Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews

The modern world tends to make life as easy as possible. This is particularly relevant today, when the rhythm of life is such that on their own to cope with the same volume of cases, and feel good about themselves becomes the impossible. Many help to monitor their physical condition fitness tracker. This handy device is equipped with a host of features that will be useful not only for athletes but also for ordinary people who are not related to regular exercise. Whether it is needed, and you? To deal with this, we offer you an overview of the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. What is it? How to connect the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band? What are its characteristics? How long enough charge? Does the basic kit charger? How reliable is the strap that the seller provides the purchase? What will help you find the bracelet, if it gets lost in the house? What talk about the convenience of its use customer reviews? How to Treat a fitness bracelet will help you improve your health and monitor the physical form? The answers to all the questions above, you can get by reading this article.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews

Scope of delivery

The company in question has always been extremely demanding on the way it looks set packaging, the box in which it is delivered to the buyer, and how it is equipped with components. For more detail and talk. Thus, the box itself, in which you get a device designed in corporate style producer. Nevertheless, it has one major drawback, namely the opening of the mechanism is not fully thought out, open it somewhat comfortable. Wheel is in the form of a cube, which, respectively, have equal edge. That is why, in order to open it, will either have to pull the top cover of the opposite angles that are not too comfortable or podkovyrnut it. The package contains just the bracelet, the cable to charge the device, as well as some of the documents. In the base unit is supplied exclusively with the rubber strap. In addition, you can order for themselves the strap that will appeal to you personally and reflect your personality.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews


It looks like a bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band? Guide reports that the kit should contain rubber strap and a core directly. Last and provides operation. Are supplied exclusively rubber straps. However, it is something to clarify in this regard. Thus, the belt is not made simply of rubber and thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate them. The material is durable and elastic, pleasant to the touch. In the center of the belt placed a special opening for the sensor bracelet. It is symmetrical, so it does not make any difference what kind of party you align the core pocket. Secure the wrist bracelet easily. For this purpose there is a special loop and simple clasp. Tracker is attached securely to the hands do not exactly fly off. Bracelet weighs only thirteen and a half grams and does not interfere. strap length for a bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band adjustable. The sensor is protected against dust and water exposure (to it can be briefly immersed to a depth of one meter).


How to connect the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band? This will require a smartphone that runs on iOS and Android, as well as equipped with Bluetooth function. Without the presence of these conditions would be useless bracelet.

In order to start using the device, you must go to the appropriate app store and install the appropriate software.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews


Once you have tied a bracelet to his smartphone, put it on his hand and get started. The screen is divided into two parts. Move between them easily using a gesture of "right-left". The main options considered smart alarm clock and pedometer.

The main menu items is called as follows:

  • "My profile".
  • "Alarm".
  • "Fitness Center".
  • "Share".
  • "Information".

In the settings you can keep track of how much battery charge is left, look for the bracelet, if you forgot where he left (to be included vibration and lights, which you can customize the color yourself). Among other things, it is necessary to specify on which of the wrist you plan on wearing a tracker.

It is possible to configure a notification of an incoming call or message, which is marked by the vibration or light indication.

Members encouraged the presence of smart alarm clock function. It provides an easy awakening in the correct phase of sleep, by incorporating vibration. The phone itself does not emit any sound, so as not to disturb anyone else. It is important to understand that monitors sleep phase alarm clock to wake you up in the light sleep phase, which means that it can wake you up earlier than the planned time, if appropriate.

Use bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band guide recommends for a variety of sports. Constantly add new ones.

The extent to which the pedometer is working correctly, depends on what hand you put on it. Typically, the right hand moves more than usual, which can break value counter readings.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews


What are the pros distinguish a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band? They tend to say a lot:

  • protection against ingress of water and the effect of moisture in principle (check the user in mind and even when bathing in the sea).
  • Reasonable cost.
  • The presence of shakes.
  • sleep monitoring function.
  • The presence of a smart alarm clock.
  • Long battery operation (about one month without additional charging).
  • A high level of autonomy of the device.
  • There are applications for Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet in Russian (not official, but many of them are successful).
  • It looks very stylish (and many prefer the colored models, others dark suit, restrained colors).

Regardless of whether you have previously looked closely to smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, perhaps the above specific benefits it will encourage you to bring it to their attention. He will surely be worth it.

The disadvantages of

As a general rule, speaking about the shortcomings bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, users are referring to an updated version of the software. Practice shows that many of the characteristic for these updates change negatively perceived by customers. For example, among them are the following:

  • Permanent requirements to keep the included GPS, that is not always required, and significantly drains the cell phone battery.
  • Sometimes the vibration bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band arises without any reason, which is very distracting.
  • Sometimes it does not work correctly pedometer. So, sometimes not taken into account some of the data, for example, you wake up at night, went to the kitchen to drink some water, and returned. Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band and can not register the time and wakefulness of steps.
  • Alarm in updated versions of the non-existent, it works incredibly strange. Smart alarm clock is no more, but the ordinary often allows himself to wake the owner bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band at any time, regardless of the day and time you set.
  • A limited number of functions.
  • Absence hours.
  • No pedometer.
  • Declared functions are implemented in the best possible way.
  • The lack of official mobile applications in Russian. However, for English-speaking users will not be difficult to understand.
  • Sometimes the drops can be lost (although it depends more on the strap).
  • sleep schedule also often monitored absolutely incorrect. Not fixed time to fall asleep and night waking.

Does this interfere, and you enjoy using the fitness band Xiaomi Mi Band? If so, then perhaps you need to consider the option of buying a gadget with a different firmware.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews

Positive reviews

Obviously, the advantages bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band (reviews confirm this fact) is much more than the minuses. What is particularly allocated to the users? The bracelet does not cause discomfort, sitting comfortably in the hand, its size is universal, which means that the model is suitable for absolutely everyone and the size should not worry. Typically, the device is not obvious, it looks quite nice and does not cause too many questions from strangers. The ability to hold a charge for a long time also relates to the direct advantages considered gadget. Silent alarm clock that will wake you up just by using slight vibration will be a great way to start the day. And if your version of the program also allows you to use the smart alarm function, the gadget will help you to wake up at precisely the moment when it is most natural for your body. Now you can forget about feeling tired just after waking up. It is also convenient that there is no need to worry about, not to wet the device, since it is resistant to water. This is incredibly convenient in the course of performance of daily household chores. It features listed above and attracts users fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. Black remains the most popular color. Maybe he will be able to improve and your life?

The negative feedback

This kind of response is usually described not so much a sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, many accessories that users purchased with it, or the next update, the main shortcomings which have already been described above. As for the other negative responses, they talk about the fact that the straps are often cracked in those places where the sensor is inserted. Also, these straps (especially light colors) often noticeably dirty. At times, some lose their capsule. The situation is the presence sensor saves searching on a smartphone.

Some are having significant problems with installing an application. For example, these users had to additionally take advantage of the company's official website to register your own account.

Others talk about what a pedometer captures not only the steps, as flapping hands. For example, young mothers walking with prams, notice that the device does not count their steps when their hands lay motionless on the handle of the stroller. This, of course, very frustrating. However, most people blamed it on a problem with the updated version of the program, and not a malfunction of the tracker.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews

Smart Service

As mentioned above, a smart alarm clock removed from later versions of Mi Fit. And it does not suit users. However, savvy owners figured out how to adjust the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band so that the smart alarm clock again pleased to its full functionality. It is recommended to find the correct version of Mi Fit (it is better to explore which of them is most preferred for you personally as well as various alternatives are somewhat different built-in functions and work correctly) and install it on your smartphone. Previously, of course, you need to uninstall the previous version. That's the simple way you will be able to return so you need function. Why are users so appreciate the smart alarm clock? It keeps track of the dream and its dynamics, it records the time of falling asleep, during sleep immediately and can wake you up in the correct phase of sleep, so after waking up you feel rested and fresh. Is this not so necessary to modern people leading an active lifestyle? Do not miss the opportunity to try it for yourself.

Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band: description, instructions, reviews


After reading the information, you have received enough information given above in order to make an informed decision about whether you need a reporting fitness tracker. It is important to appreciate all the benefits that you can derive from the use of the device in question. Is it true that you'll use all the features of this gadget? Do you throw him a short time later? An objective assessment of the situation will help you not to be disappointed after the purchase. Carefully weigh all the pros and cons of a particular model. It is important that you do not overpay for those functions that are not going to use. At the same time, the device must be capable of all, what do you expect from him.

The model in question features a durable strap, which, however, easily erased and will soon lose their marketability. On the other hand, you can always for a little money to order a new band that will look decent. In this case, you will be able to choose your favorite design and suitable material. Manage bracelet you can easily using your smart phone, which is set specifically designed for this application. With his help, you can get all the information you will receive a tracker, as well as to carry out the setting operation bracelet. For example, you can adjust the notification of incoming calls or messages, view information about the distance traveled and taken steps to approximate the amount of calories burned, as well as set an alarm. Speaking of the latter, it is worth noting the popularity and convenience of smart alarm clock options. It allows you to sleep, awakening you to a sleep phase, which will make you feel fresh and rested, and early in the morning and later in the day. You wake the device without the use of sound notifications. Vibration will be used exclusively. This will ensure you a gentle awakening and peace around you sleeping. Already, many prefer to buy this device for themselves. Did you join the army and fans Xiaomi Mi Band?