Clippers to shoulder: attraction curls middle length

bouffant and volume

In 2013, the popular greased back hair and volume, especially on the hair of medium length. Haircuts shoulder length so popular that they are even representatives of the older generation. Curls, descending below the ears, fascinating, exciting strand, to slightly open the temple, attracts attention, and open the shoulder, which lost curls better young and hot guys do not show.

Clippers to shoulder: attraction curls middle length

The appeal of curls

If the haircut to his shoulders so attractive, why not visit the hairdresser? For you, the expert will select a hairstyle that will hide and disadvantages, and dignity will put to the fore, for example, a long neck. It is not necessary to wear hair loose: just 4/5 to collect on his head, firing back relaxed curl, and can be considered like a woman, not a conquered man.

Types of haircuts

Grooming a ladder for a quarter century, occupies the upper line of the rating, and graduated option is two positions below, though it is an original solution for hairstyles that are a daily basis. The square on which the work is done, still popular in beauty salons. Stylists say that there are a hundred versions of his styling.

Clippers to shoulder: attraction curls middle length

Haircuts shoulder length: a few words about the pot

Bob does not know what time. How many people live on the Earth, so it and do it. Russian great-bean is considered to be a crock. It is put on his head fans Perun, and sheep-shears leveled along the contour of the hair. Modern bob to add on itself and squares, which came from the Knights of the Teutonic Order. Male Crusaders were the first representatives of a new style - straight bob with a perfectly flat bangs above the eyebrows. The page - square truncated where fringe smoothly into medium-length hair. Bright representative of this type of haircut recognized Mireille Mathieu. She still did not change his image: still good and tempting.

Cesson: forgotten piece of the seventies

Haircuts shoulder length have been popular in the former Soviet space. Cesson were all schoolgirls, carefully twisting inside the hair on large curlers. Neither fashion show of the seventies of the last century did not go without this type of hairstyles, because almost all the wives of party leaders had a round face framed by hair oval.

Clippers to shoulder: attraction curls middle length

Now this hairstyle changed a bit due to the oblique bangs and tapering ends of hair that hide chubby cheeks or a little curved line the proportion of elongated chin. Haircuts hair to his shoulders: praise quads!

This version came to us from Egypt. The Pharaohs did not hesitate to wear a bob, and hairdressers to keep to yourself do not anyhow public. At that time, we were able to paint and hair, and curl to curl stack. True, such a penalty is called primitive, but it is popular because of the bangs, which can not be laid.

Clippers to shoulder: attraction curls middle length

Haircuts on shoulder-length hair: cascade and steps

Haircut "Cascade" includes steps with a smooth transition into each other. On short hair, this method looks fine, especially in women with a round face. If you do styling locks in and out, you can get a fun option for a picnic, a youth club and a café, where all drinking cocktails and dancing in the open-air veranda. This cut also affected innovation - stage with asymmetry.