstyle "under the boy". Yes, the volume features are not too well with the ultra-strict hairstyle, but with multi-layer images - just wonderful. For example, a haircut "Pixie" makes it more sophisticated and feminine round face. Short and to the back of the volume at the crown of hair can be combined with asymmetrical bangs. It is desirable that all the hair has been well profiled - it will give a freshness and lightness to hair.

For those who are not ready to say goodbye to the way of a true lady, suitable haircut in the French style. Typically, it is performed without a bang, but this detail did not spoil the image. The essence of the haircut that thanks to multiple layers at the back and in the parietal area is formed by the volume. The front elongated strands are made. The result is hair with pronounced vertical contours. Short cut to the circular shape of the face may also be presented with various embodiments of "bean". In the classic version, this hairstyle is characterized by a shortened occipital region. The remaining volume of hair shorn from the extension to the person strands reach about chin level.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

Haircuts on hair of medium length

Not every woman will be decided on a short hairstyle. But also to care for long hair is not always enough time. That is why the constant favorites in the race for beauty are of medium length hairstyles. It retains femininity and elegance in the exterior of the ladies, but not require intensive care. If you have a round face, the haircut medium length will be just the perfect choice. It will help to hide a wide area of ​​the cheeks, as well as visually increase the distance between the forehead and chin. In addition, the hair of medium length - a universal hairstyle. When properly done installing, you can change beyond recognition, any casual hairstyle. For example, if slightly twist the strands of big curls, then we obtain the tender and romantic waves, and she hairstyle will find a completely different form. The most optimum variant hairstyles for medium hair for chubby girls - it's a penalty. Classic hairstyle for this lady have to be carried out even with slight elongation. Optimally, if the hair will get almost to his shoulders, but a slightly shortened version will also look good - it will emphasize the curve of the neck.

In addition to a penalty, for a round face shape is perfect extended version of "bean". The length of the front strands may be varied as desired - from the level of the chin and neck ending middle.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

for long hair Hairstyles

If you do not want to cut the "braid to her waist," you can try to correct the shape of the face by adding volume in the parietal area and on the top. It is best to cope with this task haircut "cascade". It will keep the overall length of the hair is only slightly truncated at the top of their head. "Cascade" is a step-cut, that is, the strands are cut one after the other, forming a multi-layered hairstyle. Uneven curl length - perfect disguise for the round contours of the face. Especially effectively looks "cascade", in conjunction with which the hair cut bangs oblique. For a round face it creates a distracting effect, as all attention turns to an interesting form of shearing. It is best if the hair at the same time will be laid on side parting.

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

Asymmetrical haircuts

As already mentioned, the main objective when choosing hairstyles for women with round faces outline - as much as possible to distract attention from the excessive uniformity of the oval. This can be done using a bright accent to cut itself. Marked asymmetry in the hair will look very bold and stylish, while fully luring all the attention on himself. These custom solutions not only help correct the shape of the face, but also give you the opportunity to experiment. As a basis we can take any classic cut, and then vary it by adding strands of different lengths. By the way, oblique fringe - it is also a kind of asymmetric hairstyles for round face shapes. Women's hairstyles look very modern and stylish in this interpretation.

Hairstyles with bangs

Some full-faced representatives of the fairer sex feel insecure if their forehead not covered with hair. Therefore, they prefer haircuts with bangs. In a sense, this is the right decision, because the circular outline of the person imply a broad forehead. Bangs also helps to hide the detail. However, if it is properly matched, you can get the opposite effect and only spoil its image.

Stylists recommend to those who face has rounded shape, focus on options with a short haircut bangs. Best of all, if about half or a third of the forehead will remain open. However, it should pay special attention to the fact that short bangs for round face is suitable only if the haircut itself hides the ears and cheekbones. Do not forget about the asymmetry. As for the long bangs, then they must be well profiled. It can be diluted with their sparse highlights. For bulk multilayer bangs hairstyles suit, laid on its side.

haircuts for chubby women with thin hair,

In this case it is necessary to solve two problems: how to add hair volume and visually draw the contours of the face. Therefore elongated mowing in such a situation would be completely inappropriate. Lack of volume on thin and sparse hair will only emphasize a round face. What hairstyle is to choose to fix it? It is best to give preference to the shorter hair of the parietal area, due to which the volume is created at the top of the head. The side locks at the same time should be long enough to cover the cheekbones. An example of this hairstyle - the classic "bob".

Round face. Top women's haircuts and hairstyles for round face shapes (photo)

Hairstyles to Avoid

The main owners of taboo round face shape - it's smooth straight hair. And absolutely no matter what the length of your hair. Straight hair can ruin the image, even if they reach the length of the waist. It is best to gently twist them curling. As for the cuts, they should not contain a clear straight line - it will only emphasize a round face. Photos with perfectly straight hair and straight bangs can be seen in glossy fashion magazines. Despite the beauty of hair, it is not highly recommended for chubby women. The same applies to the bangs in the shape of a horseshoe. The rounded contours of the face - it is not negative and not a sentence, but rather a feature of the exterior. It can easily be done close to the ideal, choosing the right hairstyle.