How to choose the ideal length of hair?

Girls are always interested in improving their appearance. At first we grow long hair. Then we take a radical solution to the cardinal change of hairstyle, hair color and other things. But it is very important to find your ideal hair length, which will emphasize the dignity and hide as much as possible, even the slightest flaws appearance.

Do all suitable

How to choose the ideal length of hair, interested in almost every girl and woman. You can note that most of the celebrities who have chosen in his youth one type of hairstyle, continues to follow the way into adulthood. It is very difficult to answer a question relating to the length of the hair, as each person is different. With the success of the winning image may choose only highly professional stylist. Someone's face, it is desirable to open, others, on the contrary, to hide some part of it. For someone short hair length will be a real transformation for the better, and someone can drastically ruin.


There is a great way to calculate the optimum length. Take a pencil each side, it horizontally on the same level as under the chin. Then place the line in a vertical position behind the ear. If the mark is less than 6 cm, you will ideally suit short hair if more than 6 cm, it is safe to grow long plait.

In spite of the data obtained from the formula, you should always take into account their tastes and face shape. After all, a girl, favoring short haircuts will feel uncomfortable with the long hair, and vice versa. Therefore, is important in the choice of hairstyles start not only on the data looks, but also style, which you follow for a long time. It will look strange girl with trendy tousled hairstyle, dressed in the style of a real lady.

The oval face

The ideal hair length for the girl with the long face and hollow cheeks can be absolutely anyone. Can safely carry straight and smooth hair, collect hair in a ponytail and a haircut, as your heart desires.

How to choose the ideal length of hair?

The focus of the oval shape of the face should be on the neck length: the longer it is, the short hair will look more attractive. With regards to the bangs, a girl with a short forehead is better to give it up, while the high forehead is irresistible look with straight bangs.

Informal nature may experiment with a variety of short hairstyles, which are also very easy to install. The only minus: the length of the hair must be constantly adjusted, so a visit to the master becomes almost a regular ritual.

Long bangs soften the facial features in the presence of a large nose and a high forehead.

The round face

The only thing that should be avoided in this form of the head is smoothly combed hair lacking volume. All other owners of chubby haircuts fit. They can be worn long, short and medium length hair.

How to choose the ideal length of hair?

Girl with full cheeks should not wear hairstyles, fully opening the face. Be sure to avoid a bang, as she is able to weight the shape of the face. This applies to the parting, better to give preference oblique.

A great solution would be symmetrical haircut concealing wide cheekbones. It can be tapering careless strands at the temples.

From short hair is better to choose a bob. He visually narrows and elongates the face.

Bang chubby beauties should not do it at all, it can fairly spoil the appearance of visually shortening the face. Girls with protruding chin forward hairstyles should be avoided by the type of penalty, bean and other, as this will only accentuate the length of this feature of the exterior.

Especially suitable volume at the roots of hair styles. To achieve a similar effect can be like using styling products, and haircuts. Unusually attractive will look wavy hair, most of which falls on the same side. This ingenuous trick visually narrow the wide cheekbones.

Triangular face

What is the ideal length of hair? Owners face a triangular shape to be preferred long curls and a short haircut is better to forget. This is due to the fact that the chin is very angular, and in this case, this area needs to be corrected. Excellent strand will look about the cheeks, descending a ladder to the chin; not less attractive bob with bangs.

How to choose the ideal length of hair?

Avoid hair zachesyvaniya up, but the curly hair, on the contrary, are very nice look. Volumetric top haircut and narrow temples also look appropriate.

A square face

This form is hard enough, especially in the area of ​​cheekbones and chin. The main emphasis should be in favor of the feminine image. Winning will look elongated cut.

How to choose the ideal length of hair?

The square shape of the face does not accept the pilings with clear and smooth edges. Hair should soften features. Particularly attractive will look asymmetry ragged ends of her hair, light waves.

Lovers of short cuts to avoid the length of hair on the chin level, they should be either above or below.

Important nuances of

The main role in a beautiful hairstyle plays not so much the length of the locks, how many of them an attractive and well-groomed appearance.

  1. Remember that the right kind of hair length, hairstyle or styling can hide flaws and highlight the merits.
  2. If you are the owner of fine hair, you'll like haircut, aimed at increasing the volume.
  3. Very curly hair will look great in the event that their length reaches the blades and below, as under the weight of excessive head of hair fluffiness disappears and hassle associated with everyday styling, becomes smaller.
  4. Straight hair is better to cut the levels, so it looks more attractive.
  5. The dry, stiff and damaged hair will not look very good in absolutely any length and stacking. Therefore, regular maintenance has not been canceled. It is better to prevent than to correct the consequences.
How to choose the ideal length of hair?

And remember that, despite the shape of the face, forehead, chin and other nuances of appearance, it is important to stick to your own style! After all, it plays a fundamental role in the choice of length of hair, their color and hairstyle.