The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

Many beginners who want to lose weight, interested in the question: "How quickly lose weight with cardio fitness equipment and what to do there?" In the media, a lot of controversial comments on this issue, so you have to turn to professionals. The focus of this article - cardio for weight loss. The reader will learn what simulators are, what they differ among themselves, to get acquainted with the recommendations of the experts.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

The basic simulator for solving all the problems

From school, anyone remember that running is able to prolong youthfulness and improve health and keep your figure in shape. Therefore, professionals recommend all newcomers to pay attention to the track, which is considered the most effective cardio in the world. About this remarkable device, a lot of positive feedback from people who got rid of the extra calories.

Classes on cardio for weight loss, such as treadmills, clearly lead to the loss of excess weight. But before you start to run, the novice should consult a doctor. Do not engage on the treadmill for people who have problems with joints and heart. After all, they are subjected to the greatest stress during training.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

What are the treadmills?

Cross cardio for weight loss are mechanical and electrical. Naturally, the mechanical devices are in operation using the leg muscles, and have built-in electric motor. For home use, judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, are more suitable mechanical treadmills. After all, they, first of all, do not consume electricity. Electrical appliances are considered to be more advanced in terms of technology. They are able to change the angles and set the speed of movement of the web. Built-in heart rate monitor and the computer will help beginners to quickly lose those extra calories. People with diseased joints is necessary to pay attention to the presence in the device of the treadmill cushioning system. And the power of the engine (at least two horsepower) affects the joints, eliminating abrupt jerks web.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

The oldest simulator

If you ask to be found in the media popular cardio for weight loss, make a photo of the results surprised many newcomers. After all, most of the answers point to the exercise bike. For some reason, many beginners in general ignore the trainer in the gym, considering it a toy, not able to load the cardiovascular system of the person.

Unlike the treadmill, exercise bike is very important for constant cadence. Can neither accelerate nor decelerate. It is very important to control the breath during exercise. If in the first 10-20 minutes it seems feasible, then restore regular breathing very difficult to rest during training. Respectively, and talk while on the simulator, it is not recommended.

If the novice interested in what is best cardio for weight loss and what can work in gently for the cardiovascular system mode, besides exercise bike, and there will be nothing to offer. Sport it improves blood flow to all organs, supplying them a large amount of oxygen and nutrients. Accordingly, the heavy load on the respiratory system, causing to be involved with the work of the lower part of the lungs.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly


Which bikes to choose?

Species there are so many exercise bikes. The most popular are magnetic systems, which transmit the force to the rotation shaft by an electromagnet. Popularity of these systems are required to a reasonable price, weight, and lack of broken machinery. design simplicity does not mean that these cardio for weight loss devoid of modern technology. The pulse sensor, the computer takes into account the consumption of calories, speedometer, odometer and many other tools are available even in the cheapest models. More advanced devices - "ergometers" - are much rarer. These expensive devices are considered to be more advanced and are able to set their own customized workout program individually for each athlete. The whole thing in a variety of sensors and a very intelligent machine, which received the information about the athlete's weight, with a small fitness test is able to calculate the human metabolism and ask him the necessary load for weight loss.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

weak athletes is not the place here

If the novice interested in cardio for weight loss stomach, without the propeller device can not do it. And do not believe the stupidity that the simulator greatly develops the shoulders and arms. Yes, the load on the muscles is carried out, but it is not the power that is does not lead to a break mikrotkaney.

This setting makes the work all the muscles of the body. And if we are talking about the elimination of body fat in the abdominal area, the best cardio simply does not find. Also subjected to load all the muscles of the back and spine. If an athlete there are any problems with a pinched nerve between the vertebrae, then the problem will be solved with the help of the propeller device.

Such simulators are equipped with heart rate monitors and computers that facilitate the training of athletes. Meet the two devices can be modified: hydraulic and electric. The latter have a lot of programs for job intensive training.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly

Economic version?

Cheapest cardio for weight loss reviews which can be found in the media - is steppers. Moreover, they are still the most compact among all existing simulators. And judging by the reviews of owners, and more devices are ineffective: any stepper can replace conventional walking outdoors. In fact, such a simulator is being marketed as a device for people who are overweight, who have difficulty to move independently, as well as rehabilitation after serious operations. When viewed from this perspective, then everything falls into place: sparing load, the ability to customize programs for training, a plurality of sensors and a powerful security system.

The work of all the muscles by 100%

It is believed that the best cardio for weight loss - it orbitreki. Elliptical allow installation to simulate as walking and jogging. In addition, you can change the direction of motion: forward or backward. The simulator loads all muscles of the body, and with small adjustments (changes in body tilt) can be changed load focus on different muscle groups.

Unlike the treadmill, the device does not require concentrations of movements, and accordingly, fully safely. Muscles are working separately, and thought can be spent on learning a foreign language, or watching your favorite TV series.

Orbitrek has the most modern computer, which is able to ask any individual training for an athlete. Control of physical condition by means of sensors, information from which then goes to the control panel.

The best cardio for weight loss: reviews. Cardio for weight loss belly


All comments in the media that some simulator to help get rid of excess fat only on the sides or abdomen are fairy tales. In fact, an athlete in the abdominal area had less fat than legs or buttocks, so the calories so quickly and liquidated. Inherent mechanisms do not change nature. You can not just pick up and remove fat deposits in the abdomen, leaving creases on the legs and buttocks (if only we are not talking about surgery). Fat is eliminated by the body in proportion. Accordingly, all cardio for weight loss - it is a tool to eliminate extra calories in the whole body, rather than in some of its parts.