Scooter Inertia: features and popular models

For active people scooter would be an excellent means of transportation. It's comfortable and compact, suitable for fast driving. Moreover, this type of transport are paying attention not only to students and young people, but also adults. Demand means is an inertial scooter, which will be discussed in the article.


Three-wheeled scooter inertia is different from the standard model by another control method. This is due to the fact that he has 3 wheels. To start the movement does not require a start: it is necessary to perform leg movements like shifting. Tilting body forward or to the sides, too, increases the speed and smoothness of joining the turns. In addition, each vehicle model has its own characteristics.

Scooter Inertia: features and popular models

Set inertial scooter consists of:

  1. A-pillar to the front wheels.
  2. The rear platform.
  3. 2 pads for the feet with 2 wheels.

If you choose to pay attention to the wheels: front diameter must be greater than the rear. This design allows the scooter to move around quickly and easily. The expensive models usually have castors to facilitate skating. Such transport is the city, because it is easier to move on smooth asphalt. Due to the trails, riding stones deteriorates. Such a vehicle has a manual brake, which is enough for a comfortable trip. Due to the simple design of breakage is minimized. In addition, care agent will be comfortable.

Wheel scooters in inertia can be adjusted in height. But this should not be attributed to the shortcomings, because due to this particular design is comfortable for children and adults. Keeping the balance will not be easy, but if you learn how to do it, then there will be no difficulties with the high speed corners and difficult tricks.

Why so popular transportation?

Some owners of such vehicles have doubts about whether they will be able to ride a scooter inertia. But they are the destination for the movement of people of different ages.

Scooter Inertia: features and popular models

Experts have identified the benefit of the ski, as occurs during driving work different muscles. Often replaces conventional skating workout in the gym or fitness. Due to a serious load will keep yourself in good physical shape and develop coordination.

To make it easier to control the scooter, it is necessary to embark on a foot pad to the edge. This provision is necessary for maximum stability, as it will be easier to gain the necessary speed. If you plan to teach skating small children, you should purchase protection. While riding a scooter is comfortable.

popular models

When you purchase is necessary to take into account not only the appearance of money, but also the quality, company reputation and the manufacturer's warranty. Products are now sold several popular brands. And they produce inertial scooters for adults and children. The most popular include the following models:

  1. Zip 1400. This stroller model featuring 2 decks and handbrake. Transport is recommended to buy children from 10 years. Model large and massive, so is not suitable for highly miniaturized riders.
  2. Vertigo Trike Montreal. Scooter is perfect for riding on a flat road. Model claimed in adults, because it can withstand up to 120 kg. Thanks to its robust steel frame, hand brake and reinforced wheels every trip will be comfortable.
  3. Inertial scooter Fliker F5. Public transport has a hand brake, high-speed bearings and fixed wings. With convenient velorulya management will be easy. The means can withstand up to 110 kg, so it is selected and grown.
  4. Razor Powerwing DLX. This type of scooters has enlarged front wheel. The rear wheels are turning it 360 degrees. Due to the special design, you can ride it sideways, and they love to make lovers of unusual riding style. We transport robust frame allows you to perform various tricks. And as the folding mechanism, it simplifies the transportation and storage of the scooter.
Scooter Inertia: features and popular models

The choice for children

Many parents opt for vehicles, focusing on price and appearance. But there are many factors that must also be taken into account. It is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of the child. Of great importance is the reaction rate, the work of the vestibular apparatus, the overall physical development.

Scooter Inertia: features and popular models

When you select should pay attention to the child's weight. Children should also participate in the purchase, because they can choose the color, style, size. This transport is bought for him, so it should be comfortable. These subtleties are important from a practical point of view.


Riding a scooter is a pleasant stroll, as well as effective occupation, as there is a load on the muscles. Riding helps maintain toned legs. Inertia models help to develop enough speed folding options are easy to transport and store. The purchase of such a vehicle is useful for adults and children.