Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

Boxes with bangs remain in the trend for several seasons in a row. Even Hollywood beauties who had previously sported on the red carpet with an open forehead, today prefer quite different hairstyles. If you - the owner of curls below her shoulders, then find out what hairstyle for medium hair with bangs is right for you.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

"Bob" for hair of medium length

Some people mistakenly believe that this option is only haircuts for short hair. However, the wizards in beauty salons can make any packing universal. Elongated "Bob" has become quite popular in the current year. A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that the neck is always hair cut shorter than the side strands.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

To suit haircut "Bob"?

This haircut at medium hair with bangs smoothes the proportions of round and rectangular faces. Long strands along the cheeks are able to reduce their visual, emphasize the cheekbones and chin do not so massive. But the possessor of a small triangular little face such styling is strictly not suitable. As "Bob" grotesque on curly hair.

How to cut bangs?

"Bob" harmoniously looks in a duet with straight bangs to the eyebrows. However, stylish and bold beauty usually prefer oblique bangs with ragged edges. If you have a very high forehead, you'll like straight bangs medium length.

Mowing on medium hair with bangs "Cascade"

More popular styling is difficult to imagine. "Cascade" is different in that all the strands are of different lengths. Hair length is increased depending on the level of their growth. The shortest are on the top and back of the head.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

To fit such a haircut?

This embodiment is versatile and stacking looks harmonious with any type of entity. However, most often "cascade" are selected holders fine hair lacking volume. Graduated strand, even grow, maintain excellent form and splendor. But those who by the nature of thick and curly hair, with a haircut you have to be more careful. There is a risk to get a huge head of hair that will make a disproportionately large head.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

Choosing bangs

With graded strands of perfectly matched the same uneven bangs. Thus the basic section may be performed both in a straight line, and on the bias. Some girls also purchased straight bangs to the middle of the forehead, which is nice contrast to the ragged strands.

Mowing on medium hair with bangs "cap"

This styling has become popular only recently. The bottom line is that the hair are cut into two levels. Thus pryadok length substantially different. Top hat obtained from the hair, which turns into a neat bangs.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

Suitable for a haircut?

If you have thin hair, then this hairstyle is for you. Fluffiness and volume is achieved by an unusual shape, so with any type of hair you will look great. However, this curly-headed young ladies styling may not be suitable.

What is the fringe is combined with that haircut?

The cut is performed in a straight line on the forehead. However, closer to the temples bang goes into hair cap, ie it falls below the ears. Sometimes the ends of the strands Mills or the cutting blade for the formation of ragged hair effect. In this case, the same fate should befall a bang. master also offers top of the head to perform a square with straight bangs, blending smoothly into long strands. Mowing on medium hair with straight bangs

Straight bangs gradually squeezed out of the rankings of popular milled and oblique. However, their length ranges from very short to cover eyebrows. Bangs without complicated hairdressing strokes for any hairstyle. However, the most advantageous, it looks straight long hair. To this styling accentuates your beauty and elegance, you must take good care of hair. Just brilliant and healthy locks look stylish and elegant.

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

Trendy haircuts long hair with bangs

Stylish haircut at medium hair with bangs

Owners of long hair can only envy. Loose curls already cause admiring glances. In this hair to the waist can advise the same haircut as for pryadok medium length. Stylish styling will make your look complete. Try also the trend of the last season - straight bangs in a duet with curls.