How to choose a hairstyle right?

Every girl loves me. A new wardrobe, makeup, styling - all an integral part of any woman's life. But the changes must occur on certain rules that the girl only gets better, and her metamorphosis appreciated both familiar and unfamiliar people.

How to choose a hairstyle right?

Fashionable style

Today there is a huge selection of hairstyles and haircuts, which may recommend any hairdresser. The decision should be based on different facts: that it is possible that beautiful or what you want. But, wanting to change something on your head, it is best to consult with a stylist previously, in order to find out whether a certain hairstyle to the person or it just spoil the appearance. It is also possible to study the information about it.

shape of the face

Sorting out how to pick up her hair in the first place you need to consider your face shape, t. To., Depending on this need and make their choice. Chubby girls fit a style that, for example, is not a special place with the heart-shaped face. The same applies to the oval, pear-shaped, oblong, square shape.

The oval face

Oval face, forehead and chin when have almost the same width is correct. Options on how to pick up her hair in such a case, set, t. To. The choice here can stop almost any of them. This face shape suits the greatest number of different haircuts and hair styling. So owners of oval shapes can safely experiment with their hair.

How to choose a hairstyle right?


Girls with a person where a wide forehead and narrow chin, suitable not so much hair, but also choose a few. The main thing here - to visually align the proportions slightly narrowing the forehead and extending the lower jaw area. In this case, a great way out of the situation can be oblique bangs and voluminous strands at the bottom of the face.

The oblong face

There are variations of how to choose a hairstyle girls and with this form. Here the problems with the width of the forehead and the chin there, but too elongated shape may cause some discomfort. Such a person will go a long hairstyle with bangs, which visually reduce it. Well as several hidden high cheekbones, putting locks cut away from yourself and visually expanding cheeks.

A round face

There are a few tips on how to choose the hairstyle round-faced girls. They need to lengthen the shape and hide the high cheekbones. To do this, create volume at the crown of the head, and align the strands along the face, extending it in this way.

How to choose a hairstyle right?


There are tips on how to choose a hairstyle girls with a square face shape. Here it is necessary to know that the main task - to narrow its forms, as well as chubby ladies. An excellent way out of the situation can become elongated hairstyle covered the ears and hair, where the hair down below the chin. Diamond

The girls with the diamond-shaped face the main problem is a wide range in the cheek area. They definitely need to avoid pilings parted in the center of the head. The ideal embodiment may become oblique fringe with medium length hair.


Pear-shaped - is an inverted heart-shaped face. So the girls need to have to create volume around the forehead, as well as to avoid short hairstyles that will open the ears.

On the men

In principle, the rules of how to pick a male hairstyle, the same as that of the women. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex and want to grow their hair to hide, such as the ears. There is already a need to be guided by brute force, trying this or that hairstyle. Do it better in a wizard that can help determine the best choice.