The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

For many potential buyers who decided to purchase a bicycle, the choice of the problem turns into a headache. After all, in addition to modifications Rostovka, size and color of color will determine the brand, because the bicycles, the brand of which are unknown, is considered to be second-rate. With a rating of bicycle brands in the global market, this article will help you decide on your purchase.

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Bike rating on the Russian market

Among the wide range of the market to identify the leader is not as difficult two-wheeled transport, we need only refer to sales to see their dynamics. Rating bicycles on the domestic market is as follows:

  1. GT (Gary Turner) is considered to be the leader in sales. Buyers do not even stop the high cost of two-wheeled transport.
  2. Merida is considered the best-selling bike in the world, in terms of reliability it has no competitors.
  3. Trek bicycle is considered to be unkillable (this niche previously occupied Comanche, before I was made in China).
  4. Cube German-made popular thanks to the abundant advertising, but many professionals note that their price is clearly overstated.
  5. Giant is considered in the Russian market the most technologically advanced vehicles.

In the rating were not included bicycles, the brand which according to official figures have been sold in Russia less than one million copies in one year. This Scott, Author, Norco, Ghost, Kellys and other brands.

Large assortment - the success of

If you pay attention to the popular brand of bicycles where the rating is primarily dependent on the number of vehicles sold, you'll find that the brand GT is far ahead of the competition with a large assortment. First, the manufacturer has made an emphasis on value for money for the whole series of children's bicycles, what attracted attention to themselves. This is not just a toy bicycles, which are made of plastic and are designed to drive in the yard. Children's transport is a small copy of the professional bike, which can travel long distances and without any problems to move over rough terrain. The price of such a bike is in the range of 10-20 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for people of low and medium incomes. Of course, a serious brand took care of all the other classes - mountain, road, MTB, city bikes of the brand - a list of any taste of the buyer.

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Member of velozaezdov

Many buyers think, what brand of bikes to choose, so that they were not equal in terms of reliability. Most beginners gives his preference for the brand Merida, in fact in all this is the cycling brand in the majority. It is clear that the manufacturer has provided a two-wheeled vehicle is very strong and light frame, but a single characteristic is insufficient to assess the bicycle itself. In addition there are stars, connecting rods, bushings, and a variety of other components, which also depends on the coherence of the work. In any case, after the bike ride is necessary to service: cleaning, lubrication, cleaning, or in use the bike quickly and disorder fails.

Hit on the road

brand Trek bikes a few years ago were positioned in the domestic market as the most affordable, and most relied on cheap price niche, which rightfully belonged to the famous brand before Comanche. However, recently the market saw a bike models under the Trek brand for the middle and the most expensive price category. And this is not news producer.

It's all about marketing the factory, whose goal is to win the Russian market of cheap high-quality bicycles, and then offer two-wheeled vehicle of the elite class. Manufacturer was able to win in this way the domestic market. In addition, none of the competing firm can not offer bike cost from 30 thousand rubles with a lifetime warranty.

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

The main thing to create an aura of

The Germans were a few decades ago was able to settle in the minds of Russian citizens the idea that "Mercedes" is the best among peers in the world. About transport legendary dream of every second person in our country, and every 17 minutes on it goes. A similar success with the launch of the correct advertising repeated German manufacturer Cube bikes. With an emphasis on style and appearance, the owner of the company has not lost, and the product was in the rating "best brand bikes" well-deserved. Even in the drain assembly Cube bikes are expensive tools and parts that are in demand among professionals. Naturally, the price of two-wheeled vehicle because of this high - 50 thousand rubles and above.. Many buyers who are overweight, attracting advertising, which assures that the bicycle frame there are no restrictions on the weight of the person. This is true. Branded frames can withstand the rider's weight 130-150 kg.

ladies' man

If buyers were interested in the brand of bicycles, whose rating would be determined by the criterion of "the most feminine transport", the Giant brand have won the first place. After all, it is thanks to the niche of women's bike he entered the Russian market and their positions are not going to give up.

Starting from color to the multi-million shades with a specific geometry of the frame, and ending with an original design with a lot of attachments, bicycles brand Giant fans quickly found himself on the Russian market. And only winning the hearts of beautiful ladies, the manufacturer allowed to meet with their products for extreme driving male population. Light weight, high strength of the frame, excellent equipment apply to all brands of bikes. Prices 35-50 thousand rubles quickly attracted to the little-known brand worldwide attention.

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Rating "price-quality"

Many potential buyers would be interested to see the rating of quality bicycles from low-cost segment. Many owners of two-wheeled vehicles can say that this is impossible, because the price is directly proportional to the quality, but it will not be right. Very often we have to pay for the brand name (eg, Sony, iPhone, Bang & Olufsen and others). With bikes fared as well as with appliances - the well-known brand, the more expensive its production.

brand Ghost bikes so far collected only in Germany, but the lack of advertising, and low popularity among the population led to the fact that many people believe that the Chinese brand. No luck and Slovak brand Kellys, who also produced only in Slovakia, but not in Ukraine, as many potential buyers. Let their price in the market is very low (20 thousand), but the build quality and durability of the frame two-wheeled vehicle can safely compete with the famous Cube brand.

List of the best off-road vehicles

No one knows who came up with a ranking of bikes, based on sales, but judging by the reviews of professional athletes, there is no logic. After all, sales is involved children and two-wheeled urban transport from the budget class, and he just can not be tested in terms of durability and reliability.

Among cyclists have their own rating and testing procedure to determine which brand of bike is best. The first assessment is not in appearance and price, and we investigate the behavior of the bike on the mountain slopes and on the road. Just all kinds of jumps and falls can confirm the build quality and strength of the frame, and not indicative number of joints in place of welding. And without the opinion of professionals is clear that leading rating line will take the bikes with the presence of two shock - front and rear (the brand GT mountain bikes, Trek, Ghost, Bergamont, Stevens Ridge).

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Another story of popular brand

If you ask to find out what brand of bike is the most popular in the world, we find that the leader is the brand Author. The potential buyer, of course, to doubt it, because the range of bicycles on the domestic market under the brand name of the poor. The fact that the company Author promote your brand is not made at the expense of two-wheeled transport, and thanks Accessories for bicycles and their owners.

Everything will be clear to anyone looked into the clothing department, backpacks or lighting any bicycle shop. Picking up any product labeled Author, from the buyer to experience the feeling that in his hands the ideal thing will certainly need to buy. Developed, so the brand, the company has put on the market its bicycles, for which the build quality has become a priority, however, in damage costs.

A new trend in the world of cycling

It's funny that in the rankings, which involved the best brand bikes, there are no devices with planetary hub. But this "technology of the future" has already captured all the markets of developed countries. The problem turned out to buyers in the heads themselves, who regard as a planetary gear reducer capable of working in a narrow range of transmission ratios.

Only the majority of owners of mountain bikes forget that their two-wheeled vehicle, which is in the cassette 10 stars, and rods of three stars has not thirty speeds as declared by the manufacturer, and is several times smaller number of them, because the gear ratios between the stars have a feature repeat. And since we are talking about high-tech bike with a planetary gear, there is a need to add them to the rating of "price-quality".

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Rating bike with planetary hubs

Extreme bike with planetary gear for many cyclists seem to be something fantastic, but the ocean so do not consider. After leading manufacturer of bicycle components, Shimano company introduced the world to the planetary hub with eleven speeds, capable of operating in harsh conditions, the range of off-road bikes on the market was a little more.

Mountain bike segment, the planetary gear, added marks Volume Generator and Merida, which cost in the domestic market comes to the price of a compact car second-hand. However, this does not prevent sales of two-wheeled vehicles with advanced technology. And even spurring competitors to add to its range of products miracle bicycle. Definitely, in the future in the construction of the list to determine which bike brand better, a potential buyer will find a vehicle with a planetary gear.

A bit of exclusives

Known automobile concerns BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Land Rover and others, needs no introduction. Any person on the planet knows what kind of brands, and what products they make. However, recently in the global market the opportunity to choose the bicycle brand with the logo of one of the famous corporations. Car giants set up their own bikes, which have a distinct style, color and tuning corresponding to the top-end four-wheel vehicles.

The main difference of the exclusive models from other bike brands on the market are alloy wheels instead of the old-fashioned wheel spokes. And do not entertain any illusions on account of the fact that the weight of the bike because of the casting will be too high. For the production of elite bicycles used very light and durable alloys. All bikes are equipped with exclusive top-end components, respectively, and their price is much higher than usual. For example, the Ferrari red bike in performance is worth about 22 thousand euros, which is considered quite cheap for a sports car owner under the same brand.

Domestic manufacturer of

brand bicycles "Stealth" exist in the domestic market for several decades, but their popularity is very low among cyclists. For some reason, many potential buyers and sellers believe that the Russian production does not deserve attention.

In fact, in terms of price and quality of the two-wheeled vehicle is able to attract attention. Initially, the bike is positioned as Russian trucks for Russian roads, without exaggeration. And if you see many bike tests, which can be found in the media, it appears that the Russian brand is quite competitive in quality and price of the assembly. It confuses a lack of service centers from the factory in large Russian cities. Maybe it's one of the good reasons, because of which the buyer prefers foreign brands of bikes.

The best bikes. Bicycle brand. List prices,

Products neighboring markets

Bicycles Soviet brand "HVZ", "ZiCh", "students", "Eaglet" and others remember, perhaps, only the older generation that managed to ride a two-wheeled transport of the last century. Most of the old brands were eliminated, and in their place there are new names bike. For example, bicycles Pride (Ukraine) or AIST (Belarus) that are advertised in the media in the post-Soviet markets.

First of all potential buyers attracted by the price (in the region of 10-12 thousand rubles). Excellent color and color of frame geometry as a bonus to the buyer happy to be enjoyable. Just give preference to bikes only newcomers who choose their two-wheeled vehicles on the criterion of "lowest price". If you examine the range of models and competitors, it is found that cheap bikes are someone copies. A lot of questions arise and build quality. For comparison, without maintenance cheapest brand Kellys can travel 20,000 kilometers, but Pride and AIST, for reviews of the owners, require the intervention of specialists to the first thousand.


Wondering what brand of bikes to choose, many potential buyers are hoping to get a concrete answer. But this is impossible because of the large range of products in the market and its purpose. You can not, relying on some kind of ranking compiled by an unknown center on the basis of market research, buy a bike that takes top positions in the list. Before you buy a person must decide a number of questions, the answers to which he will be able to seamlessly select it from the list of the top bike brands that produce really high-quality products.

  1. Purpose: city, countryside cycling, off-road trips, mountain slopes, highway.
  2. The possibility of upgrades, which will improve driving characteristics in the future.
  3. transporting capabilities, adding various accessories for easy drive.
  4. The need for all-season skiing, and similar questions.