How to install the bike carrier on the tow hitch

Bicycle owners are spared the problems such as the need for costly refueling and transport fuels endless downtime in a traffic jam. But what to do if the start of the planned route is too far? In such cases it is necessary to seek a solution for easy transport bike with your own car.

Let's look at how to set the bike carrier on the tow hitch, what are the advantages of this method of transportation.

What is mounting on the hitch?

Immediately it should be noted that the installation of such bases to secure the two-wheeled transport by car is quite an expensive option. However, if the machine is initially present hitch, this decision looks favorable.

It is recommended to set the bike carrier on the tow hitch 3 bike and more. Roomy mount will be indispensable when you need to transport "iron horses" for the whole family at the organization of a joint trip. However, even while driving at an impressive speed will not suffer the car's aerodynamics.

How to install the bike carrier on the tow hitch

Set the bike carrier on the tow bar can be their own hands. To do this, prepared a platform attached to the rear trailer hitch by strong clamps. Further fixed racks designed to hold the two-wheeler tires. bike fixation is ensured by robust clamps.

Some motorists are afraid about the ease of use, the rear luggage space after installation of this kind of fixtures. However, such problems are provided in advance by developers, who invented the bike carrier on the tow hitch. To provide convenience for design originally present retainer with which weakens and falls at the first fastening necessary. In this case, access to the trunk is somewhat limited. However, the necessary things you can get virtually no obstacles.

Mount bike carrier on the tow hitch - the benefits of

What does a motorist paying quite a considerable sum when buying a special device for transporting two-wheeled vehicles:

  1. Bicycles are placed on high profiles. Thanks to the frame fixed at the top and bottom of the movement is excluded "iron horse" in all directions, even with the most severe vibration.
  2. Bicycle Rack to hitch allows you to shoot a two-wheeled vehicles in any sequence.
  3. Even standard installation fastening enables to carry bicycles of various grades, size, design and geometry.
  4. Some platforms, such as Thule bike carrier, contain a number of castles. Last characterized by high reliability and ease of use compared with cable devices.
  5. Bicycle Rack on the hitch does not force to dismantle the entire structure with the need to obtain free access to things in the trunk.
  6. Fasteners of this category of the most simple and reliable. European and American consumers are most advantageous in this embodiment is trusted if necessary transporting bicycles for long distances. How to install the bike carrier on the tow hitch


It is fair to note that the attachment has some downsides, however, as with any other solution. For example, a popular bike carrier Thule and other models which deserve attention of the consumer differs impressive value. Even the standard platform for the transport of two-wheeled transport is not cheap. But if we turn to products from reputable manufacturers, buying necessarily costing a penny more.

How to install the bike carrier on the tow hitch

Hook has not every car. And finally loaded design can cover a license plate that is able to lead to some trouble in getting acquainted with the traffic police.

Without a doubt, bike on the car tow bar is very convenient. However, this mode of transportation does not guarantee that the two-wheeled vehicles will arrive at your destination completely clean and tidy. After all the dirt from under the wheels of the car safely reaches the mount.

How to install the bike carrier on the tow hitch

As a result of

In contrast to the bicycle rack that are installed on the roof of personal transport, platform hitch should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the vehicle geometry. As a rule, manufacturers of similar designs in their catalogs show the brand of cars that meet certain products. There are also special mount hitch, which include the installation on the car body out of the lineup, "station wagon" or "hatchback".