Bicycle "Stealth": reviews. Specifications, prices. Speed ​​bicycle STELS

"Stealth" Bicycles (manufacturer Russia) today are in great demand. They are made for children and adults. On the market there are many hybrids, as well as folding models that the characteristics are quite different. Brakes used disc type. Frames exist both open and closed type.

Special attention customers deserve mountain bikes of this brand. Additionally represented company is ready to offer a wide range of high quality sports modifications. To navigate in this diversity, it is necessary to get acquainted with interesting models, as well as to know the real owners of these reviews.


Overview of the bicycle "Stealth Magic"

Said folding bike "Stealth" is suitable for children well. Brakes in this case, the manufacturer provides the type of pedal, and they trigger quite gently. Also of note is a convenient mounting steering. You can adjust its height by means of a wrench. The same applies to the seat of the presented model. Sprocket this bike set diameter of 13 cm.

The rear brake uses a rotary type. The protective sleeve as it is fitted, and it is made entirely of rubber. In general the bike is well managed, and on the pavement feels confident. Also of note is its low cost in the market. Cost presented folding bike "stealth" only 5 thousand. Rub.

The opinion of the velocity model "Stealth Aerrow"

Many buyers the speed bike "Stealth" acquire for road trips. The frame is provided by the manufacturer had an open circular section. The load is able to withstand quite a lot. At the bottom of the frame base additionally strengthened. The diameter of the plug in this case is equal to 4.2 mm. It is classified as a medium hardness. If you believe the reviews of consumers, the bicycle is a fairly comfortable. Wheel in the model presented a set, and manage a very simple model. The front bicycle hub made of steel. Saddle set series "Chionli", it is very convenient. speed bike "Stealth Navigator" can be controlled by a switch. If we talk about the shortcomings, it should be noted the rapid wear of the carriage. It should be represented by a high-speed bike "Stealth" in the market about 6200 rubles.


What people say about "Stealth Navigator"

To date, the bike "Stealth Navigator" is in great demand. it is ideal for road races. In turn, on the roads it becomes unmanageable. In this case the brake pedal mounted type and are activated very smoothly. In this case the rear wear sleeve is extremely small. However, carriage breaks down quite often. Also, some have problems with the pedals.

Rims have presented the bicycle used by a series of "Weimann". They are made in the factory of a special aluminum alloy. If you believe the reviews of the owners, they can withstand heavy loads. Tires in this case, the series of "Ciao". Worth bike "Stealth Navigator" in the store about 5400 rubles.

The interesting model "Stealth Pilot"

Bicycle "Stealth Pilot" is most suitable for off-road driving. Nowadays, it is quite popular because of its convenience. Frame manufacturer is set open. Pedals in this case are plastic and are equipped with additional gaskets for greater stabilization. Front hub made of steel. The steering column is provided in the present cycle series "Chin". It is manufactured at the factory in part of aluminum and steel, and is regulated quite simply using a wrench. As standard it will not turn on at all times. Worth bike "Stealth Pilot" at present about 6200 rubles.


Benefits of a bicycle "Stealth Jet"

Said bicycle "Stealth" is getting good reviews, well the model itself celebrates on the highway and in the highlands. The carriage has a cartridge type. If you believe the reviews of consumers, the wheel is quite simple to set up. However, the seat is very narrow, so not suitable for everyone.

It should also be borne in mind that the braking system have presented the bicycle is used disc type. Wherein the frame has an open, oval cross section. At the bottom of the metal thickness is equal to 2.2 mm. Pedals this model installed plastic, normal stiffness. It is worth the bike about 5400 rubles.


Overview Model "Stealth Flash"

This bike "Stealth" deserves the positive reviews. Many people acquire it for travel. The irregularities it feels pretty comfortable. In addition, it should be noted that the braking system is used disc type. In this case, the manufacturer of pedals are provided with special pads. Thus, the leg is fixed securely to them.

Rims this model are made of alloy steel and aluminum. Magazine have presented the bicycle is used "Shimano" series. In turn, the seat installed as standard class "Chionli". It is this model in the store about 4300 rubles.

Features "Stealth Fortune"

This bike "Stealth" positive feedback often receives for its versatility. Travel it fits well, but it is better to use for city trips only. This is due to the fact that the frame is provided by the manufacturer rather rigid. In this connection, on an uneven surface, a person may experience some discomfort.

The tape in this case, set a series of "Altus". In turn, the saddle used "Chionli", and adjust its owner has the opportunity. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then an asterisk in the presented model wears very rare. In addition, it should be noted that it has established excellent cushioning system. This bike is worth today about 5600 rubles.


What is interesting model "Stealth Joey"

This model is primarily able to boast high-quality brake discs. Rims fitted quite strong. However, the disadvantages of this bike are also available and should be taken into account. If you believe the customer reviews, this model often breaks due to wear the front sleeve. It is made in this case of steel.

Another problem of this bike is considered to be a small cassette. In this regard, the front shifter may fail. On the market in favor of the bicycle sellers on average are asking in the region of 6900 rubles.

Bicycle "Stealth Talisman"

Said bike buyers liked the flexible depreciation system. The frame in this case is set open, and the metal thickness is 2.2 mm. Fork in the presented model used class "Century". In turn, the steering column is established manufacturer of a series of "Chin", and it is made entirely of aluminum alloy. Front brake the bike mechanical type. Rotor diameter, in this case equal to 160 mm. As the bike carriage used cartridge. The pedals are used with rubber pads, which are virtually erased. Rims in this case are made with a double wall and are generally quite strong. Front hub used medium hardness and supports plug well. Among the shortcomings can be noted only a rapid wear of the teeth on the sprocket. Cost presented bike buyer about 6100 rubles.


Reviews "Stealth Echo"

This bike "Stealth" has good reviews and many buyers it appreciated the positive side for reliability. Brakes in this case installed mechanical type, but they are triggered quite smoothly. Adjust the position of the steering column can be protected with a key that is included in a standard kit. In turn, open-frame type and manufacturer of an oval cross section is provided.

All this allows us to withstand heavy loads. The carriage in the present instance of a cartridge type. The rotor diameter is 15 mm. Seat, in turn, established a series of "Sony". It is worth the bike "Stealth" (market price) of about 5900 rubles.


The opinion of the owners of the "Stealth Dolphin 100"

Said bike has a rather strong frame. In this case, the steering column is set rather broad. Saddle in this case can be adjusted in height. Pedal this bike uses plastic, and they have a good stabilization. In addition, it should be noted that he has installed a dual disc brakes. All of this suggests that it stops if needed very quickly. The carriage from the presented model uses a standard. Total sleeves this bike manufacturer provided two. Rotor diameter it equals 165 mm. If you believe the reviews of consumers, something breaks it's pretty rare. In general, this model has already established itself as a simple and reliable. Is this bike "Stealth" (market price) of about 6400 rubles.

Summary of

That said, the most versatile model can be called "stealth Fortune". Details he used rather qualitative, and it has good reviews. If you pick up a children's bike, you should definitely pay attention to the "Stealth Magic". Frame it quite sturdy, and is this model is inexpensive.