Women's and men's haircuts for round face

High cheekbones and forehead, chin smooth enough - these signs indicate that the woman is the owner of a round face shape. To this type fits not every haircut. Any action performed with the hair should be directed to the extension of the person bringing it closer to an oval shape. However, it should be borne in mind that the shape of the face is quite rare, and women are very often wrong on this issue only because of incorrectly chosen hairstyle.

Short hairstyles for round face

In order to visually lengthen the shape of the head, it is necessary to create some

Women's and men's haircuts for round face

, the amount of overhead. This can be done using the multi-level cuts. Beautifully will look a little messy in the head. In this case, the scattered strands of different sizes will also help simulate form. Hair it is desirable to lay so that his head remained the most magnificent, and the locks, located directly at the person, were thin. If you planned any social event, it will look bad gathered her hair back because nothing draws a person better than updo issued with a few strands along the face. However, you should avoid parting, as well as too pronounced asymmetry in the design of hairstyles for round faces.

Bangs hairstyle is not an obstacle?

A more careful approach may require revision hairstyles with bangs. Often it depends on how it will look like a form of the whole hairstyle. Haircuts for round face will be relevant with a short fringe, about the middle of the forehead. However, in one condition, styled hair should partly or completely cover the ears. Long, but milled, this part of the hair is also a win-win option. And remember, laid on its side, it visually narrows the face. Haircuts for round face long hair

An excellent embodiment is a length of shearing arms. In this case, it must be sharp outlines of the various layers. Such an image will fit almost everyone. Those who want to have a haircut "Kare", should know that it will look good only with elongated front ends that need to be perfectly symmetrical. In addition, when you make a haircut for round faces should avoid too much hair volume in the cheekbone area. It is also possible to use a favorable light smooth, flowing along the face, strands without volume, which will be gradually tapered at the ends. Not bad will look long hair below the shoulders. In this cascading strands must begin at

Women's and men's haircuts for round face

Lip level or, in extreme cases, the chin.

What should be avoided to owners of a round face?

Note that the volume bangs add face additional volume. In addition, the locks that are in the area of ​​the cheeks, square, with a focus on the same area is also not recommended. Do not make parting and horizontal lines in the hair.

Men's hairstyles for round face

Currently very popular sports and business style. And usually they are used on short haircuts. But no matter what kind of hairstyle would prefer a man, she must be very lush top and cropped whiskey. Some men fit locks on the temples, thanks to which round cheeks

Women's and men's haircuts for round face

are narrowed. Lengthen the face can help and style "retro" is used for a hairstyle for round faces. Men's hairstyle in this case have a raised combed back fringe. However, it should be borne in mind that the short straight bangs contraindicated chubby. It will make the face look flat. Which men's haircut can emphasize strengths and hide facial imperfections?

A large number of males prefer to wear short haircuts. Why? Everything is very simple. Well cut hair require less maintenance. However, men are much smaller than females, features narrow face. However, not every person and are suitable hairstyle. Chubby young men can go air hairstyles, which are based on wild hair.

Men's haircuts with bangs

Stylish and impressive look, "Bob", the use of different stages, the presence of elongated bangs, which should subside in one eye. Not so long ago was fashionable asymmetrical shape of hairstyles element. However, recent versions may just become inconvenient for daily life. It is worth knowing that the short straight bangs is contraindicated not only chubby women, but also men. The last suit elongated hairstyle, visually lengthen the face, but only for curly and thick hair. We can not allow the crown and back of the head were flat.