What arm exercises are most effective

Many people have neither the desire nor the time to visit gyms. That is why there is a desire to find a good figure in the home. And it's real. The main thing - to have a house just to be a dumbbell. They can be easily purchased at any store sports orientation. Yes, and for training too much time to allocate is not necessary - enough to forty minutes a day.

Some exercises for hands

What arm exercises are most effective

In the classroom, special attention should be given to the hands. They are unlikely to please and delight in the case will be allocated its thinness. Therefore, arm exercises are one of the most important in the training process. If you have already bought a dumbbell, then it can easily result in the form not only the hands, but the whole body. The most effective exercises are the following:

1. Raising the dumbbell to the chin. Should stand, place the feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees, and begin to pull the dumbbell up (chin). Hold this for a few seconds, you want to return to the original position. 2. Exercise for hands - shrugs. It is necessary to stand up, legs spread shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees. This exercise is that you will need to perform a shrug. Lifting arms with dumbbells upward, should hold them in this condition for about two seconds, then the lower back. You should be aware of when performing this complex that your shoulders back you should not take. They need to be lifted straight up.

3. Presses dumbbell sitting. This is the most effective exercises for the hands. To perform, you need to sit down and start to squeeze the dumbbells by bending your elbows.

What arm exercises are most effective

4. From a seated position, and can also perform exercises for the shoulder muscles. Hands dumbbell in this case should be lifted up as long as they do not form an angle of ninety degrees. While holding this state, a few seconds, it is then necessary to lift up to the end of the shells.

5. The lifting dumbbells. This exercise for the hands to be performed in the following way: stand up straight, slightly bent at the knees, raise your hand with a shell in front of him. After a few seconds you need to lower it and repeat the same for the other leg. 6. Exercise Hand "Hammers". You need to get up. Hands should be kept at his sides, palms directed toward the body. Exercise is what you need to raise the dumbbells up by bending your elbows.

7. Exercise triceps. It should take a standing position, raise one arm up and lower the dumbbell behind your head. Then it must be raised to its original position. A few approaches should repeat the same for the other arm.

If you want results, engage in regular

What arm exercises are most effective

In carrying out the above-described arm exercises at home, you will be able to achieve results in the shortest possible time. The main thing - to approach the training responsible, engaged regularly. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time. Good luck to you in your classroom!