Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

At all times, it has been considered the standard of beauty big eyes, white skin and an oval face shape. In varying degrees, to this way tends to every woman. And the best part is that with the help of hair and placing any face shape can be visually closer to the ideal, and adjust features.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

In this article we will focus on the chubby ladies and what exactly haircuts will help them, if necessary, to smooth out some roundness or just with the right hand to present their appearance, so they saw their charms.

Features a round face shape

Despite the fact that many women deliberately seek flaws in their rounded outline, naming the person "soccer ball", "hockey" and so on, in fact, this form is very attractive to the opposite sex and to correct it, placing the right emphasis, it is not difficult .

For a round face is characterized by the coincidence of the height and width dimensions, ie the distance between the chin and the forehead and between the same cheekbones. In this case, the cheekbones are often hidden behind the rounded cheeks and chin too narrow or dimly expressed, low forehead. May complicate the task of small and deep-set eyes.

General nuances hairstyles that should be considered

Maybe not all women with a round face want in any way to adjust it, or hide features of its form, but hardly any one of them wants to add even more weight to his face.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

It is very important to take into account the nuances of the following hairstyles for short hair for round face:

  • amount of shearing should be centered at the top of the head, the neck, and the crown;
  • the minimum volume in the cheeks and cheekbones, meaning no curls;
  • locks are appropriate for medium and long hair;
  • as many vertical lines of a haircut, which visually pull the image;
  • ears is desirable to cover the hair, no matter what the length of hair and what a haircut;
  • asymmetry, short hair, a round face - the main components of your success.

What a haircut and hairstyle should be avoided

Minor at first glance, the nuances of hairstyles for short hair for round face can dramatically change the entire way to the worst, damaging or hiding even the most comely features. So, what to avoid when working with this type of person:

  • and the main categorically forbidden for you welcome - wave;
  • parted in the middle, which should be replaced by oblique;
  • volume hairstyles in the shape of a sphere;
  • flattened or "licked" in the upper part of the pilings of the head;
  • sharp cuts lines in the cheeks and cheeks;
  • calibration sharp conspicuous ends;
  • are solid staining, especially in dark colors.

Short hairstyles for round face: square

Contrary to all current perceptions stereotypes that short hair is not for chubby beauties, more representatives of the beautiful sex with this face shape demonstrate the dignity of his appearance was by means of short and very short haircuts.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

Often a round face shape stylists combine with quads. Perhaps the traditional version of the square as a haircut for short hair, a round face, a photo which you can see in this article, and not the best option. But if the right accents (length or just below the cheekbones, make oblique parting and bangs to her eyebrows or to the middle of the forehead), then the image will be more than harmonious. The calibration of all dilute the rigor of classical hairstyles for short hair. On the round face fits well and elongated square, closing head and neck, with straight utjuzhkom strands. Such a shape like no other, visually balance the proportions of the face, hide the roundness of the cheeks, lengthen the face.

Bob and its variations in combination with a round face shape

Haircut "Bob" and "Kara" have one significant difference: Bob has a shorter neck, at work with which you can achieve so desired volume in the neck and top of the head. It is also important feature bean vary depending on the length of the front strands that can have a length of from multilevel cheeks to the chin line and below. Graduations and tapering strands in the face in addition to the carelessness and negligence create the correct framing and zoom to the desired oval silhouette.

Women's haircuts for short hair (round face - a prerequisite) in a bean-shaped "on the leg" are not only able to demonstrate the owner's beautiful neck, soften the lines of the profile, but also to "throw" a few years.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

With its rounded shapes, daring girls may decide on such an experiment as an asymmetrical haircut. Asymmetry, short hair, a round face (photo similar experiments have in our article) and an elongated oblique bangs covering half of the face - the best option for round cheeks.

Layered haircuts and round face shapes

Layered hairstyles for short hair for round face, such as the "Cascade" and "ladder" to easily narrow the shape of the face. The layers thus must begin from level cheekbones. It will provide them and hide cheek for decimated ends. Form turns complex hairstyles, looks at this type of person is very advantageous.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

Cascade locks can arrange the whole circumference of the head, and can only be a person, smooth cuts that will appeal to him more attention. The multi-layer design can get and medium and short haircuts. Round face, thin hair and such a head of hair treatment to further create volume at the crown - all this will be the correct rate for any girl.

Mowing "Pixie"

This option is fairly short hairstyles that may scare some of the girls, as the person remains completely open, shown on display all around, but do not mention it is simply impossible.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

Perhaps after reading below, many will change their opinion about this haircut.

"Pixie", despite the smallness of its length, offers a sufficiently wide field for experimentation. You can change the length of the bangs, making it shorter, and the image - expressive, or allow it to grow back a bit, giving the image of softness and mystery. "Play" is possible and with long hair at the temples. Some of the girls, leaving the volume at the crown, under the car cut their temporal area, thus minimizing the volume and the narrowing shape of the face. Great haircut. Asymmetry, short hair, a round face (photo Jennifer Goodwin, posted below - direct proof) and "Pixie" - fine image components that complement and perfection of each other. To process ends in this case it is better with a razor. This will simulate the surround, fresh and unusual, but definitely suitable for you way.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

"Pixie" requires a perfect make-up and regular adjustment of the form. Perhaps the only drawback of this hairstyle. Well, it is not necessary to make such a hairstyle for short hair for round face girls, have the disadvantage of protruding ears.

What to do with curly hair

As mentioned above, the curls - not the best choice for combination with a round face. But nature can not explain it. A tame frizzy curls somehow necessary. Especially considering the innate instinct of girls "all direct curl, curled - straighten", here and at all without options. But combine short hairstyles for round face, curly hair and bangs, you should not. And no matter how sad it may sound, but the girl with the gift of nature have their curls a variety of cosmetic and not a means of blessing now in abundance, to straighten. This will enable and harmonize image and experiment with shapes cut.

Options bangs for round face

Bangs - this, at first glance, a small, but really important detail of any image. A wrong emphasis in the form of bangs able to spoil even the perfect hairstyle. So disregard its shape is not necessary.

Chubby beauties to choose from a fairly wide range of bangs. You can change both the shape and length. But absolutely do not make a fashionable nowadays the hard, flat bangs length below the eyebrows. It simply "will cut" face, and draw unwanted attention to the cheeks.

Any haircut for short hair for round face can be supplemented with a bang. Long bangs for round face will no longer be "taboo" if they will be drawn to one side, thinned or parted into two equal parts. In this case, the upper part of the face visually lengthen and balance the overly rounded cheeks.

Ragged and asymmetrical bangs will add "flavor" of any of the above short haircuts. Bang up to the eyebrows draw attention to the eyes, push them to the forefront.

Laying short hairstyles for round face

Styling short hairstyles for round faces need a standard set of tools, nothing extraordinary. With a hair dryer, a circular brush and nozzle diffuser is easy to lift the back of the head to the desired height, creating in it the root volume. Putting a square or oblong square, worth special attention is given ends. It is not necessary when dried curl the ends inward haircut. It will only emphasize the roundness of which you so diligently go. But twisting the ends outward and create the right flirty way.

Hairstyles for short hair for round face (photo)

for hair straightening tongs and tools for perfectly smooth curls to emphasize and highlight all the nuances and haircuts at the same time create the same visual effect of lengthening the face. Using curling irons or all of the same curling at the ends of elongated front strands asymmetric bean can create a very soft and smooth curls. And tighten their best on behalf of, as it were, opening it. It is allowed, as these locks will go just below the cheekbones, where the volume does not spoil so carefully created pictures.

Haircut "Pixie" all quite simple. For its placing only required modeling tools. And it is possible to avoid the pre-drying and styling, as a creative mess now in vogue. It is enough to apply a small amount of the fixing mousse or wax on your hands rub a little tool and whip already dried hair or accentuate certain locks.

And finally I want to say that first of all we must love ourselves any, regardless of the shape of the face. It is not necessary to hide flaws - it is necessary to boldly demonstrate their advantages.