Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

Lately it has become very fashionable to do sports. But since the extra money on the clubs is not at all, the people's choice falls on more accessible forms of physical activity. One of those is jogging. It requires only a pair of comfortable shoes, sportswear and suitable location (own yard, a treadmill at home, a nearby park, and others.). But to get the benefits from running, you need to follow some rules. About them we discuss in this article. Also, try to give full consideration to this type of physical activity that even a novice, after reading the question arose: "Jogging - it's like?" So, we proceed.

Who can run?

Only absolutely healthy people can work without the supervision of a doctor regularly. If you acquired or congenital heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, eye problems (changes in the retina), then be sure to go to the doctor for consultation. You can not neglect it, because very few people know about all of their illnesses. For most people will be quite minimal passing examinations (ECG, pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar).

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

At what time to run?

For men, there is no single answer to this question, so they can choose the most convenient time training. For the beautiful half - this is definitely an evening jog. The benefit of it is associated with an exclusively female aspect: the amount of hormones that support high physical activity reaches its peak only at the end of the day. Before the evening training light snack. Do not run on an empty stomach.

How to start?

Novice runners are advised to break your workout into two stages - a time and distance. On the first day you run slowly and not more than 15 minutes. After every two sessions and increase the time to 5 minutes, until you get to 40. If it is possible to run the whole time period easily and dyspnea, it is possible to proceed to the remote period. On the first day you run through 4 kilometers in the second - 2, the third - fourth day 1. - rest, the fifth - 2 kilometers, sixth - 4. turns six-day cycle fatigue.

By the way, during the discussion of training programs in the forums and often rises discussion on social networks: "Jogging: benefit or harm?" Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

Run Use:

- strengthening the muscles (especially cardiac);

- improving the metabolism;

- pressure drop;

- improving immunity;

- improved psychological state;

- reducing the amount of bad cholesterol;

- an increase in life expectancy by 5-6 years (Research Danish cardiologists);

- oxygen saturation of tissues and cells.

The damage runs

This type of physical activity is associated with a serious load on the spine, as well as muscles, ligaments and joints of the feet. Therefore, in contrast to the usual walking, running much risk of injury. During his human body is almost completely detached and again falls to the ground. You could even say that this is a small drop (though controlled). On landing the spine and leg joints experience the load, many times the weight of the person. Shot Power increases if solid running surface (asphalt) or have engaged in is overweight. Also harmful heavy loads in the form of a very long distance or too high a speed. If they are regular, then with your health, you can "say goodbye".

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

Jogging: what muscles work?

When doing any kind of sport is very important to understand exactly what you train. Jogging strengthens virtually all the leg muscles (thigh, calf). Also involves the abdominal muscles and arms. Last help keep his balance and save the coordinate. But the main muscle working when running - is the heart. Human "engine" is subject to natural and useful load, which is very good for health in general. After only a few weeks after the start of training vessels will tell you "thank you".

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

Running technique jogging

Its compliance is extremely important, because if a wrong move the load on the body will be distributed properly.

Regardless of gender and age, every runner has to improve running technique. This will allow to overcome the distance with less effort and with great pleasure.

People who have not yet penetrated to the question: "jogging - it's like," often make the mistake of starting to engage in rough terrain. It's a lot of stress to fragile ligaments, joints and muscles. They need adaptation. Therefore, start jogging workout on level ground and only after a time of transition at the intersection.

The correct running technique as simple and natural as walking. You go straight, upper body is balanced in relation to the hips. At the same hands with deployed inside the thumbs operate smoothly and easily swings forward. Here in such a relaxed manner and should run. But do not be too focus on running technique. The main thing - to feel comfortable. Listen to your body, and it will prompt the most convenient technique.

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

The main rules of running

1. Suitable equipment

Cross-country studies do not need complicated equipment. Need only running shoes and comfortable clothing. Better to buy shoes with thick flexible soles that facilitates impact of vibration on the spine.

As for clothes, then heat it should be easy. In the cold is better to wear several shirts for layering, which retain heat. Of course, at the start of training you will be cool, but in the end will definitely be hot.

2. Moderation

The heart muscle must not be overstrained. So the best indicator of the training - it's fun. People who are just beginning to deal with and do not know the answer to the question "jogging - it's like" trying to set records of distance and speed. Do not be like them. Health need to focus only on the total training time.

3. interval Compliance

Running seriously loads ligaments, which must be post-workout recovery. Therefore, after each workout requires one day of rest.

4. Selecting the correct surface

To run harmful too soft (sand) or are too hard (asphalt) surface. So choose something between them (pitch, rubber coating). In addition, it is better not to engage in running uphill or with her. This is bad for the knees.

5. No pain

Even in the case of a small injury (discomfort in the ligaments, tendons stretched, and so on. D.) Should abandon the practice. In such cases, bicycle ride or swimming perfectly replace your jogging. How to run, it mentioned above. Learn this, and the risk of injury is minimal.

Jogging - it's like? Benefits and harms of jogging

6. The ability to relax

While running, it requires hard work the leg muscles. But this does not affect the rest of the muscles. So learn while jogging to relax neck, shoulders, chest and upper back. To achieve this more easily at low speeds.

7. Regularity

You need to run has become a habit. Indeed, the use of it will be only at regular employment. Do not cancel the run because of the weather. Training in the rain would be a good means of tempering and for the character and for the organism as a whole.

We hope that this article has been helpful, and you will no longer ask: "Jogging - it's like?". We wish you a healthy and productive workout!