Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

Typically, the decision to purchase sports equipment determined by the type and dimensions of the simulator. For example, if it is convenient to use, whether the assembly is fast. But keep in mind that these tools are selected and by other parameters. Now it produced many sports simulators. One of them is the treadmill HouseFit. It can be used for regular workouts.

Types simulators

Treadmill HouseFit is mechanical (magnetic) and electric. The difference is that the second device is automatic, and the first moves through the body weight. With the help of a magnetic mechanism will save energy. Especially that the mechanical elements are significantly cheaper.

Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

People with disabilities in the work of the heart and blood vessels is required to choose exactly HouseFit simulator. Electric treadmill is the best device for them, because they do not create a large burden on their feet, compared with magnetic. It is ideal for regular exercise, which can improve the physical form.

Mechanical treadmill HouseFit also has its advantages. It has a lot of training programs and data. Thanks to the device measures a person's pulse is determined by calorie consumption, duration of training and distance. Treadmill HouseFit, reviews of which are positive among both amateurs and professionals, are sold in specialty stores. Moreover, different inventory prices.

Manufacturers produce powerful simulators that are compact, easy to use and easy to manage. Lanes are equipped with integrated displays, sensors determine the pulse. The range includes more than 20 different models. Of these, there are low cost options, as well as professional, in which the price is higher.

HT-91100 HP - Magnetic treadmill

With this simulator will determine the running speed and the number of kilometers traveled. Regular exercise contribute to the restoration of the respiratory system, burn fat, strengthen back and leg muscles. It normalizes blood circulation and increases endurance.

Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

Replace the street jogging and exercises at the gym will help it HouseFit devices. Magnetic treadmill is equipped with a foldable design, so do not need much space in the room for her. The load is adjusted by changing the blade angle for a run. Control of the training provided through the embedded computer.


The track runs through mechanical methods: rotating blade, when a person runs. This technology is approximated to a natural running, since the rate is determined by the athlete. Keep in mind that people with joint problems should consult with an expert before you conduct classes.

The simulator does not require a network connection, because there is no electric motor design. Since the device is built computer program, the display shows the results of training, including purity of heart rate, training time, calories. It is necessary to monitor the results, which will make changes.

Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

users like this device. In the opinion of many buyers, it is clear that this is one of the best instruments for regular workouts. The device has a mode "Running up the hill," which has an increased load. Treadmill HouseFit need to reset excess weight and tightening muscles.

How are the workouts?

Before the training you need to find information about the features of the simulator to study advice on the use of the manufacturer. According to the instructions it will be clear how to perform a warm-up before exercise. There are several options: walking or jogging for about 10 minutes.

When the preparation is passed, it is necessary to put the speed, which is suitable for physical training. First it is necessary to select the parameter is not more than 5 km per hour, gradually increasing the speed is 3 units. When the body gets used to stress, should try to work out with the mountain lift mode. Its use should be if there is an excerpt safely run about 30-40 minutes. Then the required speed sbavlenie to go to three-minute walking.

HP-9120 HP - electric treadmill

Treadmill HouseFit this species is one of the popular manufacturer because demand among consumers. She foldable design, and it can withstand up to 120 kg. The special features include:

  • Programming.
  • The presence of depreciation.
  • running mode up to 20 km / h.
  • The function of the heart rate measurement.

users like the device because of its high quality, excellent shock absorption and function. It is convenient to operate. Treadmill hardly produces noise, so it is ideal for training in a residential area.

Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

On the downside only illogical finding the buttons on the panel. If we compare the simulator with the firm "Oxygen EF", we can reveal that the latter product has a high quality and reliability. But it lacks the programming function, and there are 8 HouseFit programs. As all simulators have an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Treadmills HouseFit have the functionality and ease of use, as buyers say. At a cost they are available to the majority of the population. these devices long been popular among consumers. They are used in the home to reset excess weight. With these simulators, you can start with small loads, moving on to more complex.

Treadmill HouseFit: reviews of mechanical and electrical models

Consumers like the convenience of setting, as the device is clear. There is also a program of the "quick start". For each session, you can set the desired mode. Although the price of goods is low, they meet all the required standards.

Keep in mind that the correct operation of the simulator is required to prevent damage and human injury. So you can not get up on the canvas when it is moving rapidly. Jump on it can not be the same. A positive result from the training will be only if the exercise will be carried out regularly, and not too hard.