Stels Navigator 750: features and reviews

Many people are switching to bicycles or just love to ride in his spare time on the paths of the park. Cycling helps to cope with physical inactivity, improves mood and distracts from everyday work. To two-wheeled vehicles only brings fun and does not require constant repair, you must correctly take his choice. However, not everyone can purchase expensive models. Among domestic models, which differ in quality and reasonable price, allocate bikes Stels. Navigator 750 refers to mountain bikes, which is quite typical for the company.

Stels Navigator 750: features and reviews

briefly about the model

All mountain bikes are divided into two types - dvuhpodvesnye and hardtail. Stels Navigator 750 is the latest form. "Hardtail" in a literal translation from English means "enhanced rear end." To achieve this effect, the rear wheel suspension is absent.

This design is intended for driving on the road, up the hill and jumping over bumps. Stels Navigator 750 bike will be a perfect companion for rural conditions and for those who like to drive in extreme conditions.

The frame construction

The frame is constructed in the form of the classic triangle, which, according to experts, is the best solution. This approach provides stability and bicycle fortress. In this case, convenience is paramount that for mountaineers is an important factor. frame size is different depending on the settings of the bike. You can select a model from 17 to 21 inches. Such variety allows you to pick up the bike for adult family members, and for adolescents.

The advantage of the frame is an aluminum alloy. It greatly facilitates the transport weight and makes it durable. In addition the material is resistant to rust, so race in bad weather do not result in damage to the bicycle.

Stels Navigator 750: features and reviews

Absorber System

Stels Navigator 750 belongs to a class hardtail. Accordingly, the suspension fork it is only on the front wheel. It is intended to mitigate the impacts on the rough road, and smooth bumps on bumps. However, judging by the reviews, the plug can not cope with their responsibilities. All the fault of cheap components, which are purchased in China. As a result, spring-elastomer construction does not extinguish and bumps in the road greatly vibrates. At the same time, the plug has too much weight. Professional riders are recommended to replace the cushioning structure for better budget when buying a bike. However, if the bike is used as a recreational option, then your system is quite suitable.

Stels Navigator 750: features and reviews

Brake System

Bicycle Stels Navigator 750 Disc dvadtsatishestidyuymovymi equipped with wheels. The sale can be seen the wheel where the rim 27 is 5 inches. This option is not too popular, and recommend it to buy is difficult. It is especially difficult to find the tires to the wheels of such a format. The name itself indicates the use of the bicycle disc brakes. Mountain bikes rarely set a rim system, therefore a popular option. Reviews owners testify to their reliability and responsiveness in a variety of situations. The brakes do an excellent job in the conditions of weather and off-road with its function.

The advantages and disadvantages of the bike

Stels Navigator 750 (2012) - a bicycle designed for mountain trails and walks in the bike path to the entry-level equipment. 24 for comfortable movement speed is provided. This makes it possible to easily overcome steep climbs. Downhill assist reliable disc brakes.

RV double rim mounted. The design prevents the formation of eights and, in the opinion of users, stable and durable. Strength of frame guarantees aluminum alloy. It does not rust and is much easier to become denser.

Among the disadvantages of isolated insufficient damping system. When driving over bumps and curbs felt a strong vibration. Fork practically does not work in rough terrain. Some point to the lack of clear gear changes and the differences between the rates. However, the specifications are quite decent. Bike looks powerful and stylish. Saddle convenience, the frame is designed for both men and women.

Stels Navigator 750: features and reviews


Stels Navigator 750 refers to mountain bikes, but the price is quite attractive. Its main customers are cycling enthusiasts who are not ready to lay out a large sum for a two-wheeled transport. The bike is not designed for the conquest of the mountain peaks, while the rear section can withstand fairly heavy loads. Yet the main area of ​​use of the bicycle - parks, forest paths and country roads.

Despite the fact that the bike is designed for jumping over obstacles, it is better to refrain from extreme travel. Even if the rider is not afraid of bad amortization can bring sleeve. They are often bent and broken.

This bike has proved popular as an urban variant and family transport.