Stylish men's hairstyles for round face

People, despite gender, refer to their appearance is very critical. It is unlikely that there is an individual who could not name at least one drawback in its appearance. Therefore, one way or another, we strive to improve it, approaching the ideal created by our imagination. The men in this respect, the methods are slightly smaller than females. But well-chosen clothes and stylish hairstyle to create real miracles.

Stylish men's hairstyles for round face

This hateful circle

Mowing is selected not only on the basis of some personal preferences, but also according to your face type. It is believed that the circular shape in men is rare. "Happy" by its owners of this fact is not easier. They range appropriate haircuts are not so wide. Men's hairstyle for round face is designed to add to the image of brutality, as quite soft flowing lines combined with cheeks rather suggest thinking about the cute teddy bears. Successful hairstyle will give your face expressive, visually pull it a little, make courageous.

Stylish men's hairstyles for round face

Determine the form of

Verify their affiliation to a particular facial features is not difficult. Look carefully to his own reflection in the mirror. If you find the presence of the full cheeks and a rounded chin and face width is almost equal to its height, then you definitely think of the round-faced people. Therefore, you need to choose hairstyles for round faces. Male version - it is mainly a hairstyle for short hair and some cuts on the average length of the strands.


To understand what is available haircut suits you, you need to find out from what should be discarded. Men's hairstyles for round face eliminates all the elements that give hair extra volume. There are no short cuts with a thick straight bangs, making the cheekbones even wider. For the same reason give up the long strands. Even collected in the tail, they only focus on the shortcomings of the exterior.

Stylish men's hairstyles for round face

The basic principle of

Men's hairstyles for round faces should help bring it closer to the ideal outline of the oval. It is best to deal with that haircut with an elongated silhouette. Lush top plus cropped whiskey - that's almost a win-win. Young people who do not want to part with a thick head of hair, can leave the hair of medium length. But it must be strong to thin strands on the sides.

Swifts and laid

"Boxing" and "poluboks" - is the best, perhaps the popular men's hairstyles. For a round face fit both models. Whiskey in these cases are handled with a razor, but the hair in the parietal area are cut on his fingers and then Mills. The length of the top strand is from 5 to 8 centimeters. If you put your hair like the Iroquois, the person will visually appear longer. Thick or curly hair can be cut in tiers, leaving long, thin strands on the sides. Men's hairstyles for round face mean oblique parting, asymmetrical bangs, hair disheveled effect. Last is easily created with any modeling tool. It is applied to the strands, which then need to ruffle his hands. Do not worry that your appearance is far from replicated the media image of "tough male". Thanks to successful haircut, your sweet, good-natured face will become very attractive. You will always look elegant and stylish.