The best exercises for priests

The reasons for the appearance of cellulite, and ways to eliminate

Unfortunately, cellulite in the female - a characteristic phenomenon in modern society. It occurs where the sluggish circulation and flows occur congestion in the tissues. This is facilitated by hypotonia, diet, stress and other factors. To avoid this stagnation of the process, you must regularly do the exercises for cellulite on the pope and feet, rock press, lead sedentary lifestyles, eat properly and always have a positive attitude.

The best exercises for priests

Sports training - the best assistant in the fight against cellulite

Now there are many techniques that help get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. Modern industry offers a variety of creams and gels, anti-cellulite, nutritionists - diet, beauticians - wraps and massage. But the most effective way to achieve positive results - exercises for the buttocks for women and any cardio. It may be shaping and treadmill, dancing, aerobics, exercises in the pool and others. The individual exercises for priests, aimed at pumping problem areas will be less effective than the whole complex of your body care products. The result of such action would be a slim figure, good health and a strong immune system. Exercises for priests. Walking on the buttocks

This movement is executed while sitting on a mat on the floor. Outstretched legs, you need to move with the help of the buttocks back and forth. The exercise is performed before the emergence of feelings of fatigue.

The exercises for priests and thighs. Squat

The best exercises for priests

Standing on the floor of 50-60 cm apart at your feet, you should do deep squats. In this case, the heel from the floor must not come off, but the hands are put forward. Initial squats should not be more than 20 times. As the load capacity can use dumbbells, holding them in their hands, or weighting for the hands. Later squats performed at an accelerated pace in two or three waves, but not more than 25 times.

Levitation pelvis

Lying on the mat, you must perform the lifting of the pelvis up to the maximum height. In this case, the legs bent at the knees and placed at a distance of 45-50 cm. If you want you can keep your hands behind ankles. At the top of the buttocks muscles must exert strong, pause for 1-2 seconds, then slowly lower thigh.

The best exercises for priests

Exercises for priests and thighs. Lead legs

This exercise is performed on all fours. Straight leg lying either up (the toe down) or to the side. At the top you need to hold the leg, then slowly lower it. If a strong tension of muscles of the buttocks and thighs is accelerating the disappearance of cellulite. After receiving some skill exercise can complicate using weighting agents, which is put on the ankle. One set should consist of 20 approaches.

Running on the spot

When performing this movement need to try harder to throw back legs so that the feet can reach the level of the buttocks. Active strikes by the pope increase blood circulation in the area and help get rid of body fat. Running on the spot carried out over two or three minutes.