Haircut bob-bob - a universal hairstyle for every day

Every woman wants to look attractive. Creating your own image and style have to pay a lot of time every day, and want to have a hairstyle in which the charm and elegance combines with the ease and speed of installation. An interesting solution is equally attractive for weekdays and holidays, is a hairstyle bob-bob, which once again firmly entrenched in fashion, and which has many variations and is perfect for women with short or medium hair. The same stylish looks, and this hairstyle on long hair.

Haircut bob-bob - a universal hairstyle for every day


It is worth noting that the haircut bob-bob does not require any financial costs and saves time on installation. It is ideal for any hair texture - thick and thin, but you should be careful in those cases, if the hair is naturally curly. Mowing ideal active girls who are trying to do everything and do many things at once. Since there are many variations of hairstyles, it fits girls with any face shape. Haircut bob-bob hairstyle allows you to change the face every day: from perfectly smooth to fine hair curls. In the long hair

Girls who have a haircut bob-bob made on long hair can afford a great evening variant: hairstyle "shell" or created in a retro-style "Babette". Among the many different interpretations of this versatile haircut is very popular styling with elongated strands in front of the head. Hairstyle should be well with lacquer, gel or foam.

Haircut bob-bob - a universal hairstyle for every day


When choosing a hairstyle for bangs bob-bob can show unbridled imagination. Among the most beautiful embodiments may be mentioned are: straight fringe length of the brow line; thick, on the contrary, rare; long or asymmetrical. Hairstyle without bangs for those girls who have beautiful forehead. If the girl has a high forehead, you can opt for a direct bang.

Do not be afraid to experiment

For women who want to achieve a "highlight" in the form, it suffices to choose a bob-bob to chin. When the oval face is better to pick a haircut with a torn oblique bangs. Girls with round face fit bob-square with an extension. For a round face, too perfect a sleek bob. It allows you to create the effect of the face oval with perfect symmetry. For women who have a fairly high cheekbones, you need to pick up a bean-square with pronounced front strands. They allow you to mask such protruding parts, besides this kind of hairstyle is the most popular with many women, and looks very stylish. It will look great on long hair, and short hair. Many stars opt for a hairstyle bob-bob with longer front strands.

Haircut bob-bob - a universal hairstyle for every day

Excellent solution for thin hair

To give this fashionable hairstyle volume, enough to have a handy hair dryer and a brush-brushing. Using these simple tools, you can create three-dimensional packing in just 10 minutes. Be always beautiful!