How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

Every girl dreams of convex and elastic buttocks. After all, the views of men generally fall not on the figure and on the rounded part of the body, namely in the ass. That is why, to be in the spotlight, it is necessary swing buttocks, and it is desirable to know the good sets of exercises.

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

How are the buttocks

Buttocks - it is a complex muscle, which consists of 3 beams: medium, large and small. These muscles perform a sufficiently large number of functions, namely the deployment and extension of the hips, bending and straightening of the body in different directions. If the gluteal muscles are not well developed, then the girl will not be able to fully engage in the general training for the legs, in the end did not get quality coaching these muscle groups.

On the gluteal muscles adversely affect inactive lifestyle. This problem is relevant to modern society, as the more time people spend in a seated position. Therefore, if a woman is not satisfied with the gluteal muscles, the best option would be to start to swing buttocks at home.

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

Basic exercises for priests elastic

  1. The main and most important exercise for beautiful priests are squats, it is best to do them with weights. Squats can be divided into several types - classic, deep squats, poluprisedaniya, plie squats, hack squats and leg with a narrow installation. Through these exercises we are well swing the legs and buttocks, as well as adjust the shape. Basic rules when squatting is well straightened and "hard" back, knees do not extend beyond the socks and the main burden falls on the buttocks and hips, heels firmly pressed to the floor and be sure to follow the correct breathing. When lowering the starting breath and rising, exhale all the air. With the help of deep knee bends can be great to pull up the ass, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get busy.
  2. Next in the scale exercises are lunges. Lunges are of three types - forward, backward and skrestnye attacks. In order to properly swing the buttocks by means of these exercises, you need to lunge forward at a good stretch the buttocks, then repels the heel is lowered as low as possible and make a fairly wide steps. When performing exercises pay heed to the knees, since the angle between them should be not less than 90 degrees
  3. The third major exercise is considered "dead" craving. This exercise can be attributed to the base, as in using it, we shake our hips and buttocks, the back of the thigh, lower back, which is also very important. For the exercise you need in your hands to take a dumbbell, and their feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and the back is straight. We begin to lower and raise the body, while stretching and lowering the muscles of the buttocks. Back and arms during this exercise should be relaxed. How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks
  4. The next exercise is lifting the pelvis upwards. With the help of such exercises can be easy to get rid of sagging. Lie on your back and legs bent at the knees, feet set as close as possible to the pope at shoulder width apart, hands should be laid along the body to support. Then a well-straining muscles and severing the pelvis off the floor, then lift it up, then returns to its original position.
  5. Another major exercise is lifting the knee of the bent leg up and straight leg raise. For exercise to become on all fours with a support on the forearm and well involve the stomach, while exercise can not move the pelvis. Then raise and lower leg, first one and then the other.

All of these exercises for the buttocks to be performed at least 15 times in 4 sets. Perform exercises for priests beautiful best through the day, after you learn the ins and outs of these exercises, and start to do them correctly with the extra weight, the amount of training can be reduced to a few per week.

The basic principles in training priests

For those who seriously decided to do his own body exercises for the buttocks should be done at least 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to add aerobic exercise, it is best if they are to be repeated several times a week. It can be a variety of sports, swimming, skating, jumping rope can be, above all, do not feel sorry for yourself. In order to download the buttocks at home as efficiently as possible, choose the most optimal time for you, when no one will distract you. After each session, be sure to take a contrast shower. Start all of the exercise you need 15-20 times each week and add another 5 until the number of repetitions does not reach 100. Those who are very easy to do the exercises, you can use the weighting.

Beautiful ass a few weeks

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

For good results, express and exercise all of the exercises to be performed 2 times a day. The best time for classes - it is before breakfast and before dinner. For the first stage of the number of repetitions should be 15 on each leg, and every day is necessary to increase the number of repetitions. The results will be seen within 10 days.

  1. Get on your knees and back straight bend the leg and move it to the side, do hit and return the leg to its original position. After 15 times you need to change feet.
  2. Stand up straight, feet together and arms along the body. Bend your right knee and pull the leg to the side, then move the same hand in his side, and his left arm lift above his head. Without changing his position, lean slightly forward, then pull back the right foot. After vypryamtes and return to the starting position, then change legs with hands
  3. becomes rack "feet together", and knees slightly bent. We laid hands on the left thigh and severing the right heel on the floor. Then the right leg is put aside, and touch the floor with the toe, then back to the original position. After 15 times you need to change feet.
  4. Becoming heels together and feet breed at 45 degrees to the side, hands are on the hips. Next start bit to bend his knees, and then immediately go up on tiptoe, which linger about 5 seconds.
  5. Lie on your back, legs, keep together, hands are along the body, palms down. Then lift straight leg up, and then moving them apart in this position will need to linger.

Due to this property you know how to properly swing buttocks, giving it just 15 minutes of your time.

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

squats with dumbbells Technique

Squats with dumbbells, there are many, but the technique of their performance is almost the same, changing only the depth of the squat.

In both hands, take a dumbbell, lower the hands and feet set shoulder-width apart, slightly arch your back, chest and pull forward, shoulders should be straightened. Back must be kept always smooth, heel should be firmly attached to the floor. When the body is lowered knees aim towards socks. When you squat you need to inhale and exhale when lifting. Depth squats adjust yourself.

Squats Technique

Now swing your buttocks at the gym, because not all homes can be a bar. To perform squats, leg put right a little more than shoulder width. Keep your back straight, eyes directed top or in front of him, but not down. Then we begin to squat while performing certain rules:

  • all the time you need to look up, but it will help keep the constant level back;
  • , observe the bearing, it should be smooth;
  • crouching, pelvis need to retract;
  • while doing squats breath and exhale while lifting;
  • can not be separated from the floor of the foot;
  • during the squat knees should be apart.

Then return to starting position and repeat all over again.

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

Downloading buttocks on a bike

Those who dream of a beautiful ass, not necessarily constantly spend time in the gym. If you have a bike, you can easily alternate the exercises at home or in the gym riding a bicycle.

The most important thing in cycling training - it's the right fit and the height of the seat lift on which will depend on the formation of the gluteal muscles. Once you've sat on the bike, check that the leg was fully extended, at a time when the pedal is placed in its lowest point. This is the right fit for the right swing buttocks.

Training on the bike to start with small distances, which intersect at a low speed. Catania should be carried out regularly, each time adding distance and time.

A little secret for beautiful priests

How to download your buttocks? Exercises for buttocks

In order to have beautiful buttocks, not necessarily a lot of time to devote to study at home and in the gym, there is another exercise that can be done anywhere and at any time. The secrecy of this method is in constant tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles, in the most appropriate and comfortable rhythm. Agree, so shake buttocks quite simple. Watching and can be done anywhere - at a party, at home, in the bus, my boss at the reception, experiment.

diet during training on the ass

Exercise is good, but do not forget about proper nutrition. Be sure to remove from the table sweets and sugar, flour and fatty foods, and all fried, minimizes salt. Diverse food also to anything, leave a few basic products. As we eat plenty of fiber and vegetables. And for dessert, you can eat dried fruits and cheese, and other products that are rich in potassium. You can eat meat, but lean and steamed beans and fish. Be sure to not forget to drink lots of water, green tea and fresh juice.